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Wake Me Up When…

10 May

What do you guys want to talk about today?

The Canucks win.  Somewhere Shea Weber’s beard defeats all attempts to be removed.  That thing had a building permit and poured a foundation, it’s going to be a hot summer in wherever Shea is from.  Ryan Kessler ditches the secret identity ruse and goes full-on super hero.  DUH.

Fear that Beard.

San Jose drops another one to the Wings.  It’s okay, no one is watching.  There’s plenty of other stuff going on to distract everyone while you play game 6 tonight.

Hangover II

The Bruins/Lightning series is not yet scheduled.  They’ve all gotten advance degrees in thumb-twiddling during the break.  Seriously San Jose, no one is waiting for you to finish.  Take your time.

Sitting, waiting, wishing...

But this is hardly news and frankly, quite boring.  So today, this instead.


In other news…

5 May

So the Sharks are up 3-0 on the Red Wings.  And Stephanie Tanner is pissed!  That’s the same face Gator is making right now in her office, partially because she’s from the D and partially because Stamkos is not coming back to DC for her.

Last night was the 2nd OT game of this round for San Jose/Detroit, and the 5th OT game San Jose has played in these playoffs.  They’ve won all 5.  That’s impressive.  Ghetto Sushi had the hattie last night to make sure it stung.

What is with this 3-0 leads and overtimes?  It’s like someone infused the NHL Playoffs with a little Bravo-style reality TV drama.  If ever a team could come back, it’s Detroit.  If ever a team could give it up, it’s San Jose.  But could this be it, the magical year when Chuck’s lifetime of Joe Thornton devotion pays off and they actually make it really far in the playoffs?

So much good, undone by that shirt.

I’m not rooting for the Sharks, despite being my almost-hometown team for 4 years.  The free jersey and perfectly coordinated teal nail polish are staying away.  I’m cursed like the Titanic and I refuse to take any more teams down with me.

Fins to the Left!

2 May

I saved this photo back in March hoping someday I would get to use it.  San Jose has a 2-0 lead on the Red Wings and I think now is the time for inspiration.  For destruction.  I saw a guy on the Metro in a Wings shirt yesterday and I wished for an octopus to throw at him.  Gator’s from Detroit, she wanted to hug him instead.  There’s no hugging in hockey unless they’re FREE HUGS from WUYS-approved bromances.

San Jose won the first game 2-1 in OT and the second 2-1 in regulation.  Everyone’s got two assists: Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, Foxy Friday Ryan(e) Clow(e) and ASG prank mastermind Danny Boyle.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  These games are all nail-biters and no one makes me more nervous than Detroit.  This is just to keep the boys going.  Jumbo Joe is out to remind Chuck that back in ’97 she was swooning over his blond curls and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials.  He wants her to Feel the Teal.  (Okay sorry, that’s a terrible slogan.)

If there’s anyone we’d like to see go down it’s Detroit.  If there’s anyone who will make us eat our words and send their over-40s to shut us up, it’s Detroit.  So play on – Game 3 Wed at 5 PM PT.

The Beard.

17 Apr

Is the stanley cup hiding in there?

This week’s beard update. Here’s where it stands. The Sedin’s are disqualified because they always have one and it’s always groomed. Shea Weber started too early but I’ll include him solely because of its sheer awesomeness but he’s out of the running and same goes for George Parros. And believe it or not, there is actually an attractive man under that obnoxious 70’s facial hair and horrible hair cut!

As Mr. Cherrie says, "This is made for riding!"

Other than that, it’s up for grab and if I’ve missed one of your favorites, feel free to send a photo because I’ve spent hours pouring over this week’s play off photos and I very well could have missed some one.

No wonder Detroit keeps winning, the entire team can grow one in a day!

Who knew? Evidently not Boston ...

Mike Green is growing something MAGICAL! HOLY COW!

let's hope more goals come flying out of Patrice's beard ...or somewhere else - SOON!

where on earth did this come from? because one minute is wasn't there and the next - BAM! scooby doo !

no wonder this series is tied 1-1 ... penner and wallin.

does this really surprise any of us? ALL MAN ... ALL THE TIME.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Why is this young lady smiling? Because she took the challenge!

Did Someone Say Mike Modano?

28 Feb

he's like campbell's soup .... ummm ummm good!

Holy heavenly bodies & mullets my prayers are answered! The other Mikey is baaaaack! After what I thought might be a career ending injury our resident legendary hottie Mike Modano played Saturday against Buffalo and tonight against another Foxy Friday alumni Double D TBG and as sad as it is to say, Detroit beat the crap out of LA 7-4. TBG only got an assist – but so did our other alumni Foxy Friday Mr. Modano. It was a battle of Foxy Fridays! What an epic throw down. Another ausgezeichnet is in order, ja?! Drink everyone! It feels like Oktoberfest!

I let Dawn down, I hang my head in shame. I'll do better next time.

Am I Psychic?

6 Jan

He was Foxy Friday a few weeks back but now Mike Babcock, coach of gold medal winning Canadian Olympic Team and the Detroit Red wings, can confirm Drew’s status and then some: “Detroit Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock on Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty: “He’s just been touched by God.” Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty(notes) on Mike Babcock: “I don’t know why he’s saying that.”

Well we do Drew! We do!

updated status: godlike

NBC Executives Ride Short Buses To Work

1 Jan

Watching the AWESOME Winter Classic and Fabulous Washington Capital’s 3-1 Win over the Pens holding whining Slew-Foot Sid pointless MADE MY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2011! But the bizarre camera angles and annoying comentary from NBC made me wish my fellow WUYS tweeters had access to the CBC feed. Because Mr. Cherrie and I would have rather watched our lovely Canadian’s coverage who grudgingly moved around their beloved HNIC schedule to accommodate the time change of the WC game. Only Toronto and Ontario got their game feed uninterrupted because it was “The Battle of Ontario.” Everyone else in Canada got to watch the WC.

But this is NOT about the Winter Classic. This is about a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT made during the Winter Classic. NBC announced HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA. Now, I don’t want to split hairs here or get all semantic in your jockstrap BUT there are several things wrong with this announcement.

NBC programming executive for HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA

First off, they stole this whole program from CANADA. I’d be the first person to congratulate them on creating such a thing but they didn’t. CANADA DID. It’s originally called HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA where ALL THE CANADIAN TEAMS IN CANADA PLAY EACH OTHER. It’s truly awesome and it’s HOCKEY ALL DAY! And you WATCH EACH GAME and it starts at the ass crack of dawn and goes to like midnight. Remember this point.

Secondly, HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA would technically include Canada and Mexico (South America if I REALLY want to go there). Last time I checked Mexico didn’t have  hockey teams nor do they play hockey on a regular basis. I am not trying to be all PC but if you are stealing something, at least let’s not encompass EVERYTHING! It should be called HOCKEY DAY IN THE U.S.

NBC executives might want to reference this

Next up – NBC will have four games that day with TWO starting at 3PM Eastern: Washington VS. Buffalo and Philadelphia VS. NY Rangers. Riddle me this Batman … How is this helpful to Hockey fans?  Who programmed this? How is this HOCKEY DAY …? Did NBC figure out how to split the space-time continuum? Are they THAT AWESOME? Oh but it gets better or more, OK, I’m going totally un-PC  – full on retarded – Pittsburgh VS. Chicago starts at 4 PM Eastern and THEN Detroit VS. Minnesota at 6 PM Eastern. Will someone explain to me how to watch all of these games?

The Coup-de Grassi in all of  this … not only are they stealing Hockey Day in Canada but they are putting Hockey Day in America against Canada’s Heritage Classic; THEIR version of the outdoor WINTER CLASSIC (which we stole). Wait for it …. ON VERSUS which NBC OWNS! What’s a hockey fan to do? And oh how rude to Canada …!

Holy Sparkly Flying Dancing Unicorn Out My Butt! Does NBC have no Shame? Don’t answer that. While I am normally the first to criticize Canada because I do not quite feel the same why about our neighbor to the north as Pants and Chuck, visiting as often as I do, this is simply unacceptable. It is poorly conceived and makes no sense. It’s bad for Hockey and not a good PR move for the NHL. Why not tie in WITH HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA … oh wait, THAT would make sense.


But that’s just me.