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Terrier TKO…erm…Not So Much

25 Oct

Awww, look at how cute.

Colin Wilson tried to fight someone.

Heeeyyyy wait a tic…



NOT THE FACE!  Please sweet lord in heaven, not the face.

Boston Garden aka The House of Pain

10 Feb

I’m exhausted.

Last night’s Canadiens/Bruins game was epic.  The craziest 60 minutes of hockey I’ve ever seen.  Seriously.  Ever.

Every game between these long time rivals is emotional charged but this was ridiculous.  Ridiculously AWESOME.  I started to write this post last night, but was too emotionally exhausted so I went to sleep to collect my thoughts.

After not so restful 8 hours of sleep, here are my thought about FightFest 2011

The TD Garden, home of the big bad Bruins, will henceforth be known as the House of Pain.

Bring it.

  • This game had everything.  Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! 14 goals.  41 penalties.  237 fights.
  • A PLETHORA of goals.  Between two of the top defensive teams in the NHL. The poor PA guy barely had time to catch up between all the penalties and the goals.  Get that man a Ricola STAT!
  • The massive 2nd period brawl – 34 PIM handed out.
  • Crowded house in the penalty box. At one point, 6 Bruins in the penalty box, 5 in the Habs’ box.  As Pants pointed out, it is like piling people into a phone booth.

Tight squeeze

  • Goalie fight! Thomas vs. Price.  Not as epic as Johnson vs. DiPietro but entertaining none the less.  Timmay smiling and laughing the whole time.
  • All five players on one line putting up their dukes.  Now that’s what I call teamwork, boys. You fight, I fight, We all fight!  YAY!
  • Nathan Horton has a 5 point game (1 goal, 4 assists).  Could he finally be living up to his potential??
  • Lucic the Love Doctor added 2 goals and an assist.  Ryder score 2 goal-scorer’s goals. Krecji had 3 assists.  With Savvy done for the year, these guys are really going to have to produce for the Bruins to have any shot at making a run in the playoffs.

On a side note, Tyler Seguin totally bumming that he missed this game.  The youngster was a healthy scratch last night because he hasn’t exactly been playing up to par recently.  Perhaps Coach Claude thought a night watching from the stands might light his fire.  After that fightfest, I bet Ty-Ty is hitting the weight room and skating at practice twice as hard.

Forget about guns. I got missiles.

Best Picture Nominee: GOON

3 Nov
If I was still working in the feature film industry, I would have TOTALLY greenlit this movie.  No hesitation.  No second guessing.
“Seann William Scott stars as Doug, a small town bouncer who, after physically defending his best friend (Jay Baruchel) at a hockey game, is recruited to play the enforcer for a minor league team, despite initial misgivings.”

SWS, channeling his inner goon...

The film is described as “A really violent “Happy Gilmore,” with a little “Die Hard” and “The Last Boy Scout” thrown in for good measure.”  The flick will have a R-rating, which gurantees hi-larious hockey hijinks and appropriate locker room shenanigans.  Which we here at WUYS love more than a fat kid loves cake.

“What’s Up, Ya Sieve” goes live on the air!
Personally, I would have given it a $100 million dollar budget and cast Ryan Reynolds and Joshua Jackson in the lead roles.
But that is just me…