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Foxy Friday: Nicklas Lidstrom

16 Mar

I was thinking on Tuesday of all the NHL teams and who had never gotten a Foxy Friday (yes, this is what I think about).  Your suggestions are spot on – we’ve never featured a Senator, Star, anyone from the Blues or the Wild.  Or… drum roll… the Red Wings.  (I’m not counting Mike Modano.)  Plus it’s been Swedish Takeover here lately.

So it’s time for Nicklas Lidstrom.

Understand the I dislike the Red Wings with intensity.  Always have.  But no one, not even I, dislikes Nicklas Lidstrom.  He is classy, cool and endlessly well-respected.  That is Foxy.

We’re not talking 20-years ago Nicklas Lidstrom either:

Okay, then too.

We prefer recent-to-current, distinguished gentleman Lidstrom, bathed in the amber glow of 20 years as the NHL’s top defenseman.

At 41-years old, Lidstrom has won 4 Stanley Cups and 7 Norris trophies (including last year).  He’s been selected 12 times for the All-Star Game.  In ’02 he won the Conn Symthe and in ’06 won Olympic Gold.  He’s played for the Red Wings (and only them) longer than Tyler Seguin has been alive (19 seasons).  Lidstrom reached the 1500-game mark in October 2011, Gator and I were there to see it.  (Has she mentioned she’s from Detroit? Reminds me every day.)

Bonus: Norris Trophy presented by my stunt double, Robin Sparkles.

Foxy Friday was pretty much the only award Lidstrom didn’t have.  Surely now all his dreams have come true.

In his career, he has 1,139 regular season + 189 playoff points.  Lidstrom scored his first (and only) hat trick at 40 years old.  He has 4 kids who are undoubtedly the coolest kids at school.  The list goes on and on [link].

Perfect family is perfect.

Nicklas Lidstrom likes to keep everyone guessing.  In ’06 and ’08 he signed two-year contracts, as if he might retire after each.  In ’10 and again in ’11, Lidstrom took one year deals with the Red Wings.  Will he retire at the end of this season?  Probably not.  But just in case, Happy Foxy Friday.

The end.

Wait, what?  Oh all right.  Fine.

We can’t take you guys anywhere.

[Seriously Sweden, what is in your water?!]

I get a kick out of this commercial every time… and @rebelheart87 and I share a confessed thing for Corey Perry too.  Where are they supposed to be going?  For some reason I think it’s IHOP, because I would go for a post-game waffles & eggs with them.

Another Great 8 Gets a 3-fer.

28 Mar

hat trick for hottie

Old men getting it done! Teemu Selanne pulls a hat trick out of his ass to put the Ducks past Colorado tonight. There must be something about that number. I secretly have a crush on the old man and it’s not because he wears #8 too like TBG and Ovi. OK, maybe because he does. No, not really. He just get’s it done like Lidstrom, the other old man in the NHL but he seems to get less attention. This is his 22nd hat trick, 124th multi-goal game and this makes him the 4th over-40 dude to get a hat trick. Whew. 40 – the new 20?


The Captain’s Chair

19 Jan

EStaaaaaaal and Nick Lidstrom are the 2011 All-Star Game Captains and I have to say WELL DONE, NHL.  This is so fun already.  And Eric is smiling.  I haven’t been this excited about a Captain since Malcolm Reynolds.

Team Staal, all the way.

This is the ultimate olive branch because even if you hate the Wings (slowly raises hand), you love Lidstrom. The man is 40, classy as all get out and just about as awesome now as he ever was.   In this video, EStaal jokes about MStaal (boo) and Patrick Sharp (yay) telling him they want to be picked early in the draft.  Because Thunder Bay looks out for Thunder Bay.

“Staal is from my hometown, so he better be drafting me,” Sharp said. “But I have a feeling he’s going to make me wait it out.” [Chicago Tribune]

Sweet Carolina

No surprise in these selections.  Hometown Hero and the Gentleman Jockey.  Could be Lidstrom’s last season and it could be a while before Raleigh gets excited about hockey again.  We love the players for choosing these guys.

I’m all Team Staal, since he’s my fantasy hockey team captain too!  Chuck is Team Lidstrom.  Eric better take my calls on draft day because there is some strategy to be discussed.  And I will even let him pick Ginger Staal so long as he picks Letang or Green first.

11 All Star Games, 4 Stanley Cups... yes captain.