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The Denial Twist

29 Feb

I have been ignoring this, hoping it will go away.  No such luck.

Jonathan Toews will miss his 5th straight game today.  His “upper body” injury is believed to be related to a concussion [link], and rumor has it he hid the symptoms for a while.  I can believe that, because you know he’s pissed.

JT also had a minor one-car vs. pole accident on Thursday [link].  He was uninjured and refused medical treatment.  No one seems to have asked or said what caused the crash, so I’m going to assume he didn’t pass out behind the wheel due to concussion.  Tazer probably got distracted by his own perfect face in the rear-view mirror and drove into the pole.  That could happen to anyone (who’s looking at him).

We said "squats" not "socks." But there is your proof.

The Hawks have lost 3 in a row, scoring only 2 goals in that stretch.  Currently 7th in the West, they could move over idle San Jose with a win tonight at home vs. the Maple Leafs.  Toronto has dropped their last 5 games to end a terrible February (4-9-0).  This could be the break the Hawks need to get back on track – with 18 games left in the regular season, there’s no time to waste!

Seabs doesn't understand why he can't hug the Swedes, he has the hair!

Get well, Jon.  I cannot bear another of my favorite players being out with a head injury, unless you, Sid and Nicky are going to come over and make Funfetti cupcakes during the playoffs.  Saying The Hawks need Jon is like says ‘water is wet’ or ‘Coke over Pepsi.’  How can you not love a guy that goes from this:

To this:

To this without even trying?

Toews on a Plane. (I laughed, I'm so stupid.)

You jump, I jump. Right?

15 Feb

The Detroit Red Wings set the NHL consecutive home game win record last night with 21 straight, edging out two teams (1929-30 Bruins and1975-76 Fyers) to claim the crown.  Detroit also holds the record for consecutive road wins (12) [link].  Well la dee freakin’ dah.

The Wings have only 3 home losses this season, the last one on November 3. They’re #1 overall with 80 points, just a step ahead of the NYR (79).  And makes Gator feel like…

I think I see an octopus!

Then there’s the Chicago Blackhawks 9-game winless streak (8 regulation losses, 1 OT loss).  The extended road trip has earned 1 point in 7 games, all losses against Western Conference teams.  They’ve been outscored 38-17 and still have to visit NYR and Columbus.

Currently 6th in the West, this isn’t the end of the Blackhawks world. Because the ship can’t sink, right?  The Central Divison is by far the strongest in the West (damn you, Detroit!) and hey, 65 points would put you first in the Southeast (yes Caps, I’m talking to you).  But there’s a skid and then there’s…

Women and Joey the Junior Reporter into the lifeboats!

It’s too depressing to listen to them talk.  The only things that could possibly make us feel even a little better are Viktor Stalberg’s eyelashes.

Does he have to always look like he just woke up?  Ridiculous interview video link.  And another ridiculous video:

(Pants Note: We had a Titanic 3D event last night.  Forgive us.)

Fired Up

11 Feb

Well the Blackhawks cannot win a road game and somebody’s feeling feisty.

Joey’s jealous because Chuck never made him a Foxy Friday.  Jon was rubbing it in, so Ryane Clowe came over to represent.

Tazer has two career fights, and he lost them both.  He’s a beast but I’m going to say that fighting Jumbo Joe (24 NHL fights, we’re he’s old) or Ryan(e) (50 NHL fights, including 12 last year) would not be a good idea.  Stitches in your lip are sexy once, Frankentoews.  But feel free to get angry because the Hawks have lost four in a row and still have five games left on this trip.

Five Things: Love Today

8 Feb

In honor of making it halfway through this week, here are five things that I love about today.

1. James Neal’s career-high 28th goal, and there are still 28 games left to play.  (Bonus: Awkwardly close-up post-game interview video.)

2. Steven Stamkos has scored against every NHL team [video].  And he got a League-leading 35th goal on his birthday, even if the Bolts lost.

3. Letang jumped PK Subban in defense of Geno during last night’s extra-frames shootout loss.  The video’s bad, but skip to the 1:00 mark for the tackle.

4. The Caps are #1 in the Southeast Division.  Gator and I had an excellent time watching the beat Florida 4-0.


5. I’d love it if the Blackhawks could win a road game, especially since they’re on a 9-game trip.  Since that hasn’t happened, any suggestions for something you love about today?

On the Road Again

31 Jan

The Blackhawks kick off a nine game road trip in Vancouver tonight and guess who’s back?  No big deal.

Jonathan Toews suffered an injury to his left wrist on Jan. 21 vs. Nashville, then missed one game and the All-Star Weekend festivities.  Maybe he was just worried about getting picked so late again.

Captain Derpface.

Patrick Sharp, out since Jan 9 with a left wrist injury of his own, is making his way back into the lineup as well.  Sharp practiced yesterday for the first time since the injury and is “questionable” for tonight’s match. [link]

Can we get one of those posters in the background?

Brand new Blackhawk Brendan Morrison will play his first game tonight after being acquired from Calgary on Friday in exchange for d-man Brian Connolly.  Morrison played seven seasons as a Canuck, ending in ’08.  He’s been around the block since and now finds himself strengthening up the Center position in Chicago.

Eight of the Hawks’ nine road games are against Western Conference teams.  The Hawks are currently in 6th place, but can jump way up the playoff ladder with a strong run.

26 of the NHL’s 30 teams play tonight, which is why time zones were invented.  And why the Lightning are playing the Capitals, so I can watch that plus the Penguins, then start the Blackhawks.  Science really does make people’s lives better.

Hey, Over Here!

11 Jan

Thank Heaven for something to save me from last night’s Penguins game.  In a blatant attempt to distract, Captain Frankentoews challenged himself to see how many stitched cuts one can have on the left side of the face. [video]  He got a 2-for-1 last night with a puck to the helmet that cut his forehead:

Only Toews' scars would line up perfectly.

But the real story was Viktor Stalberg’s hat trick.  The first goal (Kane and Toews to Stalberg) made us a little weak in the knees.  Could that be better-looking than the Kane-Toews-Sharp line?  We need #10 back to try Stalberg-Toews-Sharp.  The Earth may not survive that impact, but it’s worth a shot.

Only Jan. 10 and they're making a bid for Derp of the Year.

Stalberg completed his hat trick with an empty-netter and the Hawks won 5-2.  Viktor has 12 goals this season – 7 of those against Columbus.  In just 3 games.  As if the Jackets weren’t having a tough enough time.

All the goals [video] and Stalberg’s post-game interview [video].

He smiled at the puck and it fainted right into the net.

While the Blackhawks are arguably the best-looking team in the NHL, they also have a penchant for the best-looking girls.  If you don’t watch them a lot, you’re probably not familiar with the intermission puck shot contest.  It’s the typical “fan shoots from center ice” game, but the contestants are ALWAYS a man, a kid and a blond.  A hot blond in boots.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever even see a hot brunette try the shot.  Maybe the Hawks already hired them all:

For those of you who follow other teams, who else does this?  I know a lot of teams have Ice Girls, but I think the Hawks girls wear the smallest outfits.  In DC, it’s old guys in track suits.  In Anaheim at least the girls wear pants.  Anyone else? I find it hilarious.  It’s like TV Timeout Vegas every night at the Madhouse.

(For the record, I’d do it.  Sign me up.  Nothing at all against Ice Girls, cheerleaders, etc.  Except that they look good and I’d definitely fall on my ass.)

Smell Ya Later

5 Jan

(Sorry, I tried not to make a Fresh Prince reference. My hands would not obey.)

The last time the Blackhawks played in Philly…

And they’ve been gearing up for their return:

Toews also had a smile on his face when asked about going back to Philly for the first time. Turns out he purchased replays of Game 5 and Game 6 of that series on iTunes and had a group of current Hawks watching it with him during a flight this season.

“There were a bunch of guys huddled around the seat watching on the plane, and even watching those last two games … you know the outcome ultimately, but it still makes you nervous to watch it a little bit,” the 23-year old Hawks captain said. “A lot of those cool feelings come rushing back and everything from the celebration on the ice and everything in the locker room, too. It’d be cool to think about that again.” [NHL.com]

Tazer’s still rocking those stitches in his lip.   It’s one time we were all, “NOT THE FACE!” the decided that we don’t really mind.

Gingeroux is still near the top of the NHL points card (46, one of the Sedinbots has 48).  Jonathan is tied for 2nd in goals scored (22, but Stammer’s opening up race with 27).  Dan Carcillo is out against his former team, which really sucks because he & Hartnell could go 12 rounds over who I hate more.

The Hawks and Flyers each have 52 points (Flyers have two games in hand) and lost their last match-ups.  Let’s see who wants to start a winning streak tonight.