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Foxy Friday: Henrik Lundqvist

10 Feb

It’s official.

We’ve done lost our minds.

Commit us to the looney bin.  Get us some stylish straight jackets and lock us in that padded room with Justin Timberlake and his weird blond curly ‘fro.

Why you ask?

Well, first of all, three of the last six Foxy Friday have been New York Rangers.  Three!

What is wrong with us? We’re not supposed to like the Rangers. But we just can’t help ourselves.  There is a disproportional amount of foxy on that team.

Secondly, and the most eggregious violation of them all is out of those three, NONE of those have been Henrik Lundqvist.

5-minute major to us. We go to the box. We feel shame.

We’re sorry, Henrik.  Really, we are.  We still love you.  Can you forgive us?  Remember that time that I made you smile?  You know the one….

Oh, all right. I guess so.

Seriously, we’re super sorry.  Just chalk it up to us talking about you all the time anyway that I just assumed that we’d already honored you and your glorious face/hair/smile/dimples/talent/suits.

So make it up hunka hunka burnin’ Hank and show him how much we care, I’m going to make this an extra special Foxy Friday.

We all know the reasons that HL30 is foxy – awesome hockey player, pretty good guitar player, Swedish, lover of lingonberriers, etc etc – but seriously…just look at him.

Go ahead.

We’ll wait….

Doesn’t he just make you feel so fluffy and happy?


Look at him. How is that even fair?

Real men wear purple.

Swedish James Bond

His other job - wearing a suit. Like a boss.

I'm totally moving to Sweden.

And to sum it all up…


Happy Foxy Friday everyone!  

Or as they say in Sweden – Lycklig Foxy Fredag!

Okay. I forgive you.