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12 Mar



The Bruins are teetering precariously on the edge of the abyss…and they are threathening to take me with them.

Saturday, they lost to the Capitals.  Yesterday, they got violated by the Penguins.  Patrice Bergeron and Adam McQuaid both got injured.  With Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, Beniot Pouliot, and Tuukka Rask already out, it only to the dire situation the Black and Gold find themselves in late in the season.

Can I get a prayer circle?

Never have I seen a sadder face. Never.

McQuaid took a hard hit from James Neal in the 1st and did not return for rest of the game.  Bergeron took a shot off the leg and labored badly to try to battle through, but did not return.

Obviously, goaltending is a SERIOUS issue for the Bruins.  Serio, people.  I knew losing Tuukka would be tough but I had not fully realize it until this weekend.

And when I did, this was me.

Luckily I managed to pull myself together and attempted to analyze this mess of a situation the Bruins are in.

In an ideal world, Tukkaa would have played Saturday’s matinee versus the Caps, allowing Thomas to rest up for the game against the Pens.  But with Rask recovering from a groin injury, the Bruins were up Crap Creek without a paddle.  

Hell, they didn’t even have a boat.

Then you add in the clocks springing forward for daylight savings, and  you have a recipe for a grade A+, #1 disaster of epic proportion.

Yesterday’s game was that unmitigated disaster.

The Pens jumped all over Thomas from the first whistle scoring 3 goals in the first.  It was ooglay.

I was ready to rage every time the Penguins touched the puck out of sheer frustration.

Normally, I have no issues with the Penguins.  While they are not my favorite team, I respect them and like alot of their players but yesterday, I want to kick all of them in the shins.

Like really hard.

Bruins managed to stauch the bleeding somewhat at the beginning of the 2nd period by pulling Thomas and putting in Marty Turco.  TURCO TIME, YA’LL!

Turco played well in his first NHL game in over a year and no one threw smelly fish at him.  He only allowed 2 goals (if that can be considered a postitive) and made some great saves, including this gem on JStaal.

Poke Check.  Stack the pads.

I don’t know how it could get any worse for the Bruins but if they hope to have any chance to make a run for defending their Stanley Cup, they need to do something.

I have a suggestion.

Bubble wrap.

And lots of it.

Call Mike Green.  I’m sure he has some extra lying about.

Cue Spaz Attack

11 Apr

Right now I feel like this:

With a little bit of this:

all for meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Resulting in quite a lot of this:

Thank you, Minnesota Wild for giving me (hopefully) three more rounds of Blackhawks cheering before I have to root against them in the Pens vs. Hawks Cup Final of my dreams.

Mocked on National TV

25 Jan

Ok, was anyone watching the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Fliers last Sunday? Because this is a priceless little nugget of gold. Not because it was a rematch between the Stanley Cup teams of last year but because Marty Turco mocked Pierre Mcguire on national TV – NBC to be exact. Mike Milbury plows over him between periods when NBC has hockey games and everyone else talks over him. He’s the kid no one liked but kept showing up to play and always thought he should be captain. Someone even refered to his Stanley Cup Ring as his ‘decoder ring’ which prompted me to ask Mr. Cherrie “He played hockey? He has a ring?” Mr. Cherrie shrugged and pulled up the internet and did some research. He won them as a ‘scout’ and assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Penguins. That’s like getting ‘most improved’ by proxy which explains why he wears them all the time.