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Your Daily Swede

21 Dec

I love this picture so much that I have to post it.  It sums up everything about last night and how much fun Gator & I always have at Caps games, especially when they win.

Nicky was First Star with a goal and an assist.  Ovi scored, Sasha Fierce scored, Troy Brouwer scored.  The Mike Knuble 1,000th game tribute was fantastic, although seeing everyone with 22 on their backs during warm up was making it hard for me to focus.  Congratulations all around.

I know a lot of you were there – we have to do a pre-game happy hour one of these days.

Dashing Caps

14 Oct

Gator FTW! She just sent me this – trolling the internet for pictures of iCarly when she should be working.  Wonder who she learned that from?

Capitol File – Washington Capitals Model Fall Fashions

Here’s the link to short player profiles and a link to the video.  Knuble’s vest and Hendy’s rolled-up sleeves are my favoriteas.  Nicky looks like he carries his books to school in a strap and can’t wait for milk & cookies at home.  iCarly is a mafia enforcer, Neuvy is the crime boss (no one would suspect!).

(PS: Where is Mike?! What kind of fashion show is this?!  I wonder if he was invited.  I can’t believe Nicky went without him.  So proud, Backs!)

Foxy Friday – Jason Arnott!

15 Apr

Ive got the dark and broody thing down pat girls!

The Caps needs some love and they got it in the form of sexy #44 from New Jersey who waived his no-trade clause in February go to Washington and serve as a strong center for BB and Capt. Ovi!

Now we just need a shot of that in a Caps Jersey!

He’s the only one on the team with a cup under his belt and has put a ring on it (oops besides Knuble)! That shows he has faith in the Caps and we have faith in #44 because in the short time he’s been there, he’s done that! He’s scored his 400 th career goal and made a huge difference helping put the Fierce back in Sasha Fierce!

Why is Jason the only one NOT shirtless? Does he not know THE RULES?

BTW – in the photo above, both Sashas have to be standing on something!

He shares his birthday with Pants, October 11 but not the year! So he’s a Libra like her and I.

He began his NHL career with the Edmonton Oilers  in 1993–94 after being selected seventh overall in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft and was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team. A two-time NHL All-Star, Arnott won the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils in 2000, scoring the championship-winning goal in the second overtime of game six so the play-off experience will definitely come in handy!

You are FOXY! And were glad youre a Cap now!

He’s 6’5″ and 220! That’s alot of hunky hot man meat! He’s married but that shouldn’t count him out of the hottie patrol here! We can still love him from a far!

So we salute you Mr. Arnott for coming to Washington and award with this week’s FOXY FRIDAY! and hope to see you raise the cup once more only this time in a Caps jersey!

*Editor’s Note from Chuck*

Sorry, Dawn, but I had to photo bomb your post.  How could you have forgotten this gem?

Scrub-a-dub, ladies.


Oh NOVI Didn’t – Again!

3 Apr

sexy time

Magic numerical numbers for the Caps this weekend as number 28 tallies number 28 – that’s Sasha Fierce for those not counting. And number 22 for number 22  and that would be Knuble and non-Ruble. We also have career number 400 for number 44 – Sexy Jason Arnott.

And last but not least – Ovi caps the magically numerical night off with a non-numercial goal – number 30 for number 8 but has a magical ass dance to win in OT!

Mr. Cherrie and I were THAT couple in our local Pub – you know the ones – I was wearing my Caps shirt and he was wearing his Ryan Miller jersey. But we live in Seattle so the irony was lost on EVERYONE. Oh well. We had our own kiss cam when each team scored a goal. Or should I say, neither one of us are very good winner/losers! It’s one of the few times we have to agree to disagree. Buffalo is his team. Always has been, always will be.

this sometimes happens when we aren't watching hockey!

I’m talking about the dress. I don’t allow the matching hockey wear! Total fashion DON’T! 😉

Tiger Blood And Adonis DNA.

13 Mar

Derpy needs a drink after this game!

Best. Sunday. Ever. All my boys played and did well today! The Caps are ‘Winning’ and not like Charlie Sheen. They gave the smack down to Derp face and Charlie’s true other brother Kaner Sunday to make it eight straight! But not without some cardiac arrest allowing Derpy to score with like 40 seconds left to send the damn thing into OT and Moe and Poe scattering and puffed like Armageddon was coming! But this is the new Caps with Tiger blood and Adonis DNA! Knuble came back with a beauty, not slop, and closed the door on the Stanley cup winners. And let me tell you, Derpy doesn’t get any Derpier. Derp.

Knuble finesses this one in. Masterfully.

And what a weekend for TBG. Saturday he gets his beautiful face shoved in the stations ala Max P. but thank god he was OK. Then he has a beauty of a goal against Dallas to help the Kings win a knuckle biter against their division rivals that went down to the wire too! Dallas ties it with less than 40 seconds to go and the Kings come back with a grinder that Handzus smacks in seconds later. Two points and that puts LA in fourth. Being the eternal optimist, I’m hoping they can stay in play-off contention.

Oh and Pittsburg played. They won. But what was really important, Letang played. Three games: Ovi, TBG and Letang; a trifecta of hockey gods. Sleep well my friends. I will. 😉