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This Week’s Play-Offs Are Brought To You By The Letter “D”.

26 Apr

I sent our intern Jeff Skinner to interview JR for some play off wisdom, since there is still a restraining order out against me!

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to pull the obvious word out my butt, but not yet. I’ll get to Letang and dreamy Mike Green and someone else in a second. But first up, Jeremy Roenick has been harping on the first word, DISCIPLINE. Coming from JR, it conjures a couple of thoughts because we all know and love the great JR.

Ah .. not that "D" ut JR is your reading...

OK. lost my train of thought, DISCIPLINE, yeah. That means not taking bad penalties, sticking to the game plan, not letting the other guy lure you into a fight (Drew – see another “D” that’s actually a two-fer) so the other team scores two goals while your fabulous ass is sitting in the penalty box or get into your head – oh say, Luongo, while you give snotty interviews after the game. I never had much respect for you in the first place, but I’m glad you showed the world what a class act you are when you give an interview telling everyone that your back-up is just as you good as you! SRSLY? Patrick Roy would NEVER had said that. In fact, when his team was down, he told them not another puck would get in, and it didn’t.

Capt. Come-Back!

And that brings me to DESIRE. If you don’t have any, it will show (Luongo). As much as I may not like Capt. Serious, he certainly has it in spades as well as all the Blackhawks. So do a couple of other teams who’ve come back from major deficits to make a real go in the play-offs – Boston and Tampa Bay to name a few. You just can’t get wrapped so tight that you can’t see straight. As Obi-Won Kenobi said, “Use the force, Luke.” He didn’t mean, “Bend and Snap!” That’s for us!

WUYS play-off dance routine! Get ready girls. I feel a flash mob at Letang's house!

And what eventually wins Lord Stanley’s Cup? DEFENSE as the Capitals are finding out. That’s where all the hotties are from Letang, Green and Doughty. Two of the three are still into it win it. The last, I’ll be sitting on his lap, feeding him 4X4’s from In-N-Out Burger and sipping Diet Cokes.

DD - double defensive threat but needs some 'discipline'! naughty boy!

MG52 - patron saint of sensible footwear - at least in public!

for once, i'm not looking at his face!

Lastly, making the DREAM come true. How many of these guys have dreamt of holding the cup over their head? From backyard ponds, streets, local rinks, with their friends, brothers. Making their sisters play goalie as they pretend to re-create iconic goals from past Stanley Cup play-offs as they dream of being Gretzsky or Orr or May making ‘the goal’ and then running around the neighborhood.

Think Twice

22 Apr

IT WORKED!!  All your wishing and hoping and posting and Tweeting worked.  Whatever we did, it might have helped.  The Blackhawks are still in it.

They tore open a 5-0 lead in the second period on 2G and 1A each from Duncan Keith and Marion Hossa.  Patty Kane added one and thus went Roberto Luongo into the cold dark night for the second game in a row.

I need earmuffs for this.

Can you believe it?!  I’m trying not to get too excited, they’re still one win away from the brink of destruction.  But what a week it has been.  Duncan Keith is absolutely tearing it up, carrying the load for injured Brent Seabrook and plenty of other weight.  (And the ladies LOVE him.)

You know what HRH Queen Elizabeth II wanted for her 85th birthday, which was also yesterday?  Besides to stop hearing about the Royal Wedding and being asked to approve plates with Wills’ face painted on?

Duck, duck, SOUP.

Well she got it.  Now let’s see if we can get another one Sunday at 6:30 PM, when you’ll all be cracked out on Peeps and jellybeans and running around your house screaming about Tazer Cats.  We’re here for you.