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Underrated: Chris Kelly

29 Nov

Hey all…

Chuck here.  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Between grad school, Thanksgiving, and my grandpa dying, it’s been a little crazy town over here.

But I’m BACK!  So here it goes…

He’s might not be fancy or flashy or a household name.

But one thing Chris Kelly is – A damn good hockey player.

Like a ninja.

Picked up last season from Ottawa a few weeks before the trade deadline, CK23 is primarily seen as a defensive centerman.  But this year, he has been quietly and effectively displaying his offensive prowess for the resurgent Boston Bruins.

His stats so far this season – 9 goals & 7 assists  and a +15 through 22 games.  Not so bad for a 3rd line center, eh?

Kelly came up seriously big in the Bs win over the Jets on Saturday, scoring the game-tying AND the game-winning goals.  That first star was rightly deserved.

He’s a player of great skill, serious consistency, and hard work.  Day in and day out you know what you are going to get from Kelly, which makes him in valuable role model for young players like Seguin and Marchand.   Much like Patrice “The Professor” Bergeron, he does so many little things that make him an invaluable addition to any team.

With Rich Peverley and Beniot Pouliot on the wings and Kelly in the center, the Bruins’ 3rd line production has been better than I think anyone could have expected.  Peverley is 4-10-14 with +7 rating.  Even Pouliot’s play has been good considering his “reputation”. Maybe that has something to do with the calm, quiet leadership that Kelly provides.

His demeanor and work ethic have not gone unnoticed by Coach Claude either.  Kelly has been sharing the “A” with Andrew Ference this season (Kelly wears it on the road, Ference at home), which goes to show that some times nice guys do finish first.

Yeah….So that happened…

19 Oct

Last night’s game between the Bruins and the Hurricanes was pretty good….

until this happened.

Who farted?



But this is a party you wouldn’t really want to go to.  The food is bad.  The champagne is flat.  And someone clogged up the toilet.

It was ugly, people.  Oooglay.

And like Nine Inch Nails, we were headed into a downward spiral.

Chris Kelly – perhaps the most unassuming, gentle man on the Bruins – even got into a fight.


Chara goes all Godzilla on this guy…

I’m not one to complain about the officials but they were a little suspect last night.

I'm sensing a pattern here....

Bruins = 72 PIM.  Hurricanes = 22 PIM.

Really?  Only 22 minutes?  Both teams were chippy and throwin’ bows but somehow only the Bs got the minutes.

Chuck no likey.

Neither does Coach Claude.  He got tossed.  Pretty sure if he could have chest bumped the refs MLB-stylo, he would have.

Grumpy Bear.

If they do wrong, give them the two minutes (or four…or ten).  Make them feel shame.  But don’t be one-sided in your punishment.

BTDubs – Shawn Thornton, 2 minutes for “Abuse of officials”?  Never heard that one before.