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I Drove All Night

9 Nov

Gator and I are like a married couple who have the same argument all the time, over and over.  It goes like this:

Gator: “I can’t believe you like Mike Green.  He’s so….”

Pants: “… Mike Green.”

And that is the only explanation, besides falling down and looking so relieved when he scores a goal.  Case in Point:

Caps Breakaway – “Who Drives the Worst Car on the Team?” [link]

Call us old. Get bad picture.

Troy Brouwer says it’s Mike with his white SAAB.  Then he calls Mike a “middle aged man.”

Be adorable. Get adorable picture.

Mike cites his own white SAAB.  Then brings up the scooter.

Meanwhile the winner is really Brooks for some old car he had…

Drive crap car. Still get girls.

that is apparently from between WWII (says Nicky)…

Smile. It distracts people while you make fun of them.

 and Ovi’s grandfather’s birth.  In 1968.  When they made Escalades.

Show only bottom teeth. No one notices gap on the top.

Two Heads are Not Better than One

25 Oct

Now, is this really necessary?

More for me to share with ladies. hahahahahaha!

Isn’t one Ovi enough?

If your name is DawnCherrie, probably not, but for the rest of us, we’re cool with just the one. Thanks so much.

Now don’t get me wrong – I think that Ovechkin is a crazy good hockey player.  He’s flashy, dynamic, and ALWAYS looks like the kid having the most fun out there when he scores goals.


Speaking of goals…

They haven’t exactly been coming fast and furious for Ovechkin.  He has the same amount of goals (3) as Mike Green.  Mike Green, people.

It’s cool though.  While teams are busy covering the Russian Machine, it gives opportunities to guys like Green, Ward, Backstrom, Chimera, Johansson, and Wideman to create plays and score points.

And any time Mike Green scores, Pants does this….

The Caps are 7-0 on the season and fans are no doubt dreaming that this might be the year.

And it very well could be.   They are always considered a top team in the NHL and with good reason.  They have depth, skill, and with the addition of Tomas Voukon between the pipes, the Caps are built like a Stanley Cup contender.

If only they could get through the playoffs…

Foxy Friday….ermmm…not so much

12 Aug

So any of our loyal readers out there know that this blog – and this feature, in particular – tend to focus on the more beautiful aspects of the game of hockey.

Namely, the oily bo-hunks that play this game we love so much.

Patrick Sharp.  

Sidney Crosby.

Jonathan Toews.

Patrice Bergeron.

Patrick Sharp.

Oh wait, already said him.  Doesn’t matter!  He’s so hot, I had to mention him twice.

No no no. Too Sexy.

But for today’s Foxy Friday feature (yay alliteration!), I’m going a little crazy.

I’m going to veer of this highway of “hotness”…

…down the off-ramp…

For this week, and this week ONLY- Foxy Friday is going to known as…

Fugly Friday

Yah, that’s right.

These guys might not gracing the cover of GQ anytime soon, but they still play a pretty sick game of hockey.

Ian Laperriere

Is he face made out of silly putty?

Mike Ricci

Alex Ovechkin

Sorry, Dawn.  He’s an amazing hockey player, but really…I don’t get it.

Daniel Carcillo

Gerry Cheevers

The comb-over. The Jason mask. Not a good look for anyone.

So, do you have a player that you think should be on this list?  One who reminds you more of Sloth from ‘The Goonies” than Ben Affleck from “The Town” (FACT: BA never looked hotter that he did in that movie.  And I will fight anyone who disagrees.)

ASG Weekend #2: Skills Competition

31 Jan

Hockey players have mad skills.

And what better way to showcase them, than with the always fun Super Skills Competition.

So here are the results…

  • Faster Skater – Michael Grabner (14.238 seconds)
  • Breakaway – Alexander Ovechkin (38.5% of the fan votes).
  • Accuracy – Daniel Sedin (4 for 4 in 7.3 seconds)
  • Skills Challenge Relay – Team Lidstrom (2:09)
  • Hardest Shot – Zdeno Chara, 105.9mph (4th consecutive win AND he beat his own record)
  • Elimination Shoot-Out – Corey Perry

and some of our favorite moments…

  • PK Subban stealing Jeff Skinner’s jersey

Oh look Jeff Skinner...heeeeeyyyyyyy wait a second...

  • Jeff Skinner. The Justin Bieber of the NHL.  I wish he could be my prom date.

Definitely out WAY past his curfew

  • Timmy Thomas vs. Cam Ward in the Fastest Skater.  In full equipment.
  • Timmy’s wipe out behind the net. But he got right back up with the ever-present smile on his face.
    Catching an edge.
    Still smilin’…
  • Toews’ Accuracy Mulligan and *derp* face through the whole competition
  • Marc-Andre Fleury. The jumping jacks.  Stacking the pads on Ovechkin. The dancing.  Everything.  We love him.  As far as we are concerned, he won the entire Skills Competition.

and 1...and 2...and 3

What are those? Hockey nets for ANTS?

  • The new-found love between Alex Ovechkin and Kris “Look at My Hair” Letang

Love is in the air...

  • Zdeno Chara‘s slap shot.  Faster than a speeding bullet.

If I saw this, I would curl up into the fetal position and cry for my mother.

  • Last but not least – Patrick Sharp, ASG 2011 MVP.

Looking better than any hockey player has a right to

I Have a Question

23 Oct

Yes, I’m going THERE …AGAIN.  Here is a direct quote from for NHL guidelines with regards to player contact with fans.

Following is an excerpt from the section that addressed “Contact with Fans”:

“Under no circumstances are Club personnel — either players or non-players — permitted to have physical contact with fans, or enter, or attempt to enter the stands. Even where a fan is verbally abusive, intoxicated, or profane, Club personnel should either ignore the conduct or, where appropriate, seek the assistance of police or security personnel at the arena.

“Accordingly, please be on notice that all Club personnel (management, coaches, trainers, and/or players) who engage in any form of physical contact with fans, including the squirting of water, will, on a going forward basis, be subject to discipline in the form of a suspension.  The Club involved will also be subject to a fine.”

Now, Pants knows from various off-line chats we have, well, let’s just say I an active imagination and maybe some NSFW comments. But what if say Pants, or Chuck or I, were to lure one of our favorite players away before, during or after a game but still on-site would they still be fined for contact with a fan? Does this cover that kind of contact? What if it’s consensual? Because if I got that close to Ovi,  Miika, Brodeur or Fedorov, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this:

I totally bought these!

24 Sep

I couldn’t help myself because unlike Pants, I ❤ sparkly, bright, shiny things – like a magpie – or better yet – like Mike Green to Mariah Carey. Plus the total bonus was they were discounted and no comment from the peanut gallery about the Ovi shirt! Puh-lease

bright AND sparkly

There has been enough bashing today and I will give Max props for being hot – there I said it. He’s HOT. Even I can appreciate a hot hockey player as long as his mouth is, well, I guess it wouldn’t work if I duct taped his mouth shut – huh?! And he’s French, which is another strike against him but oh well. He is hot and I’ll leave it at that.

Hot for O'vechkin!

Besides, I won’t mention, that again, the only picture any one can find of Sidney Crosby is yet again, with a guy – a hot guy, but a guy none the less. Oops, sorry. I digressed.

I am now waiting by my mail box for my sparkly (which I HOPE is bedazzled with genuine Swarovski crystals!) Caps Lucky tank top and my Ovechkin Women’s Green St. Patrick’s Day shirt – which, if it’s coming UPS Ground – MIGHT be here by the next St. Patrick’s Day.

But that is another story for another day which I will only add –  I left on the NHL shop’s website because they bugged me for feedback.  BTW – I think they got a good laugh that day and decided to call me only to see if I truly existed as well as my dead, blind, crippled, paralyzed grandma.

Note from Pants:

I’m pulling editorial and posting this, because it’s too weird!  I am wearing the Crosby version of that St. Patrick’s Day shirt right now. Wonder twins activate?  For Jello wrestling during the Winter Classic?

fashion show at work

PS: You like that Matt Damon peeking over my shoulder?