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Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

25 Jan

can't let a day go by without a photo of his hotness

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t stand Sidney. If he can attend a Pens’ Charity event, he can damn well at least attend the All-Star game. He owes it to the fans.

ignore the princess on the left - fleury is adorable!

As far as  Malkin goes, if he can bowl, I’m not seeing anything wrong with his knee. Again, he can get his Russian hockey butt to the All-Star game too if only to attend for the fans. UPDATE: Evidently now Bylsma is claiming Malkin has a sinus infection/illness and won’t be attending and will not be playing in tonight’s game either.

I think Geno and Crosby should just come clean like Zetterburg and Luongo and say, “I just don’t want to attend. Thanks but no thanks .”  Which leads to a whole other discussion, should there be an All-Star game? Because with the All-Stars dropping like flies – what does that say to us fans? It sorts feels like the ultimate F-You –  D-listed like the entertainment. Dissed and disrepected.

knee looks good to me

When you have the honor of being VOTED into the top six players in all of the NHL BY FANS, I think you ought to check your tiara at the door, put your best prom dress on, fix your mascara and show up sister.

All-Star, Not A-List

25 Jan

Who saw the season premiere of Modern Family on ABC?  When the beloved station wagon starts rolling empty toward the cliff while they watch helplessly?  The father jumps on the hood, starfish-style, in a desperate attempt to do something, anything.  And his wife stands by and yells, “What’s the plan, Phil?!”  Tell me NHL, what is the plan?

Clay Aiken will perform the US National Anthem on Sunday at the All-Star Game.  Stop laughing.

If I was invisible (Wait... I already am).

Clay is a native of Raleigh, a Canes fan and he has performed the National Anthem there before.  I can’t talk smack about Clay because the first thing I did when I heard this was open iTunes, click on “Invisible” (of course I have it) and belt it out.  It’s a great song with creepy lyrics.

But I do have to say something.  We’ve previously addressed the NHL’s tragically D-list celebrity appeal [here].  If only we were famous, we could class this joint up a little bit instead of marveling that the guy who played (Plays? Is it still on?) Lex Luthor on Smallville isn’t really bald after all.

But Clay Aiken?  NHL, WHAT IS YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC? Clay was on American Idol in 2003.  His last Top 40 hit was a Christmas song in ’05.  His current record cracked the charts for a single week in June.  Do you think Willa Ford was busy?

Clay’s new album and tour are called “Tried and True” – featuring all standards.  Admittedly, they sound great.  But Michael Buble is Canadian, couldn’t he sing the anthem?  Even his own? If only Westlife were American, they could have done it.

Aloow us to be Frank.

I’m sure Clay will kill it and hey, it’s only one song.  I just don’t see how this makes any sense for the NHL.  Maybe Aiken’s performance will turn a whole new middle-aged generation of Claymates into avid hockey fans.

Mikey Monday

24 Jan

Mike talked about his All-Star Game alternate captaincy before the Caps went out and spanked the Leafs [Video].  They play the Rangers today on Versus… damn, I wanted to watch Elk Hunter.

My stylist did this.

The real All Star is Mike’s cowlick though – how do you even get a helmet on over this hair? And because you know Ovi hates to be bested at anything, he tried to show Mike up with a ‘do of his own.

Is good, yes?

I’m still Team Green.

YES! Team Green!

22 Jan

Introducing Mike Green, All-Star Game alternate captain for Team Staal.  I control the universe!!  This could not wait for Mikey Monday.

Now I'm going to have to buy a jersey!

From the NHL.com article, I just loved this part:

Green has been the NHL’s most dynamic offensive defenseman the previous two seasons, but he has also steadily improved his work at the defensive end. He has eight goals and 21 points this season for the Capitals, and he is fourth in the League in time on ice at 26:02 per contest.

The 25-year-old Green is a two-time finalist for the Norris trophy and a two-time NHL first-team All-star. He’s lead all defensemen in goals and points in each of the past two seasons and in goals for three straight years.

If you don't want attention, don't drive an orange Vespa.

And from the Capitals website:

Green, a two-time member of the NHL’s end-of-season NHL First All-Star Team and a two-time Norris Trophy runner-up, has led NHL defensemen in goals for three years in a row.  He has also been tops among NHL defensemen in points for the past two seasons and is one of only two active defensemen with a 70-point season in his career – the other being Lidstrom, the opposing Captain.  Green this season ranks fourth in ice time per game among NHL defensemen.

To top off today’s lovefest, the chairty organization Sporting Generosity has named Mike their January Player of the Month for doing good things for lots of people. [Link]  No sad puppy face for Greener today!

Our hero.

We Got Skills

21 Jan

The NHL announced the Skills Competition format for this year’s All-Star Game.  This has always been our favorite part of ASG weekend, because there is lots of skating without helmets.

Lunchtime poll: Will Letang wears a helmet or not? He’d need a headband for sure but it’s a sin to cover up that hair.  Maybe a baseball cap?

Exactly how I sleep on a plane.

The All-Star Skills Competition games are:

Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
Is a race! 6 players from each team compete in heats.

BlackBerry NHL Breakaway Challenge™
3 players from each team compete to deliver the most creative shootout attempt.  They get 4 shots a piece and we get to vote via text.

McDonald’s NHL Accuracy Shooting™
Like Crosby’s puck pyramid and Ovi’s weird Russian dressing mess, six players per team will shoot at foam targets in the four corners of the goal.

G Series NHL Skills Challenge Relay™
New event and it’s a big one!  16 players from each team in four relays.  Each skill must be completed before the team can move on to the next.  Two relay groups per team.

  • One-timer: shoot over an 8″ obstacle
  • Passing: put a pass into each of 6 nets set up around the ice
  • Puck control: Slalom cones while keeping the puck on the stick
  • Stick handling: Keep the puck on the stick through a series of obstacles
  • Accuracy shooting: Knock out four targets.

XM NHL Hardest Shot™
If you can’t figure this out, Chara gets to shoot at you.

Discover NHL Elimination Shootout™
Musical chairs for the shootout, like the Penguins have mastered.  Only they make people grow mustaches and run to the top row of a football stadium.  In this, it’s 1 point per goal and a lot of bragging rights for whoever makes it to the end. [Graphic from NHL.com]

We kinda hope Tanger and Tazer end up on opposite teams so they can showdown in the shootout challenge!

Mine. Mine. Mine.

The Captain’s Chair

19 Jan

EStaaaaaaal and Nick Lidstrom are the 2011 All-Star Game Captains and I have to say WELL DONE, NHL.  This is so fun already.  And Eric is smiling.  I haven’t been this excited about a Captain since Malcolm Reynolds.

Team Staal, all the way.

This is the ultimate olive branch because even if you hate the Wings (slowly raises hand), you love Lidstrom. The man is 40, classy as all get out and just about as awesome now as he ever was.   In this video, EStaal jokes about MStaal (boo) and Patrick Sharp (yay) telling him they want to be picked early in the draft.  Because Thunder Bay looks out for Thunder Bay.

“Staal is from my hometown, so he better be drafting me,” Sharp said. “But I have a feeling he’s going to make me wait it out.” [Chicago Tribune]

Sweet Carolina

No surprise in these selections.  Hometown Hero and the Gentleman Jockey.  Could be Lidstrom’s last season and it could be a while before Raleigh gets excited about hockey again.  We love the players for choosing these guys.

I’m all Team Staal, since he’s my fantasy hockey team captain too!  Chuck is Team Lidstrom.  Eric better take my calls on draft day because there is some strategy to be discussed.  And I will even let him pick Ginger Staal so long as he picks Letang or Green first.

11 All Star Games, 4 Stanley Cups... yes captain.

The Professor Gets an A++ and the Killer B’s Attack

12 Jan

Last night, the Bruins faced off against the struggling Ottawa Senators and WUYS fave (and Foxy Friday honoree) Patrice Bergeron notched is first career hat-trick in the Bs 6-nil win over the Sens.

Un. Deux. Trois. (photo by @NHLBruins)

The Garden crowd thought that Bergy got the hat trick at 14:07 of the 2nd and launched their caps on to the ice, only to have the official scorer credit the goal to the Little Motorscooter, Brad Marchand.  Celebration fail, folks and everyone goes to the Pro Shop to buy new hats.

But Bergy would not be DENIED.  He kept grinding and hustling and eventually got his hat trick with 5 min left in the 3rd.  Cue hat toss (for reals this time)

Nouveau Chapeau gone to waste...

After this win and their stunning victory over the Pens on Monday – 4 goals in last 3:30 min (sorry Pants) – here’s to hoping that the Bruins can capitalized on the momentum, which unfortunately they really haven’t been able to do much of this season.  The B’s are a talented team with arguable the best goaltending duo in the league (Thomas and TUUUUUKKA Rask) and four solid lines that can all score goals.

While they only boast two all-stars this year, that doesn’t really reflect how good of a team they are.  Keep an eye on the Bruins as this season goes on.  If they continue to spread the point production and stay consistent, they could just be a team to reckon with.

Watch out Pants.  Be aware Dawn.  The Killer Bs are coming for ya.