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ASG Fantasy Draft

26 Jan

Tonight, we’ll find out who’ll be the Phil Kessel of the 2012 All Star game.  (Perhaps it’ll be Phil Kessel.  That would be amazing.)

At 8pm tonight, fifty of the best hockey players in the world (38 NHL All-Stars and 12 top rookies) will be up for selection in the Player Fantasy Draft.  All-stars and rookies will be divided into two teams  – Team Alfredsson (aka Team Pants), led by captain Daniel Alfredsson and assistant captain Henrik Lundqvist, and Team Chara (aka Team Chuck), led by captain Zdeno “Z-Big” Chara and assistant captain Joffrey Lupul.

Quick refresher on how the Fantasy Draft works…

  • A coin toss will decide first pick, with Alfredsson and Chara, joined by their assistant captains, alternately drafting the All-Stars through 19 rounds
  • Each team will consist of three goaltenders, six defensemen and 12 forwards
  • Each team’s three goalies must be picked by the end of Round 10
  • Each team’s six defensemen must be picked by the conclusion of Round 15
  • The 12 Rookies will be divided by the National Hockey League into two groups of six.  At the completion of the 15th round of the draft, one NHL Rookie will be selected to choose which All-Star team his group will join for the skills competition
  • As a reward (consolation?), the final player selected in the draft will have $20,000 donated to the grassroots hockey program of his choice

So who’s up for grabs?


Jamie Benn Logan Couture
Pavel Datsyuk Jordan Eberle
Marian Gaborik Claude Giroux
Scott Hartnell Marian Hossa
Jarome Iginla Patrick Kane
Phil Kessel Evgeni Malkin
Milan Michalek James Neal
Corey Perry Jason Pominville
Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin
Tyler Seguin Jason Spezza
Steven Stamkos John Tavares
Brian Campbell Alexander Edler
Dan Girardi Erik Karlsson
Kris Letang Dion Phaneuf
Ryan Suter Kimmo Timonen
Shea Weber Dennis Wideman
Keith Yandle Brian Elliott
Jonathan Quick Tim Thomas
Carey Price Jimmy Howard

After he was selected as a captain, Chara did mention that he was going to take this draft very seriously and do as much research as possible, so it will be interesting to see what his strategy will be.  Think he hit up Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli for some pointers?

Will he take his teammate & Vezina winning goaltender Tim Thomas with the first pick?  Or will the events of this week and the recent revelation that Thomas does not have many friends amoungst his teammates sway Chara’s decision?

Now I’m no prognosticator, but I can tell you what you will see tonight.

  • Ridiculous amounts of awkwardness.
  • The Sedins  on different teams.
  • Kris Letang’s hair looking awesome.
  • James Neal’s hair looking like a porcupine.
  • Scott Hartnell’s hair looking like a hot mess cavewoman hooker.
  • Tight bums.
  • Patrick Kane calling Toews to tell him he misses him.
  • Awkward interview with last two players remaining.

One thing you won’t see…

Source: richieandcarts.tumblr.com

And I for one, am gonna miss this.



And He Won That Car

20 Oct

While you guys have been listening to me rave about James Neal  at an octave usually reserved for boybands and high school quarterbacks…

Gratuitous, excellent photo by devin-elizabeth.tumblr.com in Winnipeg.

The NHL’s other leading goal-scorer, Phil Kessel Cartman has 7 goals and 12 points in Toronto.  He’s historically a fast starter (as is the Nealmobile), only to experience huge production drops later.  Currently, he’s on pace to score 114 points.  Read about his streaky past and current roll in the Toronto Star [link].

Last night he scored in the 3rd to tie the Leafs 3-3 with Winnpieg, and the Leafs won in a shootout.  Good thing too, because I told our friend Shades to bet that way on the game.  So Cartman saved me $5 (thanks bud).  Toronto is 4-0-1 at present, in Boston tonight visiting Chuck.

What do you think – are these hot streaks going to hold up?  Is this the year we see big breakouts?  Here’s hoping Kessel keeps scoring – that’ll teach people to pick him last in the All-Star Game draft!  He’s on Twitter too – @pkessel81.

by nlinde.tumblr.com

Ovi Bought Me Coffee – Again!

15 Apr

You are almost better than a Starbuck's Gold Card my friend!

I am so wearing ‘the outfit’ more … Especially during play-offs to STARBUCKS! A big shout out to Random Maple Leaf Fan this AM who bought my Venti Earl Gray Tea Latte. You made my morning after the LA KINGS lost a heart-braker to San Jose last night. 😦

Thanks dude! Love you too!

You also made me laugh when you suggested we fly to Pittsburgh and you’d buy me an expensive steak dinner if I wore this outfit at the Consol Energy Center! HAHAHAH – I’m not THAT dumb brother! I got you back when I said I’d do it if I could sit on Letang’s lap! You didn’t think I’d say that!

So here’s to you Random Maple Leaf Fan … maybe next year. Phil Kessel took it like a man when was picked last at the All Star game and yes, your boys trounced the Caps once this year.

We Got Skills

21 Jan

The NHL announced the Skills Competition format for this year’s All-Star Game.  This has always been our favorite part of ASG weekend, because there is lots of skating without helmets.

Lunchtime poll: Will Letang wears a helmet or not? He’d need a headband for sure but it’s a sin to cover up that hair.  Maybe a baseball cap?

Exactly how I sleep on a plane.

The All-Star Skills Competition games are:

Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
Is a race! 6 players from each team compete in heats.

BlackBerry NHL Breakaway Challenge™
3 players from each team compete to deliver the most creative shootout attempt.  They get 4 shots a piece and we get to vote via text.

McDonald’s NHL Accuracy Shooting™
Like Crosby’s puck pyramid and Ovi’s weird Russian dressing mess, six players per team will shoot at foam targets in the four corners of the goal.

G Series NHL Skills Challenge Relay™
New event and it’s a big one!  16 players from each team in four relays.  Each skill must be completed before the team can move on to the next.  Two relay groups per team.

  • One-timer: shoot over an 8″ obstacle
  • Passing: put a pass into each of 6 nets set up around the ice
  • Puck control: Slalom cones while keeping the puck on the stick
  • Stick handling: Keep the puck on the stick through a series of obstacles
  • Accuracy shooting: Knock out four targets.

XM NHL Hardest Shot™
If you can’t figure this out, Chara gets to shoot at you.

Discover NHL Elimination Shootout™
Musical chairs for the shootout, like the Penguins have mastered.  Only they make people grow mustaches and run to the top row of a football stadium.  In this, it’s 1 point per goal and a lot of bragging rights for whoever makes it to the end. [Graphic from NHL.com]

We kinda hope Tanger and Tazer end up on opposite teams so they can showdown in the shootout challenge!

Mine. Mine. Mine.