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Desperate Times, Require Desperate Measures.

16 Sep

DDTBG is a no-show at training camp and he is the last hold out in the restricted free agent circle. I don’t think I would need to look far to find him. Anyone, anyone?

Yeah … i went there AND sent a postcard – baby Drew!

While I can appreciate what he wants, what I want is my sweet, sweet back’s bad ass DDTBG on the ice. So I’ve devised a plan. I’m driving to B.C. getting MelTing and we are wearing the below outfits tied with empty Diet coke cans strapped on  and hunting Drew down and running back and forth and then to the LA Kings training camp. Oh, he’ll follow us! How could he resist? Hot chicks, dressed as hamburgers with diet cokes? That trumps a contract any day. The LA Kings just aren’t looking at this right!

Come on Drew, you know you wanna take a bite!

Happy Birthday to Us!

6 Sep

What’s Up, Ya Sieve? turns 1 today!

Yea. Berfdai.

So you know what that mean…


Mexican Coca-Colas.

Office Dance Party.

More cake.

Glitter…so much glitter…

and this…

Can't believe they're making me wear this...

365 days and here we are!

We’ve had almost 200,000 hits, which we can honestly say we never expected.  We thought we’d be lucky if we got 200, not counting the 195 hits from our moms.)

We’ve had so much fun with all of you this past year, building our own little place in  blogosphere, but we wanted to make it more fun-er. (As if that was even possible…)

We get the awesome power of evolution, much like Lady Gaga,  Madonna before her, and that Charles Darwin guy.

Hope you don’t mind but we decided to make a few little changes – ones that will hopefully help WUYS grow like the Galactic Empire and take over the galaxy…except without all the death, persecution of fuzzy woodland creatures, and giant planet-shaped weapons of mass destruction.

So here we go…

Change #1 – Goodbye  Hello,
Ya, that’s right.  We’ve done gone and made our little blog all legit.  Our new web address is  Bookmark that scriz.  Tell your friends.

Change #2 – Diamonds are forever.  But email comes close.
You can now email us directly!
chuck [at] whatsupyasieve [dot] com
pants [at] whatsupyasieve [dot] com

We also gave DawnCherrie one (dawncherrie [at] whatsupyasieve [dot] com) but forget about getting a response…unless your email includes photos of Alex Ovechkin in a speedo on the Black Sea.

Email us.  Show us the love.  Or the hate.  Links to videos of NHLers working out are always welcome.

Also welcome – photos of Mike Green’s hair, Tyler Seguin’s abs, and Patrick Sharp’s face.

So Happy Birthday to Us!  We’re totes not getting any work done today.  We’re gonna be too busy doing this…

Care to join us?

Foxy Friday: Stanley Cup

22 Jul

The most beautiful trophy in sports.  You totally want to kiss it.

At my wedding, Boston Bruins fan extraordinaire Tom and his genius girlfriend Michelle gave our party the one thing it was missing.  This tin foil beauty sits in my office and whenever I do something great, I lift it over my head.

Somewhere in the box marked “Bad Hair/Flannel Shirt Years” is a photo of me at age 14 with the real Stanley Cup.  If I ever find it, I might even show it to you.

Also, can I get an NHL table cloth please?

Unicorns and Glitter!

4 Jun

Well now Dawn has something to do during the off-season: try her first name with assorted last names (Letang, Doughty, Ovechkin) to generate the perfect Unicorn Name!  Mine is:

If you enter the secret combination that generates Ke$ha as your name, you get to go to Candy Mountain.

So I went to the gym today…

27 May

But my spin class was full.

Sid: That’s Pants’ bike.

Bergy: She has to sit by Sid.

TBG Drew: Why?

Bergy: Because he borrowed her capris.

Sid: After she stole Patty’s shoes.

Bergy: Because Sid sings along, but Pants drowns him out.

Sid: You sing too.

Bergy: Only when we go downhill to Lady Gaga.

RIP: Webeard

10 May

RIP, Shea Weber’s beard, aka Webeard.

We’re gonna miss ya, buddy.


Battle of the Foxy Fridays...and their facial hair.

Because I Can’t Get Enough.

5 May

I think I’ve officially lost it.