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3 AM (It Must be OT)

3 May

It wasn’t quite 3 AM, but close…

When John Carlson scores a goal, I get irrationally happy.  When that goal is assisted by Karl Alzner, I yell, “Apples to Apples!” and jump around the room.  Can we get this guy a clear mouth guard?

Sadly iCarly’s goal was not enough as the Caps lost an epic triple-overtime game to the Rangers.  I have a new downstairs neighbor (bad timing!) and will probably get an angry call from my landlord today (don’t care!) about the noise.  And the language.  But I don’t plan to settle down anytime soon.

You all thought this was in, right?  I threw my arms up… and Mr. Pants ended up wearing some wine.  Oops.

By the end of the second overtime, I was emotionally exhausted.  I can’t imagine how the players on either team felt, dragging around like anchors on a ship.  They never cease to amaze me – no one who went down for a shot block decided to take a nap or curled up against Nicky B and closed their eyes.  I know most of you were thinking about it.

This Caps team looks confident, strong and, as they have since the playoffs started, they look like a TEAM.  Even Mike Green loved us back last night with five shots on goal.  Bring on Saturday!  Give us more of Braden Holtby’s adorable parents in the stands!

I have to say the Rangers also played a heck of a game, of course.  Ryan McDonagh had over 53 minutes.  WOW.  Ginger Staal had 49-plus.  Bless their hearts if they can even get out of bed today.

Lucky Sevens

20 Jan

Since NYRFan Stephanie is about to become my landlady, I was going to post Marion Gaborik’s goal extravaganza vs. Toronto last night.  But I got distracted by the pop-up on the Rangers site:

Luck be a Lundy tonight.

Let’s just say that if Steph could get back east, she would love to double down with these two.

Hit me Henrik, one more time.

Last night’s game was really something: the Rangers beat the Leafs 7-0.  Gaborik had 4 goals and 1 assist, Sean Avery had 3 assists and ran his mouth at Phaneuf all night.  They also announced that Brandon Dubinksy is out 3-4 weeks with a stress fracture in the left leg.  He already had a slap fight with Green and went a few rounds with Ovi, so he got bored.

Here’s Gaborik’s one-man show [Video].

You want another hug? Oh okay.

The Rangers play Carolina tonight – we love a good round of Staal vs. Staal.