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Beard, Still Here

25 Apr

The Nashville Predators advanced to Round 2… and the beard lives on.  Shea Weber’s beard is the top ranking search term around here every day.  The Foxy Friday alum has also been nominated for the Norris Trophy.  That’s a pretty badass few days.

Chuck Norris eats trophies for breakfast.

They join the Red Wings and Capitals in the waiting room to see who they’ll play next.  Nashville (#5) is the only team so far to upset a higher seed (Ducks were #4).  It’s also worth pointing out that both Chuck and I picked the Preds to win this series, because we’re clearly in charge of everything.

Sorrs, Perr.

I went to a Preds game back in their first season (I am that old) and had a great time.  Brand new arena, almost no one knew what was going on.  It’s great to see Nashville becoming a serious hockey town and getting so behind their team.  Phoenix could only dream of this.  Here’s hoping they face Detroit in the next round, because it means San Jose and Chicago both won.

The Beard.

17 Apr

Is the stanley cup hiding in there?

This week’s beard update. Here’s where it stands. The Sedin’s are disqualified because they always have one and it’s always groomed. Shea Weber started too early but I’ll include him solely because of its sheer awesomeness but he’s out of the running and same goes for George Parros. And believe it or not, there is actually an attractive man under that obnoxious 70’s facial hair and horrible hair cut!

As Mr. Cherrie says, "This is made for riding!"

Other than that, it’s up for grab and if I’ve missed one of your favorites, feel free to send a photo because I’ve spent hours pouring over this week’s play off photos and I very well could have missed some one.

No wonder Detroit keeps winning, the entire team can grow one in a day!

Who knew? Evidently not Boston ...

Mike Green is growing something MAGICAL! HOLY COW!

let's hope more goals come flying out of Patrice's beard ...or somewhere else - SOON!

where on earth did this come from? because one minute is wasn't there and the next - BAM! scooby doo !

no wonder this series is tied 1-1 ... penner and wallin.

does this really surprise any of us? ALL MAN ... ALL THE TIME.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Why is this young lady smiling? Because she took the challenge!

Nasville Gets a Jump on Things

2 Apr

Somebody is starting early.  The Nashville Predators defensemen have a challenge going to see whose playoff beard will turn out best.  Is that premature when you haven’t clinched a playoff spot? Or is it simply pointless because Shea Weber already looks like this?

This photo is a few days old, so it’s even bushier now.  I’m watching the Preds/Wings game and for a second I thought a large homeless man was trying to clear the zone.

And so it begins.  I hope the Preds make it so we can see this thing in action.  It’s kind of going Fu Manchu in the middle there already.

Something’s ‘Fishy’ About This Trade.

10 Feb

going to Nashville kids!

Mike Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville today! Did you think that’s strange since he’s married to Carrie-Fisher (NOT PRINCESS LEIA)-UNDERWOOD of American Idol fame? She of many many Grammy’s fame and CWA fame and basically all-around cutie-patutie-talent-pie.

totes adorable together

Not that she didn’t land herself a hot hunk of hockey man meat. Jealously all-around please. When they married and she initially moved to Ottawa without batting one of those gorgeous eye lashes, I told Mr. Cherrie which surprised him, “I’d have moved to the arctic circle and live in a tent if that was what was keeping me warm at night.” But does Mike Fisher get tired of these kind of head lines from the Tennessean: “PREDATORS ACQUIRE CARRIE FISHER’S HUSBAND?” This will be his home newspaper. Will he be the Rodney Dangerfield of Nashville now? Will he care since he goes home to Carrie Underwood?

mike fisher of nashville?

So when Hilary Duff found out about the trade this morning, not wanting to be upstaged, she immediately told Mike to buy the Penguins and move them to Beverly Hills. She told him that when these details are finalized, they will be the Beverly Hills Penguins and their colors will be bubble gum pink with bedazzled sparkles and the mascot’s name will be Balthazar-Cadet-8-track the III. When Mike tried to explain that LA already had a hockey team, Hilary stared blankly at him. It was the first time in the marriage she was speechless. Mike had his moment of zen.

Balthazar-Cadet-8-Track the III

Foxy Friday: Shea Weber

21 Jan

I wanted to include Shea Weber in the Skills Competition post, but there are really no YouTube videos of his game highlights.  Just big, bone-crunching hits.  Shea almost won the ’09 Hardest Shot with a 103.4 mph slapper [video].  Chuck’s pal Chara beat him by 2mph.  When you’re going that fast, what’s 2mph?

So we’re giving Shea a little Foxy Friday love in hopes that it boosts his internet profile. *wink*

I'm laughing because I'm going to hurt you.

Wikipedia has informed me that Weber grew 5 inches in one year (that hurts) and was 6’2″ at the age of 15 (that’s awkward).  I like the name Shea, but I bet it helps to be a giant so high school kids aren’t mean to you.

Weber became the Preds captain at the end of last year.  He also won Olympic gold with Team Canada.  He currently leads the team with 29 points and the Predators are 4th in the Western Conference. That’s ahead of the Blackhawks, folks.

Real conversation with my brother:

Pants: Going to a hockey game.  Sharks vs. Predators.

Brother: The Predator is someone’s mascot? Is that even allowed?

Pants: Predators.  Not the Predator.

Brother: Oh.  Bummer.  ScyFy should do a Shark vs. Predator movie starring Schwarzennegger.  They could play hockey.

At the Sharks vs. Predators game two weeks ago, Shea just looked like a nice guy.  Until he leveled someone with a huge hit.  But that’s how we roll here at WUYS – we like it rough. You might even end up ass-over-tea kettle in your own bench!

Chuck pointed out that this is two Nashville Foxy Fridays in a row.  Someday I’ll break out the photo of  me & Steve Sullivan at the 1994 Albany River Rats Calder Cup Championship event and show you all what foxy really means.  (Note: I will never show you this picture.  It’s too embarrassing for both of us.)