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Mikey Monday: It’s Time

26 Mar

I spent a portion of Saturday night fighting off a panic attack that the Caps had dropped to 9th place in the East.  That was after Gator, Deb (@DLF1021) and I watched them blow a three goal lead to lose in OT on Friday night.  Hockey is why I don’t keep snacks in the house, I’d stress-eat constantly.

The Caps picked it up last night vs. Minnesota with a 3-0 win and reclaimed the 8th spot.  I’m willing to temporarily un-hate Ovi if he comes to play everyday.  Even Sasha Fierce downloaded new software from the Matrix and remembered he plays for, not against, the Capitals.  Everybody happy, right?

Wrong.  Among the NBS Sports 2nd intermission discussion topics was “Mike Green’s Regression.”  They noted Mike’s struggles since returning, including how the Caps won the first 8 games Mike played in, but have gone some low number-for-some high number since his return.  Oh yes, BLAME MIKE GREEN.  It’s all his fault.  The talking heads agreed that with “the way Mike Green is playing, I’d be licking my chops to face to Capitals in the first round.”

Say that to my face!

True, Mike hasn’t been in top form.  He hasn’t scored a goal.  Last night he tried to pass to me, in Maryland, and iced the puck for no reason.  But no one gets to make fun of Mike Green except for us, because we do it out of love. Sometimes Mike does dumb things – he did them when he got two Norris nominations.   The Caps have been struggling all season, where were you morons?   I had some choice words for Milbury last night, I think my neighbors earmuffed their kids.

That said, I’m done defending the players on this team.  I’ve kept my mouth mostly shut (except to Gator) all season and tried to stay positive.  I don’t care if the defense pairings are painfully awkward.  This is the time.  Ovechkin has his sparkle back, maybe Semin too.  We’ve been waiting all damned season for that, so take the opportunity while there’s still some gas in the tank.  You might get Nicky back.  You might elect Jason Chimera as your tribute from the District.  You might even make the playoffs.  So let’s go!

The Kid Stays in the Picture

13 Mar




Hurrah for Gabe Landeskog on one hell of a game.

After missing the pre-game skate with flu-like symptoms, he somehow managed to tough it out and score the game-winning goal (his 4th GWG of the season) versus the Kings in OT last night.

When I have the flu, all I want to do is eat saltines, drink ginger ale, and watch bad movies like “Teen Witch”.  The thought of having to play 60 minutes of hockey when all you want to do is hurl makes me want to hurl.

I don’t know how you did it, kid.

Landeskog also had three shots in the game bringing his season tally to 235 for the year, breaking Peter Stasny’s franchise rookie record for shots set waaaaay back in 1980-81 (12 years before GL92 was even a fetus.)

The Avalanche are in a desperate fight for a playoff spot so they are gonna need every point they can get.  Last night’s win moved them into 8th in the Western Conference.

With Matt Duchene out with a ankle injury, the Avs are going to have to depend guys like Landeskog, O’Reilly, and Stasny to keep them in the hunt.  Also critical to their playoffs hopes is the goaltending of Varlamov.  He’s been playing really well as of late and last night, he looked pretty tioght.

Let’s hope that the Avs’ young talent can sustain them and keep them in the race.

Because frankly, we’d love to see more of this.


P.S.  Kudos to Landeskog for giving a very nice, poised, coherent post-game interview.  So often, I cringe every time players do post-games because 99% of them are in desperate need of media training.  But Gabe was perfect.  Kid is gonna be a superstar.


12 Mar



The Bruins are teetering precariously on the edge of the abyss…and they are threathening to take me with them.

Saturday, they lost to the Capitals.  Yesterday, they got violated by the Penguins.  Patrice Bergeron and Adam McQuaid both got injured.  With Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, Beniot Pouliot, and Tuukka Rask already out, it only to the dire situation the Black and Gold find themselves in late in the season.

Can I get a prayer circle?

Never have I seen a sadder face. Never.

McQuaid took a hard hit from James Neal in the 1st and did not return for rest of the game.  Bergeron took a shot off the leg and labored badly to try to battle through, but did not return.

Obviously, goaltending is a SERIOUS issue for the Bruins.  Serio, people.  I knew losing Tuukka would be tough but I had not fully realize it until this weekend.

And when I did, this was me.

Luckily I managed to pull myself together and attempted to analyze this mess of a situation the Bruins are in.

In an ideal world, Tukkaa would have played Saturday’s matinee versus the Caps, allowing Thomas to rest up for the game against the Pens.  But with Rask recovering from a groin injury, the Bruins were up Crap Creek without a paddle.  

Hell, they didn’t even have a boat.

Then you add in the clocks springing forward for daylight savings, and  you have a recipe for a grade A+, #1 disaster of epic proportion.

Yesterday’s game was that unmitigated disaster.

The Pens jumped all over Thomas from the first whistle scoring 3 goals in the first.  It was ooglay.

I was ready to rage every time the Penguins touched the puck out of sheer frustration.

Normally, I have no issues with the Penguins.  While they are not my favorite team, I respect them and like alot of their players but yesterday, I want to kick all of them in the shins.

Like really hard.

Bruins managed to stauch the bleeding somewhat at the beginning of the 2nd period by pulling Thomas and putting in Marty Turco.  TURCO TIME, YA’LL!

Turco played well in his first NHL game in over a year and no one threw smelly fish at him.  He only allowed 2 goals (if that can be considered a postitive) and made some great saves, including this gem on JStaal.

Poke Check.  Stack the pads.

I don’t know how it could get any worse for the Bruins but if they hope to have any chance to make a run for defending their Stanley Cup, they need to do something.

I have a suggestion.

Bubble wrap.

And lots of it.

Call Mike Green.  I’m sure he has some extra lying about.

Well, it’s not good news…

9 Feb

The always-excellent today has a translated Swedish interview with Nicky – read it here.

He hopes to be ready for the playoffs.  That’s two months away.  I know he hasn’t skated in forever, isn’t attending home games and even Mike went on vacation without him, but seeing it in print is really bumming me out.

Last night I saw someone Tweeted at Rene Bourque and briefly wondered how much I could say before it’s considered a threat actionable in court.  How many 140-character messages would it take?  GRRRRRRR.

At least it’s an update.  Get better, Nicky.  We really miss you around here!

Keep Your Chin Up

6 Dec

I want the Tampa Bay Lightning to play better, because they are such a happy crew.  Behind-the-scenes from the Tampa Bay Magazine cover story:

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Now cut your hair.

And there’s adorable video too [link].

Spin like a ballerina!

The Bolts are 11-13-2, while the cross-state Panthers are killing it and leading the division.  That’s right, I said the PANTHERS.  Remember when Rob Niedermayer played for them?


Stammer has 16 G/13 A, which puts him near the top in goals and points.

Lean back.

But they’re struggling to put together wins.  The Lightning have dropped 9 of 15 games, including the last 4 in a row.

Squishy is a distinguished gentleman.

They play tonight against a team with a worse record – the Islanders.  It would be nice to get a running start into tough road games against the Rangers and Flyers later this week.

Everybody loves Steven.

Good work, Captain Duck.

30 Jun

Yesterday, seven-time All-Star (and former U of Maine Black Bear) Paul Kariya retired.

Kariya had 402 goals and 989 points in 989 career games and played for 15 years.

He probably could have played longer…were it not for that pesky little villain all hockey fans HATE…the concussion.

Kariya didn’t play at all last season as he attempted to recover and his announcement yesterday got me thinking – Is Marc Savard next?

Got to get you into my life.

I perish the thought but the harsh reality is that it could happen.  But I don’t wants it to happen!  

With every fiber of my body I want Savvy to come back in October refresh, ready, and symptom-free to take his place with the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

But I just don’t know if that is going to happen.  And that makes me one sad panda.

Pants knows how I’m feeling about all this.  She’s patiently waiting for Sidney to recover, leave the comfy confines of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and make his way back to da ‘Burgh and the love fest that is the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.

"And this trophy was from when I won scored 3,629 goals for my Midget AAA team..."

Until then, we’ll just wait all night…by this hedge…

Bye Bye Beardy?

16 Jun

Who’s gonna keep their playoff beard?  Who’s ready to say goodbye?

Check out 0:23 mark. Best faces ever!

Someone please GIF these for us.  Please?