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Five Days

2 Mar

Coming to your TV, more of this face.  Less of this mustache.

Six Days

1 Mar

James Neal had a shootout goal last night against his former team.  That’s got to feel pretty good.  Especially since he hasn’t scored in 5 games and is a little stuck at the 30 goal mark.  (Hahaha, stuck. At a career-high 30 goals.)

Remember when he scored a shootout goal vs. Florida last March and christened the Nealmobile?  Yeah, it was a beauty.

James was all smiles talking about playing against Dallas after the morning skate [link], but really he was just thinking about this:

Seven Days

29 Feb

Your daily dose of James Neal, courtesy of Louise (@loulipops)!

James Neal & Jared Boll – Roommates [video].

These two were rommates back with the Plymouth Whalers (OHL) and clearly still lurrrrve each other.  There’s a moment in this video where Nealmobile scores in Dallas and hugs Sean Avery – NO GOD, GROSS! – but it turns out Mike Modano is on the other side.  DAY SAVED.

The Blue Jackets placed Boll on IR (Feb 21) due to a foot injury.  He’ll have plenty of time to watch NHL 36 in exactly:

Eight Days

28 Feb

James, on his way to the WUYS office to watch the NHL36 premiere.

He might want to bring the barricade too.  Just in case.

Nine Days

27 Feb

On a scale of one to this picture, how excited are you?

Ten Days

26 Feb

Melissa (@melfior829) had a lovely idea – Countdown to James Neal’s NHL36.  Maybe one picture a day?  I think we can do that.

Ask me if I care that he confuses his personal pronouns.

As of right now…

Can I actually wear this and get away with it?  I’m serious.

At: skreened.com/refusehockey/real-deal-neal

Saturday SWAG

25 Feb

Good thing I can see the TV from where I have collapsed to the floor.

(Love to @jfrancesw, as always.)