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Mikey Monday: Share the Love

26 Sep

The Capitals Convention was Saturday – Gator and I are now we’re double-extra-super excited for hockey season.  Oh, and this. No big deal.

That's me and Nicky B. Happy Pants.

The day started with Gator and Slapshot fist-pumping around 11 AM (it’s never too early).  As you can see we are already holding beers.

Liz got to see a real live Red Wing and I spent the entire panel on Rules & Enforcement thinking how great “Shannon Shanahan” sounds.  Actually I thought it was really interesting, especially Bill McCreary.

Then we scored good seats for the HBO 24/7 Behind the Scenes panel, which may have been a bad thing.  The minute Ovi came on stage, Gator and I had the same reaction:  “Aw crap. He’s kind of hot.” (Insert Dawn’s evil laugh.)

I immediately drained my beer.  The discussion began by playing the last 5 minutes of the last episode.  Everyone booed Crosby and I tried not to cry.  Or look at Ovi’s legs.  You know the part of “The Holiday” where Kate Winslet puts her head in the oven, then runs to the window and says “Low point!” over and over?  That was me.

The panel was dead boring – even Mike Vogel couldn’t save it.  One of the HBO guys needed to get the hook.  Boudreau looked off toward the smell of chicken tenders while  Ovi gave us the evil eye for whispering in the audience.

Luckily it was Highlight of the Day time next.  John Carlson & Karl Alzner in the Kids Press Conference – you’d die from the adorableness.  They cracked everyone up as little kids asked things like “What’s your favorite animal and why?”  Carly loves monkeys and he’s not embarrassed.  Birthday parties at Rainforest Cafe.

Nicky B was supposed to be on this panel, but his chair sat empty.  We never would have survived anyway.  Carly and Alzner are the Capitals Comedy Duo.

While they were ragging each other, I felt a disturbance in The Force.  Mike had arrived.  We weren’t in the right autograph group which was sad, because honestly MG52 looked pretty miserable.  Maybe we could have cheered him up.

Homework sucks. I hate fourth grade.

He did perk up by the end, especially as we watched @cheskiDC get to meet him.  Jealous!  We watched Brooks play ball hockey with the kids, then caught Nicky doing a Comcast interview.  And I got my picture.  People, I’m 5’9″ – Nicky is a big guy.  And has great skin (is it weird to notice that?).  Next year we’re buying photo tickets because we want to give him a hug.

Mikey, Joel Ward and Jason Chimera did a panel with Elliott from DC101 called Giving Back about charity work.  @DLF1021 and Pam win WUYS BFF awards for saving us seats in the 2nd row!

Mike fidgeted for 45 minutes straight.  Seriously.  He had his Winnie the Pooh face on whenever someone else was talking and couldn’t sit still.  Gator kept a lot of sarcastic comments to herself (except about his tight jeans), but let slide a gem as Mike was playing with the collar of his t-shirt:

“His Ed Hardy shirt is itching.”

I assumed the crash position with my head between my knees so no one could see how hard I was laughing.  The 7-year old behind us – playing Nintendo DS complete with headphones – took this opportunity to yell “school bus” or “potato” or something.  Everyone looked.  I nearly lost it.

By the end of the day, we were spent.  Next year we’ll arrive later and probably buy photo tickets.  Then after-party with these guys at Medieval Times.  You’re invited.

It was nice to meet @chelskiDC (sorry we missed you @MercurialWinger!), @DLF1021 and Pam.  And to see @raedanda with her awesome goalie photo!  See you guys again soon. 😉All the rest of the pictures are here!

Fore! (No, they’re a ten.)

7 Jul

Mikey hosted a charity golf tournament yesterday, benefiting KidSport Alberta.  Awww.

In attendance were iCarly, Karl Alzner, Zach Boychuk, Cody Franson and Jordan Eberle.  And Nicky of course.  He was rocking a shorter haircut.  I may have enjoyed this photo for five whole minutes before noticing his hair.

No word on who won the tournament (suspect it was not anyone we know), but lots of money was raised and good deeds were done.  Mikey, such a hero.  And Caps’ GMGM himself, George McPhee went to Calgary… but not to play golf.  He apparently went to have lunch with Nicky and Mikey, in the airport.  He just flew in, had lunch, and left [link].  They talked hockey.  So many scenarios present:

1) Nicky and Mikey were totally leaving on their honeymoon on the next flight out.

2) Mikey takes both suitcases since Nicky has to go through customs.

3) If I walked into that restaurant I would go Defcon One and be arrested by the Canadian version of Homeland Security.

Mikey did an interview with Calgary’s Fan960 Radio about the tournament, listen here [link].  Does that station need interns?  Because MG52 is there almost every day lately. (Sit down, Jeff Skinner.)

It’s all the same…

6 May

WUYS BFF Lisa sent us this video that John Erskine posted to Twitter.  Looks like it went up 11 hours ago, which would be 11 PM last night.  Nice to see the Caps aren’t taking their sweep too hard.  Wordpress doesn’t support TwitVideos, but you can watch it here.

Check out that tattoo.  I’m not much of a tattoo person (I know, I’m weird) and that is a lot of flowers on a man who rides a Vespa and wears scarves.  But I think I like it.  So long as everyone looks this happy.

You (okay, I) could argue that posting this the night after a humiliating, devastating and potentially franchise-altering loss is not a great idea.  Mikey didn’t even play in game 4 due to a “lower body injury” but he looks fine here.  Yes, literally fine also.  DJ King is wearing a shirt from Mr. Pants’ closet and little Karl Alzner has shaved off his sizable beard.

Anyway, I don’t care.  Over is over and life goes on.  Have fun, guys.  Now to scour the DC metro area for Bon Jovi cover bands, just in case.

UPDATE: The video got deleted.  Sorry boys.  We were having fun on Cinco de Mayo too. 😉

It’s Movember … and Props to the Washington Caps!

10 Nov

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is getting behind ‘Movember’, a movement established to create additional awareness for men’s health – especially prostate cancer.  Their tagline is quite catchy : “Grow that Mo and SAVE A BRO!” So when you see your favorite player a little more hairy then usual, now you know why!

The current leader board across the NHL has four Washington Caps in the top five spots, raising money for the cause: John Erskine, John Carlson, Karl Alzner and Matt Hendricks – you go my boys!

George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks  SHAVED his famous mustache in support of this event!

Mr. Cherrie has also decided to support this cause by growing his own ‘Mo’ much to my dismay but I guess it’s for a good cause. Stay tuned for that  photo at that end of the month!