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Foxy Friday – Jonathan Quick!

20 Apr

Who knew such a baby-face bad ass awaited?

 Everyone knows I LOVE GOALIES! And one who gets kisses from Drew Doughty on a regular basis would be high on my list!

Care for a three-some guys?!

But this ain’t the only reason he’s FOXY!

Jonathan Quick is a baby-face bad-ass! He’s a strong contender for this year’s Vezina Trophy, was a member of the USA’s Olympic Team who won a silver medal in the 2010 and is the ONE reason the LA Kings are in the play-offs this year.

He is the Merlin to the Kings’ royal court. HE IS PURE MAGIC.

Even the puck lives in fear of Quick.


His wife is sister to NY Islanders’ Matt Moulson’s wife! Talk about six degrees of the Secret Lives of Hockey Wives! (BEST SHOW EVER/GUILTY PLEASURE! – get it on DVD – NOW!)

Say hello to your 'motha for me!

Quick was the Kings’ All-Star gift to the hockey gods.

How does this go on again?

He has confounded the Sedin-bot Twins in the play-offs and flummoxed Kesler. He kept his cool when Burrows was rifling shots at him and Edler was flopping on him like a seal sunbathing at high-noon!

oops - how'd I get in there?

 A goalie is your last line of defense, your best penalty killer and as Obvious-Guy says, your best player or your biggest chump!

don't let that smile fool you, he won't let you score!

So as Steven Colbert believes in his “bump” here’s ours FOXY FRIDAY BUMP!


Foxy Friday: Patrick Marleau

13 Apr

Loyalty is defined as “a faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.”

One might also define loyalty as “Patrick Marleau.”

Marleau has spent his entire professional hockey career with the San Jose Sharks, who drafted him 2nd overall at the 1997 Entry Draft (behind current teammate Joe Thornton).

1997 to 2012. That’s like eleventy billion years in hockey speak.

His loyalty was put to the test in 2010 but Marleau chose to not test the free agent waters, and remain with the team that drafted him. He signed a 4-year deal, worth a tidy $27.6 mil a year. You know how we feel about math (we hate it) but even we know that works out to some serious paper.

Aside from his devotion to the Black and Teal, the Sharks alternate captain is also one serious hockey player. Add to that his overall adorableness, those eyebrows, and the fact that we don’t give the Western Conference as much love as we should, we have named Patrick Marleau this week’s Foxy Friday.

Marleau is the all-time Sharks leader in goals, even strength goals, power play goals, points, shots, AND games played. Overachiever, much?

On January 17, 2011, Marleau played his 1,000th career game, becoming the third-quickest player to that prestigious milestone as measured by age, as well as the youngest player in NHL history to reach the milestone with the same franchise.

And if that wasn’t enough, he scored a goal too.


Other fun facts about Mr. Marleau that make him worthy…

  • He was born September 15, 1979 in Aneroid, southwestern Saskatchewan, (pop. 45). Not only does that make him extremely WUYS age appropriate, but he’s also from a town that sounds like something out of Star Wars (which we love)
  • His favorite band is The Tragically Hip. Of course, it is. He’s Canadian. You probably get a copy of their album upon birth, along with a pair of skates and lumberjack hat.
  • He hates loud eaters, bad drivers, and smokers.
  • Most famous people in his cell phone – Justin Morneau and Sidney Crosby. The most famous person in my cell phone is Pants.
  • He is fluent in “Toddlerese”. Wonder if you can get this on Rosetta Stone?
  • His oldest piece of protective equipment is his shoulder pads. He claims they are “decades old”.
  • Can undress out of his hockey gear in a team-low, 45-seconds. Team low? So what you’re telling me is that the Sharks had a race to see who could get naked the fastest? What we wouldn’t have given to officiate that race….

Aww shucks, guys.

Marleau finished the regular season at 30 G, 34 A, 64 pts and a +10 and will no doubt be a factor in the Sharks’ success this postseason. He will also be making a run for the Most Desirable Playoff Beard Award.
Also, his long-lost twin?
The coach from “Friday Night Lights”, Kyle Chandler!!
Seriously Foxy.

from Sports Illustrated

Foxy Friday: Braden Holtby

6 Apr

Listen people, we need to win.  The Caps are down two goalies after Michael Neuvirth injured his leg and left last night’s game in the second period.  Their PR guy dressed as backup goalie for practice this morning!  Have I mentioned the playoffs start next week?

Cue Braden Holtby.

It's a sin to put a mask over that face.

Holtby has been the backup-backup goaltender this season, starting six games at the NHL level.  He will start Saturday against the Caps potential first-round foe, the Rangers.  He’s just 22 years old, from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.  Imagine having to write that return address on a letter?  Lloydminster actually straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, but Braden’s listed as being from Saskatchewan (because it’s fun to say).

Braden owns a Detroit Tigers hat (he wore it at the Caps convention) and that makes Gator cheer extra loud everytime he takes the ice.  We are *really* pulling for Holts to rock in the playoffs.  Not just for the wins, but because we love a good story!  (And winning.)

Braden has sported some pretty amazing facial hair in the past, and can grow a Letang-style scuff in about an hour.  Here’s hoping that a full, burly playoff beard doesn’t interfere with his mask because we’d love to see it.  Give Alzer a run for his money, eh?

Neuvy had to shade his eyes from this grooming choice.

Braden got the win last night, and was so aw-shucks in the post-game that you might have to hug something. [link]

Not to get you all happy then break your hearts, but Holtby is engaged and his fiancee is pregnant.  Hockey babies!  They will undoubtedly inherit their dad’s really great hair.  The Caps’ Keith Aucoin just named his baby Brayden… what’s Holts going to do?

He’s going to win first, then figure it out.  Then get a big contract for the Show and bring this face to the Phone Booth every game next season.

Wear the hat! More winning!

Follow Braden on Twitter – @Holts170.

Foxy Friday: Craig Smith

30 Mar

Did you really think we’d forget?

Okay, so for a minute there, we might have.  Here has just been so much work and life and commotion going on in the WUYS offices right now, that you can’t blame us.

But fear not!  Your Foxy Friday is here!

A bit late, but as they say “Better late than never.”

This week’s honoree – Craig Smith from the Nashville Predators

The Preds are putting together a serious campaign to take the title of NHL’s Foxiest this season.  Mike Fisher. Colin Wilson.  Pekka Rinne.  And now Craig Smith.

This 6’1″, 197 lb rookie center is right there with them.  His stats in his first season rank him 8th among NHL Rookies (13 G, 20 A, 33 pts) and the kid is starting to make a name for himself in Music City.

Also, he has good hair and bone structure that makes Patrick Sharp jealous.

I'm coming for your title, Sharpie.

He leads all Predators with 20 pts on the road this season.  He’s second amoungst all NHL Rookies with 6 power play goals this season.  And his play earned him a spot in the on the Rookie team at the NHL All Star game.

Second in assists by a Predator rookie in a single season (20), behind only Martin Erat (24, 2001-02). He also ranks third on the Preds all-time rookie points (31) -behind Radulov (18g-19a-37pts) and Erat (9g-24a-33pts).  He posted three points in a game vs. Vancouver which tied him from second-highest total by a rookie in Preds history.

Not too shabby for the former Wisconsin Badger from Madison.  Craig Smith is most deserving of the Foxy Friday honor.

But life ain’t always easy for the rookie.  Especially when this happens.

Awkberg. Even Mike Fisher is trying hard to not to laugh at the kid’s misfortune.  You just want to hug him, make him a mug of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and tell him that it is going to be okay.

But you have to admit…it is sort of funny.  Horrifiyingly embarassing, but funny.

Also, some of you with a strange Edward Cullen fantasy might find this photo sexy.

Craig Smith has vampire teeth.

The only member of the Cullen Clan worth giving up your mortal life for.

(Personally I find Edward Cullen a creepy, sparkly, controlling pedophile boyfriend, but I digress.) 

Foxy Friday: Taylor & Tom Pyatt

23 Mar

Allow me to set a scene, one I bet happened in each of your very early histories:

Doctor: “Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Parents of Future WUYS Reader.  You’re having a beautiful baby girl.”

Mom and Dad: “Yes!”

Dad quickly adds: “We will never live in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Taylor and Tom Pyatt, brothers and fellow NHL players, are among the many reasons why.

Taylor Pyatt has had a rough season in Phoenix, notching only 7 G/9 A.  The Coyotes are very much in the playoff race, battling four other teams for the last spots in the West.  Through 11 NHL seasons, Taylor has played for the Islanders, Sabres and Canucks before coming to the Coyotes in ’09-’10.  He will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Many of you know the heartbreaking story of Taylor’s fiancee, who was killed in a car wreck in 2009 [link].  He missed about a month of hockey, returned for a brief playoff stint and this his contract in Vancouver was up.  He joined the Coyotes that summer. We’re glad to see that Taylor is still playing and hope he gets a solid contract at the end of this season.

Taylor’s definitely a fan favorite in Phoenix… and why not?  He looks so much like Chris Pine that I keep expecting him to order Maximum Warp.

From there are a LOT more!

Okay, you can have another one.

Little brother Tom Pyatt has a career-high 10 G this season, including the two he scored last night  [video].  The Lightning are slipping out of the playoff dreamscape, so this will likely be the crown on Tom’s ’11-’12 season.  A recent contract extension keeps him with the Bolts through ’13-’14.

Tom is good friends with fellow Thunder Bay “hide your daughters” native Marc Staal (was in MStaal’s wedding party).  His favorite NHL team uniform is the Blackhawks (random yes, but we applaud) [link].  That’s all I could really find.  Someone get him on the phone so we can find out how he ask if he likes the roller coasters at Busch Gardens and wants to go to spring training with us.

Tom’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, so you can buy him candy that you fully intend to eat yourself.  Maybe you can borrow this hat when you both visit the Great White North.

Check out the video of Tom’s two goals and post-game interview last night.

Someday, Canada’s going to reveal the top-secret scientific research being carried out in Thunder Bay, and they put up a sign by the road: Home of The Perfection Project.

Foxy Friday: Nicklas Lidstrom

16 Mar

I was thinking on Tuesday of all the NHL teams and who had never gotten a Foxy Friday (yes, this is what I think about).  Your suggestions are spot on – we’ve never featured a Senator, Star, anyone from the Blues or the Wild.  Or… drum roll… the Red Wings.  (I’m not counting Mike Modano.)  Plus it’s been Swedish Takeover here lately.

So it’s time for Nicklas Lidstrom.

Understand the I dislike the Red Wings with intensity.  Always have.  But no one, not even I, dislikes Nicklas Lidstrom.  He is classy, cool and endlessly well-respected.  That is Foxy.

We’re not talking 20-years ago Nicklas Lidstrom either:

Okay, then too.

We prefer recent-to-current, distinguished gentleman Lidstrom, bathed in the amber glow of 20 years as the NHL’s top defenseman.

At 41-years old, Lidstrom has won 4 Stanley Cups and 7 Norris trophies (including last year).  He’s been selected 12 times for the All-Star Game.  In ’02 he won the Conn Symthe and in ’06 won Olympic Gold.  He’s played for the Red Wings (and only them) longer than Tyler Seguin has been alive (19 seasons).  Lidstrom reached the 1500-game mark in October 2011, Gator and I were there to see it.  (Has she mentioned she’s from Detroit? Reminds me every day.)

Bonus: Norris Trophy presented by my stunt double, Robin Sparkles.

Foxy Friday was pretty much the only award Lidstrom didn’t have.  Surely now all his dreams have come true.

In his career, he has 1,139 regular season + 189 playoff points.  Lidstrom scored his first (and only) hat trick at 40 years old.  He has 4 kids who are undoubtedly the coolest kids at school.  The list goes on and on [link].

Perfect family is perfect.

Nicklas Lidstrom likes to keep everyone guessing.  In ’06 and ’08 he signed two-year contracts, as if he might retire after each.  In ’10 and again in ’11, Lidstrom took one year deals with the Red Wings.  Will he retire at the end of this season?  Probably not.  But just in case, Happy Foxy Friday.

The end.

Wait, what?  Oh all right.  Fine.

We can’t take you guys anywhere.

[Seriously Sweden, what is in your water?!]

I get a kick out of this commercial every time… and @rebelheart87 and I share a confessed thing for Corey Perry too.  Where are they supposed to be going?  For some reason I think it’s IHOP, because I would go for a post-game waffles & eggs with them.

Foxy Friday: Gregory Campbell

9 Mar

This week, we’re going to the bench and giving the 4th line some playing time.

We thought it was time to give some love to the muckers and the grinders, the gritty players who claw and fight and forcheck their ways into our hearts.  While they might not show up on stat sheets or make it to ESPN’s Top 10, they are still deserving on our love.

And none is as deserving…or as foxy as Gregory Campbell, 4th line center for the Boston Bruins.

Thank you Lord for the v-neck tshirt.

Mean mugging with Horton and Looch

Campbell, or Soupy as he is affectionally known, came to the Bruins along with Nathan Horton in a trade at the beginning of the Bruins’s spectacular Stanley Cup season of 2010-2011.  He’s 6ft, 197 lbs of solid hockey man and has been a stalwart on the Bruins’ aggressive and impressive 4th line (aka the Merlot Line because of their wine colored practice jerseys) for much of the time he’s been with the Bs.

Hey Gurl.

He has ingraciated himself with the Bruins fans for his consistent and smart play…and his ability to bloody and pummel opposing players when the occasion call.  Sometimes he gets pummelled in return, but that just part of the game.  As the great band The New Radicals once said, “You gotta get what you give.”

Taking one for the team

He was a critical part of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run where he masterfully center the penalty kill, limiting the Canucks to just two power-play goals in seven games.  He forechecks like a mutha.   He is strong on the face-off.  He even scores goals occasionally, like this beaut from last night’s game vs. the Sabres.

He has lovely eyes.  And his beard…well we all know how I feel about beards.

His arms inspire sonnets and proclamations of undying love.

He brings tasty pies to those that do not have pies.

He likes things shiny.

Sure, his dad might be Colin Campbell, former director of hockey operations for the NHL, but don’t think for one minute that this guy hasn’t earned his place in the NHL through nepotism or favoritism. He earned it through grit, determination, and and smart hockey sense.

He is an invaluable part of the Bruins squad and that alone makes him worth for this Foxy Friday honor.