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31 Jan

When Mr. Pants and I boarded our flight in Houston on Saturday, I had NO idea there would be individual TVs on the plane.  Then I saw the All-Star Game Skills Competition was on.  I may have screamed.  One swipe of the AMEX later, I was sitting an inch from the screen with a huge smile on my face.

Mr. Pants: “What are you so happy about?”

Obviously he doesn’t share my pain in missing a week of hockey and the ASG Draft, or as we prefer to think of it, The WUYS Bachelor Auction.  I’m sure it was great.  And I saw they put Letang in the front row because even he can only get away with tripping once.

The Elimination Shootout started as we reached cruising altitude.  Stamkos stepped up… and the pilot came on the PA talking about miles programs and tail winds and how, if you looked out the right side, you could see a chicken in Mississippi riding a bicycle.  He talked the ENTIRE TIME!   We almost had an incident with Homeland Security.  Plus the seatbelt sign was on forever and I really had to pee.

During the post-win interview, I lost it and said, “Stop touching him, Pierre!” really loud.  Unless Pierre has scissors, though it doesn’t look like he’d know how to cut hair.

Hands off the merchandise, Troll.

Also, it’s not easy to watch Nealmobile do Accuracy Shooting when it’s illegal for me to scream, run around or throw things.  As I watch back through the coverage, the ASG never fails to be a highlight of the season.  It brainwashes me into a maniac who thinks things like:

Red heads in pink shirts?  Sure, why not!  Too bad no one could straighten it out before shooting.  Unless Giroux’s going to tear it off, it shouldn’t be stretched like that.  My inner publicist cringes.  (Note: That plaid jacket still needs to go. Along with Neal’s. Were they on sale in Ontario at some point?)

Carey Price is funny.  And charming.  I didn’t think this could get worse.

Scott Hartnell + the Sedins = my nightmare.  Except it’s fantastic.

And some things’s don’t surprise.  Henrik Lundqvist puts everyone to shame, in every category.

If you didn’t think Patrick Kane would steal the show then you must be new around here.

My tights are underneath.

As always, the awkward prom photos.  Everyone is cringing about talking to fathers and having to

See you at the prom party, Segs.

Logan can pick us up in his new car.

 What did you guys think?  No Crosby, Toews, Green, Backstrom, zero Staals.  Still everything you hoped for?  And share your favorite bits, because I probably missed them!

OK – This Made Even Me Laugh.

12 Sep

And I don’t like San Jose but they have an AWESOME PR team who makes these OUTRAGEOUSLY funny campaigns. Let the ad wars begin. This one’s for you Pants since you love Logan – post-rookie of your life.

Baby, Baby, Baby, Noooooo…

25 May

The only upside to this is now Logan Couture and I have more time to practice the Justin Bieber dance routine we’re going to perform when he wins the Calder Trophy in Vegas.

Okay Eastern Conference.  Give me something to care about!

It’s On!

13 May

Now that you won’t be able to get this song out of your head, it’s the battle of the Super Twins, Count Von Count-anyone-can-do-this-job VS. Jumbo Scrimp (Oxy-Maroon), I’m-still -Cryin’ Patty Mar-where’s-the-loo and Logan Haute-Couture. Who will win the West-Coast Battle for the Cup? I called Vancouver in the Wayback Machine.

capt vs capt (i think it's henrik - who knows for sure!)

On the East Coast we got the Not-so-Jolly-Yellow-Giant Chara, Sir Thomas-the-Tank-Engine and i-blow-pucks-out-my-ass-for-goals-bergeron VS stampeding Stammers, Little-Man Louis and Bat-shit-crazy-face-sort-of-hot-in-a-weird-way-guy-the-butcher. I called neither of these and would have never dreamed of either of these but in reverse psychology and covering my bases. I’m going with Tampa Bay and if they win, I’ll be glad and say I called it. If they lose, I’ll say I helped Boston because every team I pick, loses! So either way, I’m covered! Sound practice!

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

13 May

I leave the Bay Area and NOW YOU WIN!?!?!  If my other teams were in it I’d be so mad at you.  But beggars can’t be choosers and you guys let us drink on Caltrain so… YAY SHARKS.  I hug you!

Not only did you beat Detroit (insert me making siren noise here), but you managed not to fall apart like a house of cards.  I mean, you came close.  Really close.  I had to angle away from the TV and pretend to Tweet because I knew the minute I looked, disaster would strike.  I might have peeked but I didn’t watch until the announcers were screaming too.

Gator’s really bummed about the Red Wings.  I might have to buy her Chicken McNuggets for lunch (extra ketchup).  Maybe she’ll feel better after reading this.  But now she’s just like me and Dawn, without her top team(s) and choosing sides based on beards and bus stops and the perfect teal nail polish.

Hey Wings, U MAD?!

Oh, in case you forgot what I was thinking for a second…


So we’re down to the Final Four.  How are we doing on predictions?  We had the Bruins, Canucks and Sharks getting out of the first round, and the Bruins and Canucks from the second.  Bonus of the Sharks.  No one had the Bolts because I would have kicked them in R1 and Dawn would have scratched them in R2.  Now anyone who wants to root for TB can take on Chuck.

Not good enough! Om nom nom!

PS: Gator is rooting for TB.  I will sit quietly on my hands and try not to cheer for anyone in that series.  Chuck roots for my teams when she can, I shall root for hers.  And Steven.  There, I said it!

Save the Last Dance

12 May

Who’s excited for tonight?  Nervous?

On Monday, Rookie of My Life Logan Couture posted this.  It made me all teary-eyed like that Green Day “Time of Your Life” song.  Not that 19 years is a long time in the hockey world.  Or that you’d rather play 7 than win in 4.  But way to be optimistic, LC.

I don’t know what to say about the Red Wings except they are about the last team I’d want to face in an elimination game.  Or in the playoffs at all.  They’re just a huge pile of awesome that sits around thinking up ways to skip school so they can kick your ass.

The Sharks will have to come up big tonight, but I think they can do it.  Remember they won 5 OT games in a row these playoffs… that’s grit.

We know Chuck will be pulling for Jumbo Joe.  She’s seriously been on that kick since 1997 and it’s about time Thornton returned the favor.  Between Joey and the Bruins both still in the post-season, Chuck is having all the luck this year while I sit on the back nine with Toews, Fleury and Brooks Laich trying to make par.

Fins to the Left!

2 May

I saved this photo back in March hoping someday I would get to use it.  San Jose has a 2-0 lead on the Red Wings and I think now is the time for inspiration.  For destruction.  I saw a guy on the Metro in a Wings shirt yesterday and I wished for an octopus to throw at him.  Gator’s from Detroit, she wanted to hug him instead.  There’s no hugging in hockey unless they’re FREE HUGS from WUYS-approved bromances.

San Jose won the first game 2-1 in OT and the second 2-1 in regulation.  Everyone’s got two assists: Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, Foxy Friday Ryan(e) Clow(e) and ASG prank mastermind Danny Boyle.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  These games are all nail-biters and no one makes me more nervous than Detroit.  This is just to keep the boys going.  Jumbo Joe is out to remind Chuck that back in ’97 she was swooning over his blond curls and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials.  He wants her to Feel the Teal.  (Okay sorry, that’s a terrible slogan.)

If there’s anyone we’d like to see go down it’s Detroit.  If there’s anyone who will make us eat our words and send their over-40s to shut us up, it’s Detroit.  So play on – Game 3 Wed at 5 PM PT.