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We Don’t Like You Either!

2 Apr

If you weren’t watching the Penguins/Flyers game yesterday afternoon, you probably wondered what that noise was.  It was the rest of us screaming.

I could (and will) watch this all day.  The amount of awesome cannot be expressed.  Even Pierre is speechless.  I wish they’d kept his mic live so we could hear Laviolette screaming.  He and Granato were both ejected, but not before Lavi picked up a stick and smashed it.  Of course, it was Max Talbot’s stick.

“He broke my stick and I was pretty sad about that.  It was a good stick,” Max said (which is why I still love him).

Watch Giroux, he’s begging for someone to draw him off the bench.  That would have broken Pierre’s heart, because he spent the whole game fangirling over Claude.  It was like his old flame Sidney didn’t even exist.  How fickle, Pierre!  Near the end there’s a great shot of  James Neal screaming at Zac Rinaldo.  I was fanning myself with a magazine, I swear.

There were all kinds of reasons for this melee – Schenn cross-checking Crosby, Bylsma putting his 4th line out for the late shift, Vitale crushing Briere in open ice – but mostly it happened because these are the Penguins and the Flyers.  They love to hate each other.  They’ll do it again Saturday, and probably in the first round of the playoffs.

Can you imagine?  No one win too much, you have to play each other!  Too bad (for me) the Pens couldn’t get the win yesterday.  They’re still one point up on the Flyers and can maintain home ice advantage.  You can read more about the insults and challenges traded post-game here.

Here’s the Crosby post-game interview [link], or you could just…

Is this an ad for something? Or just for his thighs?

And for the Flyers fans, I couldn’t find a Gingeroux post-game so here he is being interviewed with his dad [link].  Or if you prefer…

Your future family.

Peer pressure, I’m so weak!

13 Feb

Deb asked us this:

And while the answer is technically no (do-overs don’t count, all girls agree), I think it’s okay if Claude Giroux intrudes on someone else’s day of the week.  Who’s with me?  (Admit it, the dark side has more power!)  Now quick, before Chuck changes the password and I lose posting privileges…

STOP! Stop it!  Okay, don’t.

The other guy is Martin St. Pierre, signed by Columbus and playing for the AHL Springfield Falcons.  They’re hometown pals.  Girls, pack your bags.

Sunshine, t-shirt weather… ugh.  Hockey is the only good thing about winter.

Jeeeeeeeeez. Subjects notwithstanding, these photos are gorgeous.  The website is a little NSFW because of some swimsuit and art photos, and I didn’t see these photos there.  WUYS blessings upon whoever found them, and thanks to Deb!

Foxy Friday: Claude Giroux

20 Jan

Lindsay once told me that if she were stranded on an icy mountain and her options were to cuddle with Claude Giroux or die, she would cuddle.  But only after searching the wreckage for a paper bag to put over his head.  In her defense, I never thought I would disagree.

Chuck must secretly wonder why Giroux hasn’t been a Foxy Friday, because she knows I love gingers.  I even thought a red-headed guy in college was cute, though he wore his high school marching band jacket.  You can’t even say ‘Ron Weasley’ to me.  But a Flyer?  Really?  Surely one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is actually riding a zamboni and wearing an orange sweater.

As if he knew I was thinking about it, Claude had a fight last night against Dylan Reese from the NYI.  It’s not that impressive, but at least they’re not slapping each other.

People seem really divided on Gingeroux, probably because of the Flyers.  Or maybe because he doesn’t seem to care that he’s missing a tooth.  But be honest, he does some things very right:

1) Don’t grow your hair too long.  You’re not the Little Red Haired Girl from Charlie Brown.  Or Scott Hartnell.

This is by the lovely and hilarious @sunnyinnj.

2) Stand next to Danny Briere.  Or really any Flyer but Talbot.  (Sorry I’m not sorry.)  Mention that you’re single.

3) Clean up nicely, a la this month’s The Fourth Period magazine.

Claude is on Twitter (@28CGiroux) and has a website.  He turned 24 on January 12.  I didn’t realize he was so young or so small, at 5′ 11″, 174 pounds.  That’s Crosby minus 25 pounds (of ass).  But Giroux is strong and really fast.  Have I mentioned he’s pretty good on the ice?


With 50 points, Claude is among the NHL points leaders.  He missed a few games this season with a mild concussion but shows no signs of slowing down.  His 18 G / 32 A lead the Flyers, who are second in the Atlantic division behind the Rangers.  He likes chocolate ice cream (yay!) and basketball (nope).  Before every game, Gingeroux eats a grilled cheese sandwich.  We can definitely get behind that.  In fact, the sandwich has a Facebook Fan Page.

Claude will take part in next weekend’s All-Star Game festivities in Ottawa.  He lives there in the off-season, along with his family, so we imagine he’ll have a big fan section.  Go ahead and cheer (Lindsay!), no one will know.

Update: Because it took less than 10 seconds for Chuck to get on my case!

Around The League In Milestone Minutes

9 Jan

 It was a banner weekend ladies as many of our men made history and milestones: chillin in the dome with Jerome: Iggy got his 500th goal.

 Teemu got his 651st goal by the end of the night.

 Little Danny Briere put on his big boy pants and got in his third ever fight and had a hat trick to boot.

Shane Doan got his first hat trick EVER with .o1 to go – YES and the Coyotes have really needed SOMETHING to get their party started.

And faster than you can say “Excuse me but does this stick in the face make me look fat?” the PA put the hammer down on the realignment and the Blue Jackets have fired their coach. Whew. There was a crap load of exciting hockey happening this weekend and I didn’t even cover Corey Perry’s hat trick  – wait I just did.

So if you missed any of it, I suggest you watch the above because it was pure hockey magic. A banner weekend of nuggeted hockey gold wrapped tightly like a firecracker that exploded a little late for the new year but we’ll take it any way!

Smell Ya Later

5 Jan

(Sorry, I tried not to make a Fresh Prince reference. My hands would not obey.)

The last time the Blackhawks played in Philly…

And they’ve been gearing up for their return:

Toews also had a smile on his face when asked about going back to Philly for the first time. Turns out he purchased replays of Game 5 and Game 6 of that series on iTunes and had a group of current Hawks watching it with him during a flight this season.

“There were a bunch of guys huddled around the seat watching on the plane, and even watching those last two games … you know the outcome ultimately, but it still makes you nervous to watch it a little bit,” the 23-year old Hawks captain said. “A lot of those cool feelings come rushing back and everything from the celebration on the ice and everything in the locker room, too. It’d be cool to think about that again.” [NHL.com]

Tazer’s still rocking those stitches in his lip.   It’s one time we were all, “NOT THE FACE!” the decided that we don’t really mind.

Gingeroux is still near the top of the NHL points card (46, one of the Sedinbots has 48).  Jonathan is tied for 2nd in goals scored (22, but Stammer’s opening up race with 27).  Dan Carcillo is out against his former team, which really sucks because he & Hartnell could go 12 rounds over who I hate more.

The Hawks and Flyers each have 52 points (Flyers have two games in hand) and lost their last match-ups.  Let’s see who wants to start a winning streak tonight.

Humongous Big Problem

3 Jan

And I’m not talking about the Universe….

I’m talking about the Philadelphia Flyers and goaltending.

For years now, the Flyers organization have had issues  finding just the right goalie to lead them to the Stanley Cup.  They came close in 2010 behind the tandem of Brian “Bobby” Boucher and Michael Leighton, but it just wasn’t enough. The team has lacked that netminder who brings consistency to the starting goaltender position and who hold on to the starting position for an extended period of time.

If the Bruins Stanley Cup run has shown us anything, it is that in order to win the Cup, you need to have goaltending. Tim Thomas was otherworldly last season and it is his stellar play along with the play of the entire team that brought them the ultimate hockey prize.

Any hockey fan can recognize that the Flyers are talented.  Claude Gingeroux might be one of the best young players in the NHL.  They have a solid core of young talent mixed in with veterans like Scott Hartnell, Danny Briere, and future NHL Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr.  Coach Peter Laviolette has won a Cup before with the Hurricanes, so he’s proven that he can take a team all the way.  

I truly believe that the Flyers thought that bringing in Ilya Bryzgalov would solve their twine troubles.   He won the Cup in 2007 with the Ducks.  He is a 3-time Olympian, has won numerous international medals, was the runner-up for the Vezina Trophy and a top 5 finalist for the Hart Trophy in 2010.  He is, by all accounts, a top-flight NHL Goalie.

Flyers spend a pretty penny on signing Bryz in the off-season, to a nine-year,$51 million dollar contract.  The team believed in Bryz so much that they even went as far as to pull off two high-profile trades before the signing was announced in order to make room for him under the salary cap – Jeff Carter to Columbus and captain Mike Richards to Los Angeles.  Granted Flyers did receive some great young talent like Jakub Voraceck, Wayne Simmonds, and Brayden Schenn, and a grip of draft picks in return, but was it really all worth it?  Have the Flyers really gotten what they’ve so desperately desired?

Some might say yes, while others will lament that the Flyers made a terrible mistake. At yesterday’s Winter Classic, a marquee NHL event, you expect to see your #1 goalie on the ice.   Bryz rode the bench.   The Flyers’ other netminder, Sergei “Bob” Bobrovsky got the start. Probably not a terrible idea to go with Bob over Byrz since he’s been winless in his last four starts, going 0-3 and giving up 16 goals on 87 shots and Bobrovsky is 3-0 in his last three starts, giving up 6 goals on 88 shots.  

But it really didn’t matter who started.  Flyers lost anyway.

While the season is still a long way from over, it seems that despite the organization’s best efforts, the Flyers’ goaltending conundrum continues. 

Now, by no means, do I actually want the Flyers to win.    As a Bruins fan, it is not in my DNA to allow that.  But I am a hockey fan and I appreciate the struggle and desires of players and fans, and the hope an entire city places in 20 men on their quest to obtain the pinnacle of hockey supremacy.

And stay out!

29 Dec

Tonight’s the night, and it’s not Santa coming to town.  Jaromir Jagr will bring his orange sweater to Pittsburgh for the first time.

Jagr played 11 seasons with the Penguins before being traded to the Capitals, then the Rangers.  After the ’08 season, he returned to the Czech Republic and played three years in their professional league.  Over the summer, he announced his intention to return to the NHL.  Cue the speculation.  Would he come back to finish his Hall of Fame career in the city where he won two Stanley Cups?  Did the bad taste left after his difficult post-Lemiuex captaincy still linger?  Or was it about the money?

Jagr signed a 1-year contract with the Flyers in July, worth $3.3 million.  He said other teams offered more money [link], but he thought Philly had what it takes to win.  He may be right.  So far he has 11 G/19 A playing on the top line.

Less than two hours after signing Jagr, while I was still laughing, the Flyers signed Max Talbot.  No more laughing.

*le sigh*

In 2009, Max scored both goals in Stanley Cup Final Game 7 to seal the Penguins first Cup win since Jagr left.  On paper, that was his claim to fame.  Pens fans know it was more than that – heart, soul and humor all lived in Max.   But how much ice time, and how many more seasons?  He wanted longevity and security; the Pens offered him a three year deal.  He went to Philly for five years and $9 million [link].  Max already has more goals (9) this year than ever before, and his well on his way the scoring more points (15 now) than his career high (26).  We’re glad to see him doing well even if we have to swallow back the bile to say that.

So, tonight.  I’m sure Jagr will get the mega-boo.  Max will get the initial cheer, because you always love your ex-boyfriends just a little even if they break your heart.  After that, it’s the boo for Talbo too, I’m afraid.  I doubt he’ll be telling anybody to “shhhh.”

Game day interviews with Jagr and Talbot here, thanks to PensTV.

The Penguins and Flyers are currently tied with 46 points, behind the Rangers 48 points in the Atlantic Division.   Pittsburgh has so many injuries their locker room has moved to a triage tent in the parking lot.  Philly is without Pronger, likely for the season, but Giroux’s concussion comeback seems to be legit – he leads the NHL with 44 points. (WAIT, CLAUDE GIROUX IS 23 YEARS OLD?  What the eff?!?)

I’m skipping Sherlock Holmes for the fourth night in a row to be home for this one, I’m expecting a big game out of my boys.  We’re having a few banner seasons of our own: Malkin has 42 points, Neal has 21 goals.  It’s not the Two-Headed Monster but it’s still really freaking good.

The Flyers have hit a rough stretch, losing 4 of 5 and philosopher-goalie extraordinaire Ilya Bryzgalov has lost his last 4 starts with a GAA over 4.5 (seriously though, love this guy).  Backup tender Bobrovsky has had the Pens number in past seasons.  No word on who will start in Philly’s net tonight.

While these signs were meant for Caps fans back on 12/13, I think we can agree they apply here as well: