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And Now For The CBC-ASG Version

31 Jan

kris letang's slap shot off hiller's mask

Ok, so Pants and Chuck watched the Versus Broadcast and I watched the CBC broadcast because I don’t get Versus, both literally and philosophically. Below is the Sports Centre highlight of the Mad Skills wrap up if you want to watch.

So here are my highlights and lowlights of the ASG weekend in no particular order:

1. Only in Canada would they NOT go to the All Star Game because the Grand-Slam of Curling is going into Over Time. Leaving me running around the house in a panic while a large rock slowly drifts down a long runway while a bunch of men rub brushes in front of it.

2. Jonathan Towes is a bit of a gash. Sorry Pants. This weekend only made me dislike him more. He’s a bit a cry-baby. And I think his team mates think so too. Which is why they did what they did.

3. On the other hand, Jeff Skinner made like the Grinch and STOLE THE ASG weekend! At 18 years old he showed poise, sportsmanship and a knock out smile. Watch out for this one!

4. The CBC mic’d up Eric Staal the whole game. All I can say is, next year, please put this game on HBO and mic up Fleury because you know Fleury was talking smack all first period. Micing up E. Staal is like micing up Ned Flanders or a bowl of vanilla ice cream, only vanilla ice cream doesn’t scream like a girl, totes seriously. My cats were really upset during the game.

oh gosh ...golly ... I gotta go get that .. acckk!

5. Contrarily, the third period when Tim Thomas was mic’d, he was hilarious. Especially

please don't insult me with that comparison

when the announcers wouldn’t stop talking to him and his son texted and told him to stop so Timmy could concentrate! Then they asked about Letang scoring on him Timmy said, “I made three mistakes on that one: first I didn’t see the backcheck, second I expected him to pass and third, he took the shot and went up on me. hahahahha.”

6.Danny Briere. Now I don’t like him – AT ALL. And initially I didn’t think he should be there. But after the CBC interviewed him and his three kids, I’ve done a 180. When they asked his son what was the best part of the weekend, his son said, “Spending time with my dad.” Danny seemed to really need to be there more for his kids’ sake then his ego and watching his son give the interview, Danny seemed on the verge of tears. Strange family dynamics going on there but he obviously really cares about his kids and it meant alot to him to have them there. Total Hallmark moment.

7. The CBC interviewing Fleury about his chat with Ovi after Ovi scored on him in the breakaway challenge. One thing you have to love CBC interviews is there are never any warm up questions. They cut to the chase. So when Scott Oakes opens the interview with Fleury saying, “So obviously this isn’t the first time Ovi has scored on you.”  Nice. Way to warm him up. Awkward. Then he continues asking about the intense rivalry between The Caps and The Penguins and what would they have to talk about. So Fleury just replies, ” I try to remain civil, you know, not throw my stick at him.” with a big smile. Way to make Scott Oakes go away.

what is happening to me? two penguins in a post?

8. Almost lastly, no matter how much this game ‘doesn’t count’ the first period started out nonchalant but then it got competitive. Not super competitive but you could tell no wanted it be a landslide either way. So when Kris Letang almost took Jonas Hiller’s head off with a seriously hard shot, he went over to apologize. Even he doesn’t realize how awesomely hard his shot it.

9. Mike Green a.k.a. Where’s Waldo? When ever the CBC showed Ovi you got a shot of Kris Letang, which for me, was AWESOME. I already did a post on the best thing that came out of the ASG! I expected to see Mike Green but I got KL. But like, where did Mike Green go? Did he and Ovi have a fight? Was Greenie upset because he got ditched for Kris? Can I blame Ovi?


Shaken, Stirred and I Can’t Fricken Believe it! BOTB Winner Is …

22 Nov
I would never have called this!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

ValKat! and I’m not just sayin’ it because that who is I have been championing all season! I honestly would not have called this in my wildest dreams and if you’ve been following my posts, you know THOSE ARE PRETTY DAMN WILD. HOLY SIDNEY CROSBY IN MARIO LEMIEUX’S BASEMENT! I sat in front of the TV with my jaw on the floor speechless which is actually a very rare state to ever find me – ask Mr. Cherrie.

I was going to whine about how I had to suffer through two nights of TWO HOURS of BOTB this week, normally I have to watch only and hour on Sunday a mercifully short half hour on Monday. But this week the one hour finale was a super painful – chock-full of all sorts of non-sense filler including an all-men’s skate of a cowboy theme about save a horse, ride a cowboy. Which well, yes, I would, in fact, like to take Val up on that. I won’t further bore you with any of that.

yeah ... baby!

But I will comment about the night before because the guest judge was actually someone you might know because I actually remember watching him skate back in the 1984 Olympics and he was simply adorbs last night. He was Christopher Dean, the ice dancing male partner of the famous gold medalists of Torvill and Dean who wowed the world with their amazing performance of “Bolero”.


Anyway, his comments were fabulous and funny and spot on, his hair was AMAZING and after ValKat skated his comment sent Sandra Bezik and every female in the audience and watching into a warm and giggly mass of hysteria which created a perfect storm that must have sent every female in Canada to the phone and the internet to vote for Valeri – good job my man, good job! Mission accomplished. As Christopher said after ValKat skated, “Shaken, stirred and still standing!” YOW! See, I’m not the only one hot and bothered after they skate. 😉

It actually reaffirms my faith in people who if you are the best in a competition, you might actually win regardless of your nationality. So I will apologize Canada – I’m glad you saw past the pair as Russian and awarded them the trophy because they were skating for Canadian charities. They were truly on another level than any other pair out there week after week. It was a win-win all around.

So now my Sunday nights will be pain-free – oh yeah, until that special in December called “After the Ice” or something which will reveal secrets of this last season now that the winners have been revealed. Please, please, please for the love of God, stop beating this dead, sparkly unicorn!

Little pre-season interview nugget with Val that I found – God he’s adorable.

Canada – Russians Do it Better – Sorry!

18 Oct

i can skate - even in this shirt!

Again this week they put ValKat in the bottom two when they are by far and away the best skaters – which makes me think Canadian’s are Russian skater-haters! Seriously, I don’t think my blood pressure can take many more of these episodes. Patrice and Shae-Lynn had a far less difficult routine but scored the highest so far this season – but riddle me this Batman? ValKat have done two firsts in three routines for BOTB – double lutz and a double throw. So how can they be continuously in the bottom two? Even in this shirt smokin’ hot Val does not deserve to go home and thank god – he didn’t! My life will go on! But my inner publicist says – Val – don’t let them show you having a snit. Not good PR. Next week think warm and fuzzy! Keep it hot – you know how to! 😉

If Canada would allow US residences to vote, I think this would have a completely different result but they won’t allow us to – which totally blows!

As I write this, Mr. Cherrie is watching Men with Brooms, another Canadian show and the vending machine is tormenting one of the characters – with a RUSSIAN ACCENT – OK – don’t make me go there – again – I will turn to Johnny Weir! While words really can’t do justice to anything Johnny-Weir-esque: He looks like a bastard child of Ziggy Stardust and something Sarah Palin shot down from a plane in Alaska and God bless him for it! Now that’s entertainment…

It just confirms everything I’ve ever believed about Canada

4 Oct

um .. now if that was Ovi

OK – so I’m sitting here watching the results show for BOTB II and as I noted there was no way Canadians were going to let the Russians win, but I didn’t think they were going to send them home TONIGHT! Good God! They had the highest score Sunday from the judges. Luckily, the judges have the final say in the skate off and I don’t think they will let them go…tonight.

I was going to save this rant for another time, but here it goes. The NHL has allowed their players to play in the Olympics including this past year because CANADA hosted them. NOW – when RUSSIA is going to host the next Olympics, they are going to possibly revoke NHL players from participating thus that would crush Ovi’s possibility of winning gold in 2014 – quite a snub. Even though Ovi has said that no matter what the NHL decides, he is playing in Socchi in 2014. And props to Sidney in supporting Ovi’s desire.

I rant to Mr. Cherrie about my Hockey Husband Don’s comments ALL THE TIME that not only Russian hockey players but eastern European players have to play at a level greater than any Canadian hockey player to even be considered to compete on the ice. Yes, Canada you gave us hockey but don’t whine when someone else can do it better. Step up your game and be glad people love it!

But thank goodness! ValKat escaped the penalty box and even the judges said they shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. He will live again to ice dance into my heart for next week’s theme of  .. wait for it … “BRINGING SEXY BACK” oh yeah!

*sigh* i wish i could skate

What I learned from BOTB last night …

4 Oct

i liked the beat, i'll give it a 5.6

1. My apologies to Pants, you wont need to become a Canadian citizen to ice dance with Sid because this season they have graciously allowed a US judge, JR, AND a Russian couple – Valerie Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva – she’s the only figure skater I had ever heard of. I would predict that they would win this because they simply blew everyone else way with technique. chemistry and movement, but there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that Canada is going to let a Russian couple walk away with the title for their highest rated show. And since the couples are voted on by both the judges and the audience, it will be a Canadian couple that wins – Sorry Valerie but you are a hottie-boom-ba-lottie! You can ice dance with me any time!

he dances like the wind

2. The Canadians have engineered some kind of Austin Powers figure skating fembot because these chicks either have some kind of death wish, are on death row and being forced to participate or have already been dropped on their heads so many times they don’t know any better because there is no way in hell I would let any of these guys touch me let alone throw me in the air or twirl me like a swizzle stick in a cocktail – many of which I am sure they are still throwing back! (OK – except for Valerie … move over Ovi …. yes, I just said that!)

3. Theo Fleury is the Mickey Rourke of Ice Dancing with his guyliner and black fingernail polish. I can’t believe I just wrote that but I did. And you know what, he looked kind of hot and he skated well. His program wasn’t as hard as some of the others but his presentation was great.

no guyliner here ...

4. Georges Laraques did an awesome job and is my sentimental favorite for pure heart, lovability and the fact that JR said he had the biggest a** on figure skates!

yoga butt is good!

5. Which brings me to JR, you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth from out right flirting with the figure skaters – particularly the Russian cutie to telling everyone oh, wait that’s #6.

6. When they started to announce the guest the judge, Mr. Cherrie started to go into apoplectic shock and I knew what was coming because there is only one man who can cause that kind of anger in Mr. Cherrie. I had to put a pillow over his head and sit on him but that didn’t stop the hockey Tourette’s that spewed forth about how Brett Hull cheated to win the Stanley Cup for the next hour and half. JR announced to everyone that after his wife had met Brett Hull she was so smitten with him she made him name their son after him. Really? OK, I may have to take back everything I said about JR in my last post. Being sensitive is one thing, being PW’d is another and then admitting it on national TV is just plain well, I am so tragically devastated I can’t even go there. Or maybe they have an open marriage and their son really is Brett Hull’s.

7. Next week I predict a caribou or musk ox as the guest judge. It’s Canada … They gave us BOTB! Why not?

i can ice dance like nobody's business!

Poor Mikka, hung out to dry again?

20 Sep


God bless his clueless gaping ...

Calgary picks up a giant for back -up but can he net-mind? A 26 year-old with no NHL experience? Seriously? With Antti Niemi and Marty Turco floating around and Calgary goes to Sweden to find a no-name giant with no experience for poor Mikka who has been Calgary’s work-horse for years? This will be his tenth back-up. This is not a third-times-a-charm situation. This is almost, and I do mean, ALMOST as tragic as re-hiring that useless excuse for a center – and this time I’m not talking about Sidney Crosby – HA! – Ollie Jokin-ing (typo stays).

Um ... yeah.

Hey Calgary, I pet sit for a cat who is probably a better back-up goal tender than this guy and he comes really cheap! You just throw dry kibble at him and he’s total gold!