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Best Week Ever: Patrick Sharp

12 Dec

Patrick Sharp has pretty much been having the BEST. WEEK. EVER.

First, he and his wife Abby welcomed a baby girl, Madelyn Grace, on Friday.

Officially a DILF.

Early Sunday, the proud papa brought her daughter and wife home.

Sunday night, he scored his 2nd straight overtime game winner in a row to beat the Sharks 3-2. [Watch it here.]

“It was a pretty emotional goal,” Sharp said. “It was tough to focus on hockey with so much going on back home. We have a great locker room. It’s pretty easy to turn things off when you come to the rink, but I was space cadet the whole game.”

Now that Sharpie is a dad, he’s going to need babysitters, right?

Personally, we think that Toews would be an excellent babysitter.  There would be lots of story time and coloring, games of hokey pokey and tea time.

Story time with Uncle Jonathan


Kane, on the other hand…not so much.   It would probably include running around and  jumping off of furniture.  Although, we’re pretty positive that if Madelyn wanted to dress Kane up and make his hair all pretty with bows and clips, he wouldn’t object.

Dude, seriously. What's with this baby?