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Our Kind of Christmas Elf

27 Dec

How was everyone’s Christmas?  We couldn’t post this last week or it would have spoiled the surprised that we bought Jonathan Toews a lifetime supply of those red shirts for Christmas. Now that presents are open and you’re either home with your crazy family or at work with nothing to do, enjoy Joey the Junior Reporter!

Joey asking his father Jonathan if he’s been “naughty or nice.”

Why do we look so much alike?

And telling Coach Q that “sometimes when you’re coaching I can read your lips.”

Your mustache is beautiful.

And Kaner, he loves to hug.

Bring it in.

Okay, I’ll stop. You can watch it for yourself.

Bonus: The Blackhawks topped the Blue Jackets 4-1 last night, and Foxy Friday Viktor Stalberg had two goals and was First Star.  We sure know how to pick ’em!  You can see a post-game interview here, and spendit wondering why boys always have the longest eyelashes.

Not fair.

Get Well, Coach Q!

16 Feb

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville has been hospitalized with an undisclosed (non-cardiac) medical condition [link].  Coach Q won the Cup with the Hawks last year.  He also won as an assistant coach with Colorado in in ’96, and has been head coach of the Avs and Blues.

Celebrate good times.

Always the Moustache Master, Coach Q played 7 seasons with the Whalers.  This is plenty of reason to like someone.

Hartford or Bust

The Hawks play the Wild tonight in a game they really, really need to win.  Assistant Coach Mike Haviland will stand in for Q tonight.  GET WELL, COACH Q – we need all hands on deck right now, especially yours.  If the Pens can’t win I would love to see this look on your face again:

Winged Victory