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Hi, I’m Tyler Seguin and I’m a boss.

7 Nov

Yes, you are, Tyler Seguin.  

Yes. You. Are.

TS19 scored his first career hat trick in the Bruins 7-o rout of Cartman Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs and it was glorious.

Goal # 1One-timer from the left circle.  Great cross ice pass from Peverley and Seguin SNIPES it. 

Goal #2 – Truly thing of beauty.  After making a mistake in the offensive zone, Seguin doesn’t panic.  Comes back into the neutral zone.  Makes a smart play, kicking a loose puck up to Bergeron.  Bergeron comes in, down the right.  Seguin in the slot.  Bergeron flips it to him, it gets deflected and Seguin bats it out of mid-air over the sieve’s left shoulder.  My reaction? “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Hand-eye coordination perfection.  Sick mitts.

Goal #3 – Again a smart play from the Professor (would you expect anything less?), with a little help from Marshamont and Seguin nets his first hatty of his career.

This is only the beginning, people.

There is a reason why he went #2 Overall.   And you’ve just seen it right there.  Yes, he may be young, but there is no denying the talent he possesses.  Is he the next “face” of the NHL?  We certainly hope so.

from drinkbeerandpetcats.tumblr.com

Side note: Seguin may be a natural centerman but there was something so beautiful about the way that he played with Bergeron.  

Just like Biggie and Puff Daddy – Bergeron laced the track.  Seggy rocked the flow.