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Injury Island

13 Dec

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys Injury Island.  At this point it would be easier to list NHL players who are not hurt, but we don’t want to jinx anyone.  There are still two-thirds of the season left to play.

Sidney Crosby is out again with concussion-like symptoms.  He passed the ImPACT test but says he doesn’t feel 100%.  In this case, we appreciate the caution and honesty.  And the hilarious idea that he could be less than perfect.  He’ll be keeping also concussed Kris Letang company in the press box.

Zdeno Chara sprained his knee Saturday in an injury that apparently looked worse than it was.  Coach Julien says he’s day-to-day, though doubtful for tonight vs. Los Angeles. [link]

Mike Green is seeing a specialist for his injured groin.  I could make so many jokes if I weren’t crying.  Nicky used all the tissues and I’m wiping tears on my sleeve now.  Mike is skating and his spirits are high (a Twitter-verified fact), but he has played in only 8 games this season.  The Washington Express had a big, sad story on him today [link, page 9].

Claude Giroux, possibly the only ginger human I don’t like, is out indefinitely with a concussion.  He was injured by friendly fire on Saturday when Wayne Simmonds’ knee caught his head as Simmonds attempted to jump over Giroux’s fallen body.  [link]

The Islanders activated Evgeni Nabakov from injured reserve yesterday; apparently his groin injury is healed.  Good thing because Rick DiPietro (go BU) is out with the same problem. [link – and why did the Sacramento Bee pick up this story?]

Intern Jeff Skinner owes a few dollars to the Liar Jar, we think.  It was reported Friday that Jeff had “flu-like symptoms,” while everyone thought he might be concussed from a hit he took vs. EDM on Wednesday.  Coach Muller says they’re wrong, but Skinns is questionable for tonight vs. Toronto. [link]

Don't try to distract us! We are really worried!

Sabres Mike WeberPaul Gaustad and Patrick Kaleta are returning to the lineup, which still leaves them with approximately 212 injured players. [link]

Foxy Friday Mike Richards gave his first interview since sustaining a head injury (unofficial concussion) on December 1. [link]  Even after the hit he can’t stop talking trash and getting in people’s faces.

Brian Gionta (BC sucks) has missed one game with a lower body injury, and is expected to miss tonight.  The Habs currently have 8 (hundred) players out of the lineup. [link]

The Cancuks will get Dan Hamhuis and Cody Hodgson back tonight, leaving them with 10 other injured players.


Last but not least...

Calgary’s Alex Tanguay had the flu. He’s better.  That’s my lobster!

Countdown: 9 Days

29 Sep

I am so cranky!  First I couldn’t wait for pre-season and now I’m already tired of it.  Split-squad games, pretending I care who is reassigned… boring.  The sound of skates on ice is lovely, but I’m ready for stuff to count.  In anticipation of that, today’s news items are things I think will actually matter come October 7:

Islanders and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hockey Season: Over before it begins?  The Isles haven’t won a playoff series since 1992 (when Crosby was 4 years old) and recently got very excited about Official Team Cupcakes.  Yes really.  So you could argue that news of top defensemen Mark Streit and Kyle Okposo both out for months doesn’t really matter.  But we at WUYS care because Rick DiPietro is our BU pal and we hate to see him confined to the Blair Witch house basement Nassau Coliseum.  Since Streit and Okposo have injuries to opposing shoulders, we suggest they find a Hamptons plastic surgeon to combine their working parts into a single defenseman, so at least someone shows up every night to stand in front of Ricky.

Tastes like sadness.

Kovalchuk Scores a Goal: And the Devils win 3-2 over Philly.  $100 million (+$3 million fine) looking well spent?

Brian Gionta is named captain of the Canadiens: Giving us all plenty of rude things to yell at the TV.  Will he do well?  The eighth-seeded Habs downed Washington and Pittsburgh in a pretty epic playoff run last year, so Gionta has both pressure and momentum coming into this season.  Still, at 5′ 7″ tall (measured by the Tom Cruise tape) both Chuck and I could put BG in our pockets.  I’d like to see him tell Hal Gill what to do.

I’m with the DJ: You can’t afford Winter Classic tickets, even if there were tickets to buy.  You can enter for the chance to win the right to pay $300 a ticket, or buy the Penguins Ultimate Fan Package – tix to the Classic and the first home game at Consol Energy Center for $1500.  Let me tell you what $1500 would have to include… okay, I won’t.  I don’t need to.

I like to be in America...

In totally unimportant news, I got one Sedin and one Staal on my fantasy hockey team, As Good as it Getzlaf (I did not get Ryan Getzlaf).  I’ll spend all season trying to remember which ones.  I had to drop Marc Savard (he hit his head and wants to spend more time with Chuck, not necessarily in that order), but I did get myself Alex Tanguay out of sheer faith.  Luongo and Lundqvist in goal… I’m looking pretty good, I think.  Anyone else playing?