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Mikey Monday: Stay

27 Jun

Apparently the Capitals need more incentive to give Brooksy a contract.  So we’re going for the heart-strings, breaking out Mike’s scrapbook and saying PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY.

The Hockey Junkies have a great Date Night feature that once included Mike.  Even they pointed it out: Mike picks you up in this ridiculous white Lamborghini and of course opens the door for you.   Brooks Laich is in fact in the backseat because Mike doesn’t do anything without him

Epic Bromance

So, we present the following evidence into consideration for why the Caps must re-sign Brooks, and do it now.

Exhibit A: When Brooks’s hair was long and Mike’s was short…

Good people doing good things.

Exhibit B: Book Club

Mike knows there's a Playboy stuck in there.

Exhibit C: Sleepovers

Guess which one of them snores.

Exhibit D: The Wolfpack

We are the three best friends...

This just scares me more.  Please GMGM, don’t break up the band bromance.

Birthday Boy: Brooks Laich

23 Jun

Happy 28th Birthday, Brooks!  So nice of you to tell us exactly what gift you want.  But you should be getting a new contract.

Of all the Caps, you’re the one I feel the least bad about liking.  Well, you and Nicky B (because not liking Nicky is the same as not liking ice cream and puppies).  But still.  This will be severely impacted if the Caps allow you to become an unrestricted free agent, which could happen any minute now.

Brooks has played all but 1 of his career games with Washington, has had three 20-gal seasons, plays on the power play, shorthanded, blocks shots… and made $2.4 million last season and only hit the salary cap for $2.07 million.  He’s the guy: consistent, versatile, not flashy but always shows up to play.

You can track the situation here: isbrookslaichstillacapital.com and expect a very aggro post if that changes.

Any Volunteers?

25 May

Stockholm Syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express empathy and have positive feelings toward their captors. (from Wikipedia)

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

Mikey Monday: This Again

9 May

I think we’ve posted this before but hey, it’s summer for some people and we’ve got a long way to go.  I CRY every time I watch this.  Then I laugh for half  an hour.  Then I go back, watch it again and think “Sasha is so pretty.”  (I mean REALLY.  Take away the early 90’s post-Communist haircut and look at that face!)

If WUYS ran the world, things like this would happen more often.  With intermissions for push up contests and  someone selling funnel cake.

So. Much. Eyeliner.  I can’t even look a Nicky, he looks like he’s blaming Mike for everything.

Waiting for Tonight

4 May

I have to back Dawn up on this one.  What the actual hell is going on, Caps?  Is it asking too much from you (Mike Green) to, um, I don’t know… PLAY at all during the 3rd period?  I know BB put you in time out.  He probably sent you to bed hungry.  And I’m sorry – I’ll give you a big hug.  But come on.  PS: Stop hitting Brooks in the face.

Holding on for dear life.

And Nicklas Backstrom, don’t think that Swedish helmet hair excuses you.  You may be Piglet to our Winnie the Pooh, but you gave up that puck like last night was prom and you couldn’t wait to get your dress off.

Sorry boys, but I’m mad.  Against all common sense and loyalty, you made me like you.  With your bromances and your Vespas and your This-or-That videos and talking about Diet Coke all the time.  With your Haagen-Dazs loving coach and your baby goalies.  I went to your games.  I moved to your city for %&@$’s sake!

I love trouble.

All season I’ve felt traitorous.  Blame 24/7.  Crosby’s sending bitchy texts about losing focus and the ratio of Mike Green-to-Kris Letang blog posts.  But it’s okay because you’re not in the Pens division.  And now they’re golfing while you still have a chance.

Don't get mad, get even.

So it’s your turn to do something for me.  I’ve admitted how I feel about you.  This is the part where you tell the world you love me back, even if we’re star-crossed and odds are against us.  You sing “Can’t Keep My Eyes Off of You” to the whole school at lunch.  You give me your Bobby Hull game sweater for Christmas.  We can have one playoff run where anything is possible.  Here’s your one chance, Fancy.  Don’t let me down.


Mikey Monday: Had a Bad Day

2 May

Whenever someone messes up in a Caps game I think, “Thank God it wasn’t Mike.”  But last night, it was.

I hung around Verizon for about 30 min yesterday after the Nationals game, deciding if I should spend way too much money on a hockey ticket or save it for Game 5.  If there is a Game 5.  There has to be, right?  Well good thing I didn’t go because I would have cried.

Halfway through the third, Squishy tried to pass through the crease.  The puck hit Mike’s skate like a backboard and went right in behind Neuvy.  It could have happened to anyone.  Lecavalier was right there with a wide open net anyway.  But UGH, Mike looked so sad looking up at the Jumbotron.

Shortly after, Mike took a bad penalty for sticking his elbow in Steven Stamkos’ face.  Someone’s been reading WUYS and got a little jealous over my fangirling Friday night.  Stammer weighs like 180, he wasn’t going to crush anyone into the boards.  But Mikey facewashed him anyway (because I said I like his beard).

Photo from jlrpuck.tumblr.com

I couldn’t watch to power play, too worried that TB would score again.  The Caps did kill it off (thank heaven) and Ovi got a beauty of a Hail Mary to send the game to overtime.  New hope, right?

Nope.  Lecavalier scored in OT to put the Bolts up by two games.  The Caps just can’t get a bounce!  Boucher will keep talking like they are underdogs and fighting an uphill battle and… oh shut up.  If you’re going to play great and convert on every opportunity then at least own it.

Shake it off, Mike.  If you’re sad then Nicky and Brooksy are sad and Sasha’s hair is so 90s that he can only take so much post-Cold War dreariness.  You’ll take the whole bromance down.  So have yourself a group hug, get iCarly to photobomb someone and you’ll feel better.  Work on your already suspicious tan in Florida and just relax.  Wins are coming.  We can feel it.  And some people can STFU, thankyouverymuch.

How To With Brooksy & Kris.

29 Apr

I found these and Kris Letang has one too so you can watch both. But Brooksy actually explains something I really didn’t know. And leave it to Mr. OCD to break it down in simple terms.

Plus. I really can’t resist men with power tools.