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Marketing Hockey: Episode 1

9 Nov

Oh snap.  We are so ahead of the game!  Monday has come and gone, and today guess who’s featured on the NHL.com homepage with a video highlight and a story?  WUYS poster boy Mike Green.  I’ll keep this short, since Dawn has to listen to me all day long.

Mike launched a Facebook fan site.  I squeed.  This is the one and only time I will ever find sloppy grammar adorable!  He posted this video in which he’s half-asleep.  At any moment, Bettman is going to appear behind him in a ski mask and make him read a manifesto condemning hits to the head and the sale of the Coyotes.

The Real World: DC

I’m kidding!  I think this is great.  The NHL GMs meet today to discuss lots of things, including a social media policy (or lack thereof) for players on Twitter and Facebook.  I really hope they don’t decide to start policing this stuff – it’s absolutely fantastic for the fans.  Some of the content is off-color, but we let other celebrities talk, get political, all that.  If BizNasty wants to post a picture of himself giving a homeless guy a fiver, then rock on!  And (grimace) the Capitals have the best social media presence of any team in the League.

So Mike.  Sure we could get him to look at the camera and and take the ‘ out of fan’s, but who cares?  Some people think Mike is dumb – I disagree.  He’s smart enough to be marketing himself instead of letting (hoping/waiting for?) the League to do it for him. They only see Crosby and Ovechkin.  Mike’s doing a national (American!!) ad campaign for GEICO while other guys are hawking pool supplies and local auto dealerships (nothing wrong with it, Talbot, just making a point).  Green is doing something right and I’m pretty sure he’s doing with a lot less help.

My inner publicist loves this.  I wish more of the players (or their media departments) would make a go of something similar.  How much fun would it be for the fans to see more personal interaction with the players? The NHL ranks 7th in American sports attendance numbers (as of 1/10) but is actually 5th according to a recent Harris Poll.  That’s just above the NBA and far higher than golf or tennis (source).  We are getting there!  Now get out there and work it.  (Or hire me and Dawn to work it for you.)

I Have a Question

23 Oct

Yes, I’m going THERE …AGAIN.  Here is a direct quote from for NHL guidelines with regards to player contact with fans.

Following is an excerpt from the section that addressed “Contact with Fans”:

“Under no circumstances are Club personnel — either players or non-players — permitted to have physical contact with fans, or enter, or attempt to enter the stands. Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane, Club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate, seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena.

“Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel (management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water, will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form of a suspension.  The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.”

Now, Pants knows from various off-line chats we have, well, let’s just say I an active imagination and maybe some NSFW comments. But what if say Pants, or Chuck or I, were to lure one of our favorite players away before, during or after a game but still on-site would they still be fined for contact with a fan? Does this cover that kind of contact? What if it’s consensual? Because if I got that close to Ovi,  Miika, Brodeur or Fedorov, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this:

You Make the Call

20 Oct

Last night against the Wild, Canuck Rick Rypien attacked a fan on his way to the locker room after getting a 10 minute major for his second fight. Personally, I think if you taunt a NHL player who has exhibited this kind of behavior, it’s like stabbing an angry tiger that’s just been stung by a thousand wasps – and you get what you pay for. If you have to pay with your body, then cash it in baby. Stupid is and stupid does. But I like hockey fights and it’s even better when it’s a stupid fan.

Then I have to add this classic clip of Ti Domi when a drunk Philly fan fell into the penalty box for your entertainment.

Canada – Russians Do it Better – Sorry!

18 Oct

i can skate - even in this shirt!

Again this week they put ValKat in the bottom two when they are by far and away the best skaters – which makes me think Canadian’s are Russian skater-haters! Seriously, I don’t think my blood pressure can take many more of these episodes. Patrice and Shae-Lynn had a far less difficult routine but scored the highest so far this season – but riddle me this Batman? ValKat have done two firsts in three routines for BOTB – double lutz and a double throw. So how can they be continuously in the bottom two? Even in this shirt smokin’ hot Val does not deserve to go home and thank god – he didn’t! My life will go on! But my inner publicist says – Val – don’t let them show you having a snit. Not good PR. Next week think warm and fuzzy! Keep it hot – you know how to! 😉

If Canada would allow US residences to vote, I think this would have a completely different result but they won’t allow us to – which totally blows!

As I write this, Mr. Cherrie is watching Men with Brooms, another Canadian show and the vending machine is tormenting one of the characters – with a RUSSIAN ACCENT – OK – don’t make me go there – again – I will turn to Johnny Weir! While words really can’t do justice to anything Johnny-Weir-esque: He looks like a bastard child of Ziggy Stardust and something Sarah Palin shot down from a plane in Alaska and God bless him for it! Now that’s entertainment…

Around the NHL News and more …

18 Oct

Ok, Pants can totally attest to the fact that I came up with this earlier and I’m not sharing my idea here but IN THE NEWS … the NHL is partnering with Stan Lee’s SLG Entertainment LLC to create new comic heroes modeled after each team in the league. I am only going to report on this because I promised not to make fun of a certain player and this would be like shooting fish in a barrel. But I will note that I CAN’T WAIT to see what they do with Ovi! SQUEEL! I think I just set off all the dogs in the neighborhood again … oh well. They are used to it.

i just like him ... well, maybe the russian chicken dance?

In other news, last night in BATTLE OF THE BLADES, Valeri wore the most atrocious outfit on earth! But even he can work that and work it he did! He is by far the best technical skater. Are they trying to get him voted off? OK – don’t answer that because we know they are. But he could have said no – I think. Plus, the practice video showed him having a full-on Russian snit-fit. I’m sure the translation wasn’t “Darn …”

I also have to note that if Kelly Chase doesn’t finally go home after yet another Viagara induced spasmodic jerky-freak out, I might kick in my television because that is enough to cause birth control for all of Canada!

BUT! that best part is TONIGHT, TONIGHT … cue them from “Westside Story” because I have only two names to drop for you and then you have to wait for tomorrow’s glorious post: Johnny Weir skates to Lady Gaga’s JUST DANCE … oh yes, I just wrote that!


No ordinary Thursday…

7 Oct

Normally, when I wake up, I just roll out of bed and shuffle my way to the bathroom, bleary eyed and half asleep, with maybe a “good morning” grunt to my roommate.

But today was different.

When I woke up, I had extra pep in my step.  Sure it could have been that the sun was finally peeking out after 3 days of non stop misery and rain.  Or maybe it was the fact that the long weekend is almost here.  But nay, it was something less entirely! It was….


Today marks the first day of the 2010-2011 NHL Hockey season and I think that I can speak for my fellow WUYS that we are totes excited.  Totes MaGoats Excited!  We’re sort of like Buddy the Elf when he finds out that Santa is coming. SANTA!!!

This season of promise kicks off with three games today:

I think we all know where Pants will be for the Pens game.  If you live in the San Francisco area and hear screaming and screeching, don’t be alarmed.  Do not call the police.  It just because they showed a shirtless Sidney Crosby doing squats in his Reebok Zig sneakers.

Boston Bruins start their season on Saturday the first of two games versus the Phoenix Coyotes in lovely, historical Prague, but the first stop on their Eurotrip was Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Personally, I LOVE that the NHL is taking the game global, if for nothing else than more BOYCH MEETS WORLD episodes, feature B’s defenceman Johnny Boychuk, who might be the most adorable Edmonton, Albertonian EVER!  Plus I dig his last name.

This week’s episode
Boych Meets World: Belfast

It just confirms everything I’ve ever believed about Canada

4 Oct

um .. now if that was Ovi

OK – so I’m sitting here watching the results show for BOTB II and as I noted there was no way Canadians were going to let the Russians win, but I didn’t think they were going to send them home TONIGHT! Good God! They had the highest score Sunday from the judges. Luckily, the judges have the final say in the skate off and I don’t think they will let them go…tonight.

I was going to save this rant for another time, but here it goes. The NHL has allowed their players to play in the Olympics including this past year because CANADA hosted them. NOW – when RUSSIA is going to host the next Olympics, they are going to possibly revoke NHL players from participating thus that would crush Ovi’s possibility of winning gold in 2014 – quite a snub. Even though Ovi has said that no matter what the NHL decides, he is playing in Socchi in 2014. And props to Sidney in supporting Ovi’s desire.

I rant to Mr. Cherrie about my Hockey Husband Don’s comments ALL THE TIME that not only Russian hockey players but eastern European players have to play at a level greater than any Canadian hockey player to even be considered to compete on the ice. Yes, Canada you gave us hockey but don’t whine when someone else can do it better. Step up your game and be glad people love it!

But thank goodness! ValKat escaped the penalty box and even the judges said they shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. He will live again to ice dance into my heart for next week’s theme of  .. wait for it … “BRINGING SEXY BACK” oh yeah!

*sigh* i wish i could skate