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The Beanpot – aka the BU Invitational

7 Feb

For the first and second Mondays of February, the four Boston* college hockey teams – Harvard, Northeastern, Boston College, and Boston University – take part in the Beanpot Tournament.  This special hockey tournament has grown to be one of the most unique and anticipated college sporting events in the country.

Winning the silver pot of Boston baked beans is a source of immense pride and bragging rights amongst players, students, alumni, and fans – especially for those of us with ties to Boston University (ie. myself and Pants). In the 59 years that the Beanpot has been played, the BU Terriers have won it 29 times.  That’s about 50%.  Hence the nickname.

We win. Again.
For those of us who have had the pleasure of watching in person, these games are truly special.  No matter what sort of season the teams are having, they always seem to step up when February rolls around.
BU could be considered to be in a “rebuilding” phase and have lost all their games vs. the Eagles.  BC is the defending national champs and atop the national rankings.  But when the puck drops for their semifinal match up at 8pm tonight, all the trials and tribulations of the current season don’t matter.  BU has got history on their side.  For many of BU’s players this year, this is the first time that they will playing in the Beanpot.  I hope they take a moment in the quiet before the national anthem to reflect on that this tournament means.   I hope they take a deep breath before the puck drop to realize how much this means to their fans.

Victory makes us want to hug everyone!

“What the Beanpot means to me? Quite simply, there are two words that come to mind: tradition and emotion. Anyone who has a pulse around here knows about the tradition of the Beanpot. I’m a local kid. I grew up in Scituate. I started coming to the Beanpot about the same time I started playing hockey.” — David Silk, former BU forward and 1980 Olympic gold medal winner

*Writer’s Note: Two of the four teams are not actually IN Boston.  Harvard is in Cambridge, right across the river and Boston College is in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Hockey Memories of Section 8

20 Jan

As a hockey fan living in New England, it is virtually impossible not to be a fan of or follow college hockey.  After all, Hockey East is arguably THE most competitive conference in Division I college hockey.  Since 1993, Hockey East teams have won 7 National Championships (and the last 3 in a row!) Can you say “Domination”?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

When I was an undergraduate at Boston University, my winter social life pretty much revolved around the Terriers’ hockey schedule.  Hockey game, party on West Campus, recover, rinse, repeat.  I sat in Section 8 of the old Walter Brown Arena, where the seating bowl was weirdly elevated so that when I stood up from my 2nd row seats, my head was completely above the board.  While definitely unsafe (errant puck to the head, anyone?), it did make for an unimpeded vocal corridor right to the opposing team’s sieve..er…goalie.

Section 8 was especially adept at taunting these poor souls.  We had a knack for coming up with very creative insults and epitaphs to hurl at the visitor’s goalie.  My personal favorite (coined by some drunk dude in the 4th row) – “Your grandmother doesn’t love you.”  Another favorite wast the “Ugly Goalie” chant.  [Every time the opposing goalie would take off his mask, our crowd would yell “UGLY GOALIE!” over and over again.  Then when he’d put his mask back on, the crowd would cheer “YAY!”]

Random?  Yes.

Juvenile?  Maybe.

Effective?  You betcha.

You make her feel shame. Disappointment and shame.


On more than one occasion, an opposing goalie would hear one of these jeering affronts and quizzically look to his right.  Yeah, that’s right, buddy.  We’re talking about you.


The team has since departing the charming Walter Brown and moved into the swanky Agganis Arena.  The seats are more comfortable and less precariously situated.  Section 8 has morphed into 2 spirited student sections at each end of the ice, but the cheers remain as lively and clever as ever.  I’ve been a  season ticket holder since my undergraduate years (minus a 4 year stint when I was living in LA) and I don’t think that I will every give up my seats.

College hockey is too special to give them up.  Special because you get to see players grow and develop.  You see their progression from skinny 4th-line  freshman to Hobey Baker finalist to NHL star.  College hockey is an imperfect game.  The goalie is not going to make every save.  The forward is not always going to score on the breakaway.  The defensemen is not always going to land that perfectly timed hip check.

But it is because of these imperfections of the college game that make it so enjoyable to watch. You feel like are a part of something just on the brink.  You are witness to these players on the edge of the diving board, ready to make the leap into the deep end of the hockey pool.

I, for one, cherish this and it makes me proud to be a college hockey fan.

No, no. Thank you!

Foxy Friday: Colin Wilson

14 Jan

Wow.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Foxy Friday and even longer since it featured a Boston University Terrier.  So, folks, for my 1st FF post of 2011, I introduce you to…

Colin Wilson


Even Shea Weber knows that you can't look directly at a guy as hot at Colin. It's like staring into the sun.

Aside from the obvious physical attributes (6’1″, 214 lbs) and hockey pedigree (Dad was an NHLer for 12 season), Colin or “Willy” as he is affectionately known, is a great young hockey player with serious superstar potential, poise, and a smile that can just mesmerize.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this.  (also, serious Gun Show at the 4 min mark)

Making us all fall in love...

Hey. How you doin'?

Now be honest…you sort of love him now, dontcha?   I know I do.  I want to wake up with him on Sunday morning and do crossword puzzles while we eat blueberry pancakes.  I believe that in a few years, Colin has the potential to become a great ambassador for the NHL and the sport of hockey, a la Sidney Crosby.  He’s handsome, well-spoken, and looks pretty at ease in front of the camera. (Pants, think you had some media training at COM?) Not hard to imagine him staring in CCM ads and Winter Classic teaser trailers.

While not putting up insane numbers or 8 bajillion point streaks (yet), he could.  Colin is the kind of guy that you’d want on your team because he is fun to be around, happy, and unpretentious. He’s sort of a geek with his love of video games, history, and Greek mythology and you know how much we at WUYS LOVE “adorkable” guys like this.  I can watch the History Channel with him and not feel bad about myself.  Also, his love of Greek gods is especially apropos considering that he pretty much looks exactly like one!

Willy, the God of Hockey

Now back to the hockey…which believe it or not, is the real reason for this post…

Other reasons why Colin is Foxy…

  • played two years at Boston University, where he helped lead his team to the 2009 National Championship
  • one of three finalist for the Hobey Baker, losing out to teammate (and fellow FF honoree) Matt Gilroy
  • was Team USA Most Outstanding Forward at 2009 World Juniors
  • USA Hockey College Player of the Year (2009)
  • Inside College Hockey Player of the Year (2009)

So, you see?  It’s really not that hard to see why Colin would make our Foxy Friday list.  He’s got it all.  Crazy hockey skills, movie star good looks, and a smile that can pretty much turn any woman into a pile of goo.

Plus looks like he can really bust a move…

Terrier Dance Party!

P.S.  As a BU season ticket holder for years now, I got to watch Wilson play during his two years there and even then you could tell that he was different. From the minute he stepped on the ice, you knew that this kid was destined for the NHL. He was big and every stride was strong, powerful, and pretty much effortless.  Like Teddy Riley and Blackstreet, Colin was on Another Level.

P.P.S. He also kind looks like hotter, American version of Irish singer, Brian McFadden (of whom I am a fan). Don’t you think so, Pants?

In today’s top stories…

16 Sep

Here at WUYS, we delight in carrying the banner for you.  While wearing short pants and jaunty caps, perhaps with a choreographed dance routine (remixed to Lady Gaga?)  From the Morning News Desk:  T-minus 3 weeks until the season starts!

1) Penguin’s forward Jordan Staal will miss the start of the regular season after another surgery to clear up the infection in his foot. Listen Gronk, get back in the lineup by November 5 because I am not flying to Anaheim just to look at Crosby.  I paid a whole 5,000 Virgin America miles for this 1-hour trip, so I’m really doing my part.  Meet me halfway.  (Just in case you’re not better, I do have an extra ticket.  Because sitting in the box is boring.)

2) Rumors abound that Brian Gionta will be named Montreal Canadiens captain during training camp.  All together now: “BOOOOOOO.”  Even being from Upstate NY is not enough to make up for going to Boston College.

3) My 3rd favorite Staal, Marc, got a 5 year contract with the Rangers.  More on why this is important (to me) later.

4)  Phoenix’s Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette debuted his Asian Reference Roulette on Twitter.  He took a Korean girl on a date, then made a sushi comment and a won ton joke.  I bet his favorite part of Rush Hour 3 is when Chris Tucker tells Jackie Chan, “All y’all look alike!”  The only thing better than his Tourette Syndrome is his spelling – he reported that no “wahn tahn panty soup” was made.  Then he posted the girl’s Twitter and asked everyone to follow her, but make no Asian jokes.  This guy is GOLD.

5) Finally, Ovechkin took the ice for the first time with the Caps this season, then talked about it.  Basically he partied every night, all summer, and still plans to dominate the NHL with a single massive paw.  If you’re lucky, you get the Caps Convention promo with Varlamov cackling at the start of the video.  Over to you, Dawn.

BONUS) Mike Green video! I haven’t watched it yet – but he’s wearing a gold chain.  What’s NOT to like about this guy?!

More notes: Ottawa will host the 2012 All-Star Game, Bobby Ryan got a 5-year deal with the Ducks, San Jose Sharks pre-sale tickets available today (code: TWSHK).

Foxy Friday

10 Sep

Welcome to our new feature, Foxy Friday!

Every week, we’ll each choose one hockey player (NHLer or College) who embodies what we feel is the essence, the spirit, nah the quiddity of Foxy Friday – to be smokin’ hot and a wikked good hockey player.

Sure there are other “foxy” criteria that we could consider, like that they build homes for orphaned puppies in the off-season, but we are going to be totally superficial and just go with the two most important ones – blazing, incandescent attractiveness and Harry Potter-like magic skills with a hockey stick.

Chuck’s Pick: Matt Gilroy, New York Rangers

Former BU Terrier.  NCAA Champion.  Hobey Baker Winner.   Stone Cold Fox.

Uh, Hello.

In your eyes...the light...the heat...

One of the most amazingly understated guys to play the game.  And maybe one of the dreamiest…

*le sigh*

Pants’ Pick: Can I go with the same one and give a BU alum double the love today?  Matt Gilroy did NOT live in Warren Towers dorm his  freshman year, I can tell you that much.  It would have looked like the Zac Efron part of this great commercial for Stand Up 2 Cancer:

Who’s Steve?

8 Sep

Oh Oh, I got a funny story about “sieve” too!!

So at every Boston University home hockey, there is a banner hanging behind one of the goalie nets – it reads “GOALIE” when BU’s goalie is in that net, “SIEVE” when the opposing goalie is in that net.  So, I’m at a game with Cousin Thomas (hockey player and LA Kings fan [unfortunately]) when this exchange happens…

Cousin Thomas: Hey, who’s Steve?
Me: Steve?
CT: Ya, Steve.
Me:  Steve who?  I don’t know no Steve.
CT: Steve – that guy on the banner.  Who is he?
Me:  *looks up at banner quizzically*
Me: *starts laughing hysterically*
CT: What?
Me: Don’t you mean “SIEVE”? That “T” is an “I”
CT: *looks sheepish*
Me:  Hooked on Phonics worked for me!
CT: Shut up.

That guy, Steve…he sure is an awesome goaltender.  What’s is GAA?  Like 15?  Sweet.