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And Now For The CBC-ASG Version

31 Jan

kris letang's slap shot off hiller's mask

Ok, so Pants and Chuck watched the Versus Broadcast and I watched the CBC broadcast because I don’t get Versus, both literally and philosophically. Below is the Sports Centre highlight of the Mad Skills wrap up if you want to watch.

So here are my highlights and lowlights of the ASG weekend in no particular order:

1. Only in Canada would they NOT go to the All Star Game because the Grand-Slam of Curling is going into Over Time. Leaving me running around the house in a panic while a large rock slowly drifts down a long runway while a bunch of men rub brushes in front of it.

2. Jonathan Towes is a bit of a gash. Sorry Pants. This weekend only made me dislike him more. He’s a bit a cry-baby. And I think his team mates think so too. Which is why they did what they did.

3. On the other hand, Jeff Skinner made like the Grinch and STOLE THE ASG weekend! At 18 years old he showed poise, sportsmanship and a knock out smile. Watch out for this one!

4. The CBC mic’d up Eric Staal the whole game. All I can say is, next year, please put this game on HBO and mic up Fleury because you know Fleury was talking smack all first period. Micing up E. Staal is like micing up Ned Flanders or a bowl of vanilla ice cream, only vanilla ice cream doesn’t scream like a girl, totes seriously. My cats were really upset during the game.

oh gosh ...golly ... I gotta go get that .. acckk!

5. Contrarily, the third period when Tim Thomas was mic’d, he was hilarious. Especially

please don't insult me with that comparison

when the announcers wouldn’t stop talking to him and his son texted and told him to stop so Timmy could concentrate! Then they asked about Letang scoring on him Timmy said, “I made three mistakes on that one: first I didn’t see the backcheck, second I expected him to pass and third, he took the shot and went up on me. hahahahha.”

6.Danny Briere. Now I don’t like him – AT ALL. And initially I didn’t think he should be there. But after the CBC interviewed him and his three kids, I’ve done a 180. When they asked his son what was the best part of the weekend, his son said, “Spending time with my dad.” Danny seemed to really need to be there more for his kids’ sake then his ego and watching his son give the interview, Danny seemed on the verge of tears. Strange family dynamics going on there but he obviously really cares about his kids and it meant alot to him to have them there. Total Hallmark moment.

7. The CBC interviewing Fleury about his chat with Ovi after Ovi scored on him in the breakaway challenge. One thing you have to love CBC interviews is there are never any warm up questions. They cut to the chase. So when Scott Oakes opens the interview with Fleury saying, “So obviously this isn’t the first time Ovi has scored on you.”  Nice. Way to warm him up. Awkward. Then he continues asking about the intense rivalry between The Caps and The Penguins and what would they have to talk about. So Fleury just replies, ” I try to remain civil, you know, not throw my stick at him.” with a big smile. Way to make Scott Oakes go away.

what is happening to me? two penguins in a post?

8. Almost lastly, no matter how much this game ‘doesn’t count’ the first period started out nonchalant but then it got competitive. Not super competitive but you could tell no wanted it be a landslide either way. So when Kris Letang almost took Jonas Hiller’s head off with a seriously hard shot, he went over to apologize. Even he doesn’t realize how awesomely hard his shot it.

9. Mike Green a.k.a. Where’s Waldo? When ever the CBC showed Ovi you got a shot of Kris Letang, which for me, was AWESOME. I already did a post on the best thing that came out of the ASG! I expected to see Mike Green but I got KL. But like, where did Mike Green go? Did he and Ovi have a fight? Was Greenie upset because he got ditched for Kris? Can I blame Ovi?