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From: Pants, Re: Your Pants

24 Feb

Nicky B and iCarly hosted a hockey school yesterday.  First John goes on vacation with Mike, now this? [video]  It’s like an all-out offensive being launched against me and Gator.

It’s great to see Backstrom doing anything these days.  We have not heard that he’s skating or even working out, though he looks energetic here.  Apparently iCarly’s dorky high-five doesn’t count as contact.

As happy as this makes us… Nicklas, we need to talk about your pants.  John’s are excellent color and fit, plus “distressed” or “vintage” if you must.  But yours… is that stonewash?  With black shoes?

They could almost be skinny jeans – I’m not really even sure how you got them on over those legs.  If they’re borrowed from Ovi, you should give them right back.  Unless you’re trying to make that girl in the head-to-toe shamrock romper feel better about what she wore to work.

There are certain things we’re willing to put aside for the love of hockey – Mike’s problem with ‘your’ vs. ‘you’re’ and James Neal’s personal pronoun confusion.  But these jeans and that camouflage Under Armor on Matt Duchene are close to the line.  You’re so perfect and European but even we have limits.

Regardless, we love you.  Come back soon.  Wear hockey pants, they look weird on everyone.

Mikey Monday: Casino Royale

13 Feb

Caps Care Casino Night was Friday, and Mike was there.  We were not.  Damn.

Lots of great photos at http://www.districtsportspage.com.

During the auction part of the evening, guests could bid on various high-risk scenarios with their favorite hockey players.  Like a Segway Tour with Ovi, Brooks, Knuble and Sasha Fierce, or bowling with Carlzner, Ward and Hendricks.  There is a bowling alley *right* next to Gator’s house and I’d bet money that’s the location.  Time for a new job, I think.

Sorry DSP, but no one else has photos. No one who would could afford the $250 ticket!

Mike was part of a Cooking with the Caps package, including Vokoun and Hamrlik plus a celeb chef.  I’d just like to point out that Mr. Pants is a chef, and one Food Network competition away from being a celebrity (for the record, he would kick ass).  Maybe next year I can win/rig this category?

The highlight of the night was, of course, this:

Squeal. Faint. Repeat.

More goodness at DistrictSportsPage.com and RussianMachineNeverBreaks.com.  Mike’s rehab is still “on schedule” though no return date has been projected [link]

Well, it’s not good news…

9 Feb

The always-excellent JaspersRink.com today has a translated Swedish interview with Nicky – read it here.

He hopes to be ready for the playoffs.  That’s two months away.  I know he hasn’t skated in forever, isn’t attending home games and even Mike went on vacation without him, but seeing it in print is really bumming me out.

Last night I saw someone Tweeted at Rene Bourque and briefly wondered how much I could say before it’s considered a threat actionable in court.  How many 140-character messages would it take?  GRRRRRRR.

At least it’s an update.  Get better, Nicky.  We really miss you around here!

Hey there, stranger.

2 Feb

Mike Green addressed the media today, after this third consecutive day of skating. [video]  This video is Fidget-tastic and Mike’s hair is crazy.

He says he’s “on the right path” and hopes to be back before the projected 4-6 week  recovery timeline.  As much as this excites us, please don’t rush it.  It seems like everyone’s out, then back, then out again this season.  They stop by the ice like they’re going to the grocery store.

Of course, don’t take too long.  The Caps are currently 9th in the East and people are freaking out.  If they can get settled, I believe they can not only make the playoffs, but be a strong contender.  Mike and Ovi need to be factors in that – though neither has offered any consistency in recent memory.  But Ovi’s suspension is over and Mike’s sports hernia surgery was two weeks ago.

Here’s hoping.

Now, the Caps need baby steps.  Concentrate on being first in the Southeast Division, that’ll get them in the playoff door.  Luckily, the Southeast is by far the East’s weakest division and currently the Caps are only 1 point behind Florida for the lead.  Washington has 32 games left, and 28 of those are against Eastern Conference opponents. It’s showtime.

In bad news, Coach Hunter admitted earlier in the week that Nick Backstrom didn’t skate at all over the All-Star Break [link].  A while back it was reported that he’s not even attending home games, but watching them from his house.  Nicky has a history of migraines, so that may be the culprit.  Either way, the return of the Caps’ most consistent player looks farther away every day.

Mikey Monday: Photo Booth

30 Jan

Hmm, 500 unopened emails or Mikey Monday?

I can’t think of anything that looks happier than this, except maybe getting to actually see all the photostrips clearly.  But this is pretty much the definition of joy.  And bromance.

If they can’t play hockey, at least they have each other.

(Side note: Mike’s girlfriend is a photographer, presumably responsible for these.  We thank her.  I’m intentionally not posting about her so please leave her and links to her work out of the comments.  Thanks.)

While I was on my honeymoon, Mike and iCarly went on an All-Star Break vacation to the Caymans and posted all kinds of Tweets and photos.

I shouldn’t make fun of anyone’s vacation wear, considering what my hair looked like after a week in Costa Rica.  But those are some short shorts, Mikey!  And this… WOW.  If there’s anyplace on Earth worse than American Apparel, this is what they’re selling.

The boys went deep sea fishing, and iCarly caught dinner.  Showing off for Gator (again).

Now that we’ve all returned from our sunny tropical destinations, back to work.  Sometimes it’s good to be home.

Nicky. Twitter. YES.

12 Jan

To everyone who saw this last night and thought of us, thanks!  Nicky Backstrom joined Twitter and the DC-area power gird promptly failed as fangirls crashed the mainframe.  I think Nicky joined now because he has the best profile photo of any Washington Capital.

Or it could be because I got my Backstrom shirt in the mail yesterday, and I was listening to Robyn in the car.  Obviously.

I may have sent a series of texts that looked like: “Gator, Nicky joined Twitter.  GATOR, HE JOINED TWITTER!!!”  Then I calmed down, and laughed because NB was following 5 people and Mike wasn’t one of them.  To his defense, neither were Ovi, Carlson, Knuble or Alzner.  But still.

So far, Nicky is winning the grammatical battle for my heart.  Anyone who uses that many exclamation points is going to fit in around here.

Now, the next time any sort of adult beverage is within reach, someone please take my phone away.  “Don’t Drink and Hockey” really means “Don’t Drink and Tweet at Hockey Players.”

We’ve been planning a post about players on Twitter, but the list grows so fast I can’t keep up.  There’s an NHLPA “Player Tracker” app that supposedly runs all their Tweets but I don’t think it’s current.  Anyone have suggestions?

Mikey Monday: Ring the Alarm

9 Jan

Let’s just come right out and say it: What the hell is going on?!

Mike Green left Saturday’s game against San Jose about halfway through.  Coach Hunter said it was precautionary, resulting from “tightness” in his groin injury.  Yesterday the Caps held a practice before leaving for LA – and neither Mike nor Nicky participated.  The team won’t say anything official and damned time zones mean we have to wait a few extra hours today.  But it’s possible they’ll both be out tonight vs. the Kings.

The hit is right at the beginning of that video – he seems fine after, but apparently not.

“With Mike we’ve been dealing with that all season long, it sounds bad but that’s nothing new. We’re used to it almost,” Troy Brouwer said. “But Nicky is our best player, he controls the play when he’s on the ice he makes things happens. We’ve just got to find other ways around that.” [WashingtonPost.com/CapitalsInsider]

We’re staying positive, right?  About the season in general?  This could be a minor setback for both players, and at least they have each other (BFFs).   But it’s beginning to feel like the fates are against us right now.  The Penguins come to DC on Wednesday – no Crosby, Letang, Staal, Neal and maybe no Backstrom or Green?  PANTSPOCALYPSE!  What have I done to deserve this?!

Gator said I had a tough weekend, I can have a Snickers today.  She’s such a good friend.