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Principal’s Office

15 Apr

It’s getting hot in here, and Brendan Shanahan’s phone was ringing off the hook yesterday.  Three players face disciplinary hearings for offenses committed during Saturday’s run of show…

1. Carl Hagelin

Former Foxy Friday and Ryan Gosling stun- double Carl Hagelin is not known for throwing elbows and getting dirrrty.  But the playoffs make people do crazy things.  He took out Daniel Alfredsson with a very high hit yesterday.

Alfredsson, the Sens’ captain, did not return to the game.  There’s been no update on Alfredsson’s status.  Hagelin served a five minute major and will be sentenced today.  Tortorella said “wah!” but that’s what he always says.

2. Matt Carkner

This guy is off his anger-management meds.  Boyle had a goal in game 1 and got into it with Karlsson to the tune of matching roughing minors.  It merits the clean check Carkner throws to start this, and probably a fight.  I understand protecting your most valuable asset.  But Carkner doesn’t square off, he jumps Boyle and drags him face-down across the ice under the dogpile.

Carkner got five for fighting, two for instigating and ejected.  Brandon Dubinsky was the third man into the fight and also got himself a game misconduct.  He took his frustration out on the Gatorade cooler.

This series is officially ugly.  I think Shanahan will suspend Hagelin for one game, especially if Alfie can’t play tomorrow.  The hit was directly to the head and otherwise you open it up to chaos.  If Carkner went after Boyle for a play that didn’t result in Karlsson being injured, what will they do to the guy who knocked out their captain?  Hagelin is not Boyle – he may not live to tell the tale.

Carkner definitely gets suspended here.  Fight a guy clean to protect your teammates, that’s hockey.  This is cowardice and can’t be allowed to stand.

3. Andrew Shaw

Goalies are like virgins whose fathers are right inside the front door with a shotgun – don’t touch them, it’s not worth it.  Chicago’s Andrew Shaw collided with Phoenix netminder Mike Smith last night, helmet-to-helmet. Smith went down hard and stayed there for a long time.

Shaw got a five minute charging major, on which the Coyotes scored to take the lead.  He was ejected as well.  Smith eventually got right and stayed in the game… what?  He must have passed whatever on-ice tests are administered immediately following a hit to the head, but this looked like a mandatory trip to the quiet room.  I think a five + game should suffice as Smith wasn’t injured on the play.  The hearing is tomorrow.

What do you think?  More importantly, if they don’t get what the opposition feels they “deserve,” what happens in game three?

Foxy Friday: Carl Hagelin

3 Feb

In the middle of the ASG Skills Competition I looked up and said, “Who the hell is that?”  I knew Ryan Gosling was Canadian, but….

It was Carl Hagelin, of course.

Hey there, hockey hair.

The 23-year old Swede has 8 goals/10 assists in 31 games for the Rangers this season.  He was a late addition to the ASG Rookie team when the Devils’ Henrique was injured, then promptly won the Fastest Skater Competition by beating Ottawa rookie Colin Greening.  Yahtzee!

He was adorably excited to be included in the festivities and has excellent media training (says my inner publicist).

Also again, the hair.  Paging Steven Stamkos.

Carl’s 23 is a little old for an NHL Rookie, but he took the time to graduate from the University of Michigan and win quite a few individual honors from the Central Collegiate Hockey Association [link].  Two weeks ago, Carl was profiled by The New York Times [link].  That is a big deal!

I picked this video because 1) the hair, 2) he rips Michigan State to make Gator mad and 3) he eats a banana in the only way appropriate for a guy to ever eat a banana.  Well done, Carl.  Note his excellent English – he credits (in the NYT feature) watching American TV in English with Swedish subtitles.

If you’re not convinced yet, he’s also on Twitter(@CarlHagelin).  Anyone with a Zoolander quote is automatically +25 Foxy around the WUYS offices.

The East-leading Rangers host a Winter Classic re-match vs. the Flyers on Sunday at 1 PM.  You can start your Super Bowl Party early by drinking every time a Foxy Friday touches the puck.  Callahan, Boyle, Giroux, Hagelin… stick to beer, we think.

And just to send you off, here’s Carl holding a baby alligator.