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I appreciate you, Nashville Predators.

18 Apr

There are lots of things that I love about playoff hockey.

And although I’m a little disappointed with all the nasty play and dirty hits and the lack of respect that some players *coughraffitorres* have shown for their fellow players, there is something about this time of year that makes my heart just fill up with joy and excitement.

I love that I acutally have the opportunity to watch teams that I otherwise never get to see.  Like the Nashville Predators, for instance.

For years, I’ve been indifferent to them.  I didn’t hate them, nor did I love them.  They were just there.  Existing in a Western Conference world that I just never visited.

I respect Barry Trotz and his loyalty immensely.  I give props to the organization being patient and slowly building an organization and a team that can compete with the big dogs of the NHL.  I makes me happy to see that the fans in Nashville have embraced this team and the sport of hockey.

The Preds have made the playoffs 7 out of their 13 years of exsitance and last year, they even won their 1st ever playoffs series, defeating the Anaheim Ducks in the first round Also that season, they had 16 regular season sell-outs and 6 sell-outs during the playoffs.

Well played, Music City.

We love hockey almost as much as we love country music!

Well, last night, I had the chance to watch the Preds take on the Wings in game 3 of their series.  Although the Preds are seeded #4 to the Wings’ #5, you know this is going to be a tough series, but I’m really liking the Preds chances in this one.

Pekka Rinne is a freak of nature a la Zdeno Chara and should not be as atlethic and quick as he is.

He is 6’5″!  He’s a goalie! It boggles the mind.

So very tall.

Martin Erat is playing well.  Paul Gaustad and David Legwand are well over 50% in face-off wins.  Shea Weber and Ryan Suter are doing a great job of shutting down Zetterberg, Datsyuk and all the other offensive talent that the Wings have.  They are arguably one of the best defensive pairings in the NHL.  (Chara & Seidenberg are the best.  Sorry, I’m biased)

They have some great young players, especially Gabriel Bourque, who scored this beaut last night.


It also helps that the Predators have two Boston University Terriers on their roster – Brandon Yip and Foxy Friday honoree, Colin Wilson. As a tried and true Terrier, my blood runs scarlet and white and seeing two very talented former college players from my alma mater get the chance to play in the NHL makes me appreciate this team even more.

So for the remainder of their playoff run, I’ll be rooting for the blue and gold, much to Gator’s dismay.  She’s already mad at me because of the Bruins/Caps series and now this one, too.

What can I say?  I’m digging the Predators.

Perhaps I’ll have to invest in NHL Center Ice next year, after all….

No, no. Thank YOU.

Terrier TKO…erm…Not So Much

25 Oct

Awww, look at how cute.

Colin Wilson tried to fight someone.

Heeeyyyy wait a tic…



NOT THE FACE!  Please sweet lord in heaven, not the face.

Back Nine

3 Jun

Everyone say thanks to Linsday for this video of Jonathan Toews growing out his hair.  Oh, and talking about the Winnipeg NHL Redux.  He wants them to be called the Jets.  I bet he’s got some vintage WPJ sheets for a single bed, complete with matching curtains and trash can.


Attention Chuck: Colin Wilson is playing in this golf tournament.  I’m just saying that Lindsay probably needs someone to drive her getaway car(t).

Foxy Friday: Colin Wilson

14 Jan

Wow.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Foxy Friday and even longer since it featured a Boston University Terrier.  So, folks, for my 1st FF post of 2011, I introduce you to…

Colin Wilson


Even Shea Weber knows that you can't look directly at a guy as hot at Colin. It's like staring into the sun.

Aside from the obvious physical attributes (6’1″, 214 lbs) and hockey pedigree (Dad was an NHLer for 12 season), Colin or “Willy” as he is affectionately known, is a great young hockey player with serious superstar potential, poise, and a smile that can just mesmerize.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this.  (also, serious Gun Show at the 4 min mark)

Making us all fall in love...

Hey. How you doin'?

Now be honest…you sort of love him now, dontcha?   I know I do.  I want to wake up with him on Sunday morning and do crossword puzzles while we eat blueberry pancakes.  I believe that in a few years, Colin has the potential to become a great ambassador for the NHL and the sport of hockey, a la Sidney Crosby.  He’s handsome, well-spoken, and looks pretty at ease in front of the camera. (Pants, think you had some media training at COM?) Not hard to imagine him staring in CCM ads and Winter Classic teaser trailers.

While not putting up insane numbers or 8 bajillion point streaks (yet), he could.  Colin is the kind of guy that you’d want on your team because he is fun to be around, happy, and unpretentious. He’s sort of a geek with his love of video games, history, and Greek mythology and you know how much we at WUYS LOVE “adorkable” guys like this.  I can watch the History Channel with him and not feel bad about myself.  Also, his love of Greek gods is especially apropos considering that he pretty much looks exactly like one!

Willy, the God of Hockey

Now back to the hockey…which believe it or not, is the real reason for this post…

Other reasons why Colin is Foxy…

  • played two years at Boston University, where he helped lead his team to the 2009 National Championship
  • one of three finalist for the Hobey Baker, losing out to teammate (and fellow FF honoree) Matt Gilroy
  • was Team USA Most Outstanding Forward at 2009 World Juniors
  • USA Hockey College Player of the Year (2009)
  • Inside College Hockey Player of the Year (2009)

So, you see?  It’s really not that hard to see why Colin would make our Foxy Friday list.  He’s got it all.  Crazy hockey skills, movie star good looks, and a smile that can pretty much turn any woman into a pile of goo.

Plus looks like he can really bust a move…

Terrier Dance Party!

P.S.  As a BU season ticket holder for years now, I got to watch Wilson play during his two years there and even then you could tell that he was different. From the minute he stepped on the ice, you knew that this kid was destined for the NHL. He was big and every stride was strong, powerful, and pretty much effortless.  Like Teddy Riley and Blackstreet, Colin was on Another Level.

P.P.S. He also kind looks like hotter, American version of Irish singer, Brian McFadden (of whom I am a fan). Don’t you think so, Pants?