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My Vote For Next Year’s All Star National Anthem Artist!

14 Apr

OK, I will confess to being a bit of a Classical Music nerd having sat through Wagner’s Ring Cycle – and no, that is not a horror movie trilogy. I was watching Dancing with the Stars so I could watch Maks drop Kristie Alley again like a shot putter over loaded at the Olympics! But instead, Mr. Cherrie found me talking to the TV at this Hottie for Classical Music theme night. I just rolled my eyes and told Mr. Cherrie I could see through the window dressing and that his guy was GOOD – no GREAT! He can play “The Flight of Bumble Bee” in 66 seconds – a world record!

And then I thought, “Hey – we had a blow out last year about  – he who I won’t name for fear of being flash mobbed by his fans again – WHY NOT start early and suggest David Garrett? International yet Half-American! Young, hip and HOT! I think this would work! Hockey fans might actually appreciate this guy who would bring some flash and totally rock BOTH anthems “O Canada” and “The Star Spangle Banner” – ala Jimi Hendrix Style and bring some much needed Pazzaz to the game. Oh say can you see … Oh hell yes! I say!

I know it’s the play-offs and why am I going on about the All-Star game? BECAUSE … that’s how my brain works sisters. You should all know that by now! And BTW – you should totally down load ROCK SYMPHONIES on iTunes like, NOW because you will LOVE IT!