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Your Moment of Zen.

8 Sep

for all you capt. serious fans out there

What a baby face.

He almost looks like Sasha Fierce above

MG52 with his niece. Are they at TGIFridays? Because is it yet?

i'll protect those, ah, assets - Kris.

oh how did I miss this one? new desk top back ground.


New Season, New Hope!

6 Sep

I'm sorry ... he's hot. he's perfect. he's a hockey machine. I love him!

This is what I’ve been up to (see below) in hopes of helping the Capitals win the Stanley cup – FINALLY! I was so excited when I read the big fall preview of THN issue that still puts the Capitals as winning the cup in 2012! With all their off-season re-tooling, high praise for GMGM and loyalty to BB for a lack lusture post-season run – AGAIN. Not so rockin’.

I just wanted out of Florida really.

But this year, we got Tomas Vokoun – and yes, SOME ONE frickin’ FINALLY heard  me peeps! All that screamin’ in Seattle  – and buggin’ my house, the bat phone to DC actually came through and though they protest too much, THEY GOT A GOALIE AND VARLY is gone. Am I dreaming? SRSLY?! I feel like I am swimming in a sea of rainbow skittles and Sasha Fierce has promise to actually play hockey this season – oh please – oh please don’t let me wake up.

they got caught coming out of Ihop ... nicky's mom is really disappointed.

But MG52 better have given Animal his walking papers over the summer. Or Pants is going to give her pouty face again.

Carlson and Alzner went to sleep away camp together for some more bonding time in the off-season even though it looked like one may not make the cap deadline. Luckily McPhee came through with the cash at the expense of another player but you can’t come between the bobbsie twins.

iCarly sneaks a cuddle with Ovi - who WOULDN'T!

And Brooksy looks like he may be a Capital for life which is just fine with him. He may not ‘pump your tires’ but we know he’ll change them if it’s raining after a game even if he’s in his Armani suit – remember that ladies. I foresee many break downs outside Kettler Arena soon!

I may not pump your tires, but I'll change them, ladies!

And we can’t forget the most important pre-season date – 9/17. BEWARE. It’s all I’m sayin. Cause I’ve been saving for it.

I’ll be wearing my highest rated googled sweat pants and this on that day and every game there after … GO CAPITALS!

I needed an accessory to go with my sweat pants did I?


Oh and when the Caps aren’t playing and Mr. Cherrie let’s me watch the Penguin’s : I made this:

And yes, I do wear these.



Small Hockey Hands & Other Stuff.

9 Jun

Pants mentioned small hands the other day and it reminded me of this brilliant SNL skit from a few years ago. Enjoy!


Also, I ran across this photo of Ovi and the girl hitching a ride looks like Chuck! Excuse me Chuck but that is MY MAN! I think you protest too much!

I knew it ... you love him too!

And simply because I used to wear this shirt like, OK, 20 years ago I couldn’t resist posting. Sometimes Peter Pan can’t grow up.

do they or do they not look like they got caught being naughty?

Um and if Sasha Fierce is 6’2″ – I’m a successful high fashion model with 36-24-36 measurements, weight 120 lbs, am 5’10 (actually am) and a real blonde with a real rack. But nice tan and Russian flo-bee; big hands too. 😉

And lastly, guess this adorable tot who grew into an AWESOME NHL player! And I’m not tagging the photo. Just try and guess for fun and since it’s me, it should be easy.

favorite player was Wayne Gretzy - that's the only hint you get and no googling.

Mikey Monday: This Again

9 May

I think we’ve posted this before but hey, it’s summer for some people and we’ve got a long way to go.  I CRY every time I watch this.  Then I laugh for half  an hour.  Then I go back, watch it again and think “Sasha is so pretty.”  (I mean REALLY.  Take away the early 90’s post-Communist haircut and look at that face!)

If WUYS ran the world, things like this would happen more often.  With intermissions for push up contests and  someone selling funnel cake.

So. Much. Eyeliner.  I can’t even look a Nicky, he looks like he’s blaming Mike for everything.

And We Weren’t Invited?

9 Apr

Thank God Ovi is back on twitter because it’s a goldmine but unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t been on twitter in ages and migraines have left me sidelined lately (Paging Dr. Letang for bedside assistance please!).

So Mr. Cherrie alerted me to a few nuggets which I traced to Ovi’s twitter! First up, his run in with the First Lady where evidently 6′ 5″, 220 lbs. Jason Arnott was SHOVED aside by Secret Service agents at a restaurant with not so much as an “Excuse me” but just “Step a side.”
Ovi wanted to get a picture with her so both Arnott and Ovi went over to talk to her.

“We talked a little bit about the Capitals,” Arnott said. “We were trying to get her to come to a game. And she said she and her husband were trying to get to a game. Ovie’s like, ‘We can get you tickets if you want to come.’” Really? He has that kind of pull? Can he get me tickets too?

charming the first lady!

A continuation of the EPIC ROMANCE: Ovi and Sasha Fierce celebrating Sasha Fierce’s birthday! I bet Ovi stopped at the grocery store on the way over to SF’s before the party. Did they then pop them and starting huffing and making silly voices? Was a sleep over pajama party involved? Did they paint each others nails and then do each others hair? Because I want to see those photos too!

And next time, we want to be invited. No, we DEMAND to be invited! We’ll even bring the Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” Purple Passion nail color! Honest! I just get dibs on Ovi! I know, I know, no one here is going to fight me for that pleasure.

How old you are? SRSLY?

Happy Birthday Sasha Fierce – A Day Late, A Ruble Short!

4 Mar

Hey, Dawn, Sasha here, you forgot my BIRTHDAY you dumb B$&ch!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have bunches of sweet love for you! I scored first place in my fantasy Caps hockey for the month! I’ve never ever done that! And the trade deadline’s past and YOU’RE STILL A CAP! THANK MOTHER RUSSIA! I was totes sweatin’ that one. Instead GM GM gave you some sweet back up so now you can add to all those hat tricks you’ve racked up this season!

So in honor of your birthday, we get to embarrass you just like it was a real birthday party! So here’s your first NHL fight with Marc Staahl where, well, I’ll let the video speak for itself:

And then we pull out old photos of you doing spazzy things when you thought no one was looking:

and then there's this one ...

Or when you got really drunk doing shots with Mikey and Brooksy and forgot your pants at Neuvy’s place and you all  snuck back in to Kettler to play some shinny hockey and then you ended up calling Ovi’s mom?

drunk dialing Ovi’s mom and heavy breathing!

Or that time Ovi talked you into going on that ‘double date’ and it ended up being just you and him?

You were a good sport about that!

Either way, we love you and wish you a belated but none the less FABULOUS WUYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASHA FIERCE!


Say It Ain’t So… Please! and Other News

29 Nov

This is just for Pants

Holy Whining Sidney Crosby! Mr. Cherrie gave me the shock of my life

i am all the capitals defense - it's a tough job

when I got home from work tonight tellingme he heard rumors of a trade between the Washington Capitals and the LA Kings. Pants can attest to the fact that I complain like Sid about the lack of defense on the Caps. The great, fabulous Mr. Green is their Obi-Wan Kenobi. Pants like his hair, I love what he does on the ice. I’m like Princess Leia every game in front of the TV – “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope!” Repeat and rinse … Also, they need more than one goalie  – Neuvy baby, I’ve been turbo voting for ya for the All-Star Game but can you say, Kiprusoff? Varly will implode – trust me.

repeat after me, i am a wall, nothing get's by me - nothing.

i'll be your huckleberry

Rumor is they are willing to trade Fleishmann, Fehr and Semin for Scuderi. Oh HELL-NO! BUT … if you throw in Drew-Baby, I might consider it then I could have a Ovi-Drew hoagie – can you say YUMMY?
On to my next tib-bit-o-news: the blogs and hockey sites were on fire tonight with captions like, IS SIDNEY A DIRTY PLAYER? LOL! Really? He slew footed some dude in the Rangers game tonight (see video) and it makes the news. What should have been the REAL HIGHLIGHT was Sidney’s slew footing of Sean Avery in the third period of the same game. Since when did Sid get all slew foot happy? I am going to nick name him Slew Foot Sid from now on. He’s got it down pat. But a word of advice from a publicist Sid, don’t whine that you can’t be ‘dirty player’ because you only have 15 penalty minutes. You don’t want to tarnish that halo.
On to the next fabulous video for your viewing pleasure is the Chris Pronger “Sean Avery” penalty. I don’t think this really needs any more explanation. Just watch and learn my friends. Watch and learn
‘nough said.