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Mikey Monday: High Five!

22 Aug

ONLY 5 MONDAYS until our first hockey game of the season!!   Gator, Mr. Pants and I bought tickets for the Blue Jackets @ Caps on Monday, Sept 26.  Tickets were $10.  DISCOUNT MONDAY!

We will get bananas excited over a half-empty pre-season game.  Deprivation and too much sugar will do that.  We’ll be playoff-style freaking out in September.  It’ll be like…

That time Mike wore a suit, while EStaal and Kes wore jeans and t-shirts.  No worries, Mike.  It’s like Vegas in here – you can’t be overdressed.

PS: I miss your hair.

Staal Wedding Weekend

16 Aug

We hacked the Bauer Hockey Facebook page today and posted nothing but pictures of the Staals.  Oh wait, that wasn’t us?  Someone else did this?  BRAVO.  And woah.

You can see all the photos here.  But you can’t handle it. (Oh wait, that’s us.)

Ginger Staal got married over the weekend, hence the festivities.  The Staal Bros are going fast, ladies. 

From TheDManProject

Someone should find us a larger version of this photo, because it is PERFECT.  Beautiful.  Doesn’t it make you wanna get married?  Congratulations to the lucky couple, even if he plays for the Rangers!

Intern Birthday Party!

16 May

Happy Birthday, Intern Jeff Skinner!  Instead of having you write your own birthday post, we wanted to make sure you feel completely appreciated by the girls of WUYS.  You are the best (um, only) intern we’ve ever had and while we don’t have to pay you, we can take a moment to remember the highlights of your season with us:

Your first day at WUYS (seven months ago):

That time you believed “media training” meant letting Pants and Chuck cut your hair:

That time Dawn asked you what Kris Letang wore under his gear at the ASG:

That time you charmed the entire world into asking you to the prom (even if Cassy had to windsor your tie).  SWAG:

That time everyone loved you, and you realized WUYS might be on to something here:

That time you scored a ton of goals, were generally incredible and still looked this excited every single time:

Your birthday party starts at 4 PM in the conference room.  Just as well you’re 19, we’ve got Mexi-Colas and Whatchamacallit bars for everyone.  Eric and Cam have RSVP’d and well, then we didn’t bother inviting anyone else.  Best party ever!

What’s Your NHL Superstition?

14 Apr

Here’s a video about various players spilling their OCD secrets from Captain Serious saying he doesn’t have any pre or post game rituals which I call BS on! No one with devil eyes like that can say he doesn’t have any – he may not want to tell anyone but I don’t believe for one hot minute he doesn’t brush Kaner’s mullet for good luck before he hits the ice each game! Flower, we know, pets the goal post when the puck hits it because he thinks that helps and evidently who are we to argue with his success? I know some of you want to shower with E. Staal … 🙂 I’ll learn to play X-Box for Drew.

Anyway, here are some delicious dishes on what our favorite men do before or during the game. Feel free to tell us what you do to help them out! I yell at the TV because I KNOW OVI can hear me now!

I have to add this update from Puck Daddy: (link) because I am totally siding with Sidney on the  ODC issue on shaving. No one gets between me and the razor.  Sorry guys.

Growing Up In Thunder Bay.

14 Apr

Earlier, one of our readers suggested a reality show of the Staals growing up in Thunder Bay and I found some toddler video of them as youngsters!

You can totally see Jordan in the middle taking control and slapping Eric and Marc around. But they hold their own for a bit and Marc totally comes back for more after being dropped a few times! He’s got scrapper written all over him!

The others are too young to get involved or too scared of Jordan to get their butts bitten! Am I missing any?

Door-to-door salesmen

13 Apr

Did I forget I was in charge at Bauer?  Because I definitely did the endorsement casting for these commercials:




Wish you were in the playoffs, EStaaaaaaaaaaal.

RE: Intern Jeff Skinner

15 Mar

Let’s be honest.  I got the internship here at WUYS because I was the only person qualified.  I mean, what kind of Craigslist ad asks if you’ve ever competed in figure skating and hockey?  How many people can say that?

two-sport hero

The TV stations like to show my figure skating highlights a lot.  It’s kind of embarrassing (I am wearing tights), but Pants and Chuck love it.  If only they’d stop yelling, “Finger painting?!” while I’m trying to answer the phone.

Jazz hands

On Saturday I scored my 50th point of the season in a loss against Columbus.  I’d rather have a win, but the WUYS girls got me a really nice life-size canvas to hang in my apartment.

My Wolfpack

They also promised to watch my big game tonight against Buffalo on Versus (7 PM).  We really need to win so we can stay in the playoff race.  I haven’t been this stressed out since the parallel parking section of the driver’s test!  Pants and Chuck have scheduled a meeting so I can work on my staredown.

this is my serious face

Wish us luck tonight, and watch the game!