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An Open Letter To Ted Leonsis

9 Mar

I simply have to vent this and get it off my, ah, proverbial chest ladies. As the resident Ovi fan and Captials fan, I know this will come as shock, but I AM SO MAD AT HIM, at them, at the WORLD and have been for some time and I just have to say and get it out.

An open letter to Mr. Leonsis,

I say this with as a fan of Alexander Ovechkin, first and foremost, and then of hockey.  When you fired Bruce Boudreau, a little piece of me died because no matter how the mainstream media spun it, we all know that it was because of player issues – e.g. Ovechkin.

Boudreau is a great coach. He will probably be the best coach you will ever have. He was not the problem. We all know “What the problem is with the Washington Capitals.” The real question is what is going to be done about it?

For five years I’ve watched Ovechkin go from a great player to a player with a great attitude. It pains me to say that but having been an athlete myself on a team, and a captain as well; you have to lead by example.  

I had hoped Mr. Leonsis would have bucked the system and shook things up by NOT firing Boudreau, showing some loyalty, having some balls, and fixing the real problem. If he had, his team may have actually had a shot at the play-offs. Sometimes the Alpha dog needs a good swat to the nutsack to get back in line and lead the pack.

But as it stands, the fans have watched Boudreau excel in Anaheim, their beloved team implode under the tutelage of Dale Hunter’s mess and Ovi still stands around on defense, stands around on offense, waits for his teammates to pass the puck to him and still misses it when they do. His attitude that he has to do it all has got to stop because guess what? He can’t, he certainly doesn’t and there are guys out there who can and are doing it better now.

He still has time on his contract where he can be traded. Perhaps before you fired Boudreau you should have used that bargaining chip to get your Alpha dog back in line. Now he’s the Rick Nash of the East Coast. No one will want that bad golden apple, no matter how good it might taste. He’s still too costly, you don’t know how he’ll perform and there still might be a worm in there somewhere. It’s not an imponderable conundrum. It’s just a conundrum.


 Missing BB,


New Coach, New Girlfriend, New Attitude?

1 Dec

Let's get this party started

So Ovi has a new coach, a new girlfriend so let’s hope that leads to a new attitude! Right? Well if the first game was any indication, I might jump ship – WHAT?! Just kiddding. That sound you just heard was Pants and Chuck simulatenously dropping over.

but only one named Letang

I’m  so excited for the battle of the hotties tonight so remember to get your half rack ready and you HAVE TO DRINK everytime they mention St. Sid. This is mandatory. Then tell us how it went – if you recover – because I’m telling you, you’ll be amazed!

The Catzipals new attitude? Let's hope so

I can’t decide if I’m going to watch the Pit feed or the Caps feed because I kind of a have a crush on Staggy. He’s a glass is- over-flowing kind of guy. But Joe B. and Locker make me laugh because they get side-tracked alot. It won’t matter which feed you watch because St. Sid will be ALL OVER it. Let’s hope  they all borrowed Ovi’s razor through. SRSLY!

even i think he looks better this way

Here’s the line up and I KNOW! WHERE’S LETANG!?! *SUPER SIGH* Ovi is going to be upset that his real boy toy is not playing. How can he pull off his jersey and play slip and tickle with his favorite pengiun?

the most epic bromance - EVER


(Vitale, MacIntyre)



On a side note, the Anaheim Ducks scooped BB as their coach so I wish him the best of luck and since every knows that I also have a crush on that ‘other’ #8 Teemu, GO DUCKS! DD is #8, Teemu is #8 and Ovi is #8 and Letang is #58 …. go crazy 8’s!

Bye Bye, BB.

28 Nov

The Capitals have fired Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with NHL alum and first-time head coach Dale Hunter.

It’s the same sort of surprise when you fall out of a tree hit the ground.  It was probably inevitable, but you’re still a little shocked to find that this is the time.   You thought it might take longer, maybe the laws of gravity would alter.  Maybe someone would catch you.

Sorry, very busy.

Let me preface this with an Unpopular Hockey Opinion:

I strongly dislike Alex Ovechkin.

Obviously I have some kind of Mike Green-and-geography induced Stockholm Syndrome going on that makes me a Caps fan.  And Ovi can be an electric player whose raw talent raises the game of his teammates.  I can’t say I hate him.  But I think his lackadaisical attitude permeates the Caps and makes his teammates salmon swimming upstream against the blahs.  Except Semin, who busts out his inner tube and cruises the Lazy River.

Now, before Dawn calls in a hit on me, this is not permanent.  Ovi shows flashes of greatness that have nothing to do with the way he scores – he can lead this team.  Most nights he simply chooses not to.  And that’s why BB had to go – he couldn’t lead Ovi.  Ovi’s contract and personality make him more powerful than the head coach.  Or at least they did.

So while I generally despise the firing of head coaches to shake up teams, I think GMGM made the correct and necessary move here.  If Dale Hunter comes in with a take-no-shit attitude, he could zip this team into the superhero suit they should be wearing.  Ovi made BB look bad.  This is what happens to people who make Hunter look bad:

I am also in favor of taking the C from Ovi.  If you’re making waves, might as well make ’em big.  I believe the C belongs to the hardest working guy on a team – not necessarily the highest profile or most prolific scorer.  I don’t recall anyone ever saying that about Ovi.  (Hate on Crosby all you want, but….)  Brooks Laich or Mike Knuble seem like better candidates to me.  And it would send a clear message that Hunter and McPhee lead this team, not The Usually, Mostly, If He Feels Like It Great 8.  Piss him off.  Make Ovi earn the C back and he’d be unstoppable.

PS: I know there are more issues with the Caps that just Ovi, but I believe in trickle-down solutions.

New Season, New Hope!

6 Sep

I'm sorry ... he's hot. he's perfect. he's a hockey machine. I love him!

This is what I’ve been up to (see below) in hopes of helping the Capitals win the Stanley cup – FINALLY! I was so excited when I read the big fall preview of THN issue that still puts the Capitals as winning the cup in 2012! With all their off-season re-tooling, high praise for GMGM and loyalty to BB for a lack lusture post-season run – AGAIN. Not so rockin’.

I just wanted out of Florida really.

But this year, we got Tomas Vokoun – and yes, SOME ONE frickin’ FINALLY heard  me peeps! All that screamin’ in Seattle  – and buggin’ my house, the bat phone to DC actually came through and though they protest too much, THEY GOT A GOALIE AND VARLY is gone. Am I dreaming? SRSLY?! I feel like I am swimming in a sea of rainbow skittles and Sasha Fierce has promise to actually play hockey this season – oh please – oh please don’t let me wake up.

they got caught coming out of Ihop ... nicky's mom is really disappointed.

But MG52 better have given Animal his walking papers over the summer. Or Pants is going to give her pouty face again.

Carlson and Alzner went to sleep away camp together for some more bonding time in the off-season even though it looked like one may not make the cap deadline. Luckily McPhee came through with the cash at the expense of another player but you can’t come between the bobbsie twins.

iCarly sneaks a cuddle with Ovi - who WOULDN'T!

And Brooksy looks like he may be a Capital for life which is just fine with him. He may not ‘pump your tires’ but we know he’ll change them if it’s raining after a game even if he’s in his Armani suit – remember that ladies. I foresee many break downs outside Kettler Arena soon!

I may not pump your tires, but I'll change them, ladies!

And we can’t forget the most important pre-season date – 9/17. BEWARE. It’s all I’m sayin. Cause I’ve been saving for it.

I’ll be wearing my highest rated googled sweat pants and this on that day and every game there after … GO CAPITALS!

I needed an accessory to go with my sweat pants did I?


Oh and when the Caps aren’t playing and Mr. Cherrie let’s me watch the Penguin’s : I made this:

And yes, I do wear these.



The Finnish Flash Drops The Gloves During Final Freeway Face-Off!

10 Apr

I don't want to love you but I can't help it!

Last night’s game against the Kings wasn’t exciting for me since they lost and looked lost on the ice especially when Captain DT. Brown went out for a bit with a sore ouchie. (not minimizing his pain, just borrowing BB’s explanation for hockey player’s injuries) The only bright spot was an interview with Kopitar from the sidelines with Heidi Androl still trying to hit that! I think he might be that the last King’s hold out she hasn’t hit.

With a little over three minutes left in the game, tempers flared. Clifford cross-checks Teemu and Teemu returns the favor with a nasty elbow to the face and then Teemu gets double teamed with Richardson coming in on him. Brookbank takes Clifford and then Teemu squares off with Richardson.

While I do love Teemu (obviously) I don’t want any of my boys having to face him in the play-offs. He is still too dangerous.

Not bad for the Foxy-Forty-Finnish-Flash in his final regulation free-way face-off finishing with a flashy fight!

Mind Over Brain Matter

24 Feb

So to quote many a hockey player and coach, hockey is 90% mental and 10% physical. OK – I’ll buy that for a hot second since it was regurgitated out of Kris Letang’s luscious mouth recently. (I’m paraphrasing him more intelligently.) Where I am I going with this? Is it me or are many teams suffering A LOT of injuries lately? I was perusing the IR HOT LIST for the Caps and noticed BAMM-SCOOBY DOO – there are a lot of players out. I was watching the Freeway Face-off last night (because my beautiful double D TBG was playing) and wondering where Frankenface was AKA Getzlaf. Out. Injured. I’m not going to list all the major playas who are out or have been out because if you’re a fan, you already know the who’s who of Boo-boo ville.

on the Caps most wanted now?

However, I do have a great quote from BB of the Caps about Backstrom from his EPIC showdown hair on hair scrap with Letang on Monday. See, Nicky B has not missed a game in his entire NHL career which would be 307 games! Impressed? I knew you would be. And even though the Hot Mop out of Pit fractured the Hot Mop from Sweden’s thumb, Nicky B. is still planning on playing tomorrow because according to BB, “I’m saying he’s playing tomorrow. He’s fine. He’s got a sore ouchie that’s not preventing him from playing. He’s a tough kid.”

mikey may be kissing nickys boo-boo and more if he misses a game

So all the hot hair is not just covering access to brain matter or keeping their heads warm, it evidently is covering a 90% mental desire to play hockey – I was never any good at math – whatever. Too bad all that hockey gear covers like 100% of all that hockey body hotness! 😉 If only we could get them to play the All Star Game naked! Someone get me Brendan Shanahan on the phone NOW! I have a brilliant idea for next year!

Ovechkin Punches One Through and The Other Alex Hats A Trick!

16 Feb

Hopefully my view in SJ!

The Caps finally snap their regulation losing streak against Pacific Division teams this season beating the Ducks 7-6! Semin had his FOURTH hat trick of the season (video). He is one of only two players in the NHL right now with that honor. For a dude with a scoring drought, he certainly knows how to come back from them with style!

vodka shots for EVERYONE!

My honey Ovi had a masterful goal basically willing the puck into the net with brute force while falling between two Ducks – using my now infinite wisdom from reporting on BATTLE OF THE BLADES, I’d call it a true – SHOOTING THE DUCK – so take that Todd Warriner. Anything you can do, Ovechkin will do it better AND score a goal while doing it (video). 

NOT Ovi's goal

Oh and did I mention Varly got pulled after the first period – OK – Mr. Cherrie says,  “He didn’t start the second period.” But then I can’t say – “Varly got pulled like a Pork sammy left out on a hot summer day. Smelled like one too.” 😦  Have I mentioned – WHEN ARE THE CAPS GOING TO GET A REAL GOALIE? No offense my sweet, Neuvy. You make an awesome #2 and maybe a real goalie when you hit puberty. No, Yes? Maybe? A goalie? Not an imploding Russian Spy satellite or Lon Chaney’s bastard son. But something akin to a wall, not, let’s say a sieve, like this blog? BB, can you hear me now?

I’m just getting warmed up for SJ. Packing bags, putting on the lucky sweats and the magic necklace – oh – you all didn’t SEE THAT. Well, that will be another post. Pants will let you know if she survives 24 hours with me! 😉