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O. M. Geno.

7 Jan

There are five lanes of traffic and a trolley track between my office and this newspaper rack.  I said “No way!” out loud to the whole sidewalk, then almost got hit by a bus taking this photo.  Most of these ads are a stretch (Jenna Elfman?), as is this one unless you’re a Pens fan.  But I cheer!

Just another day at the office.

Malkin is the, um… unobvious?… choice for an ad campaign, but that’s what makes it so fun.  He’s an All-Star.  He’s a big deal.  Most people seeing these don’t know Crosby either so share the love.  Any mainstream ad campaign starring an NHL player is good with me.  And the TV spot is just priceless:

We love our office Flip Cam, though no one does stick handling drills.  It’s more zombie flash mobs and superhero costume parties around here.

Buy Me Something Nice

15 Dec

I just sit here and laugh all day.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy but they can’t see this.  It’s from the Penguins Online Store, where you can buy my Christmas present.  The title of this series is Awkward Turtle.  Sid looks stiff as a board and really, Geno?  They had to photograph him in various stages of growing out his bangs?  Either smile or don’t – pick one.  I love ya boys, but this makes me squirm.

And to make it worse, the Capitals did better.  (Shut up, Dawn.)  Fidget’s rocking the sassy hands-on-hips pose which he surely saw on America’s Next Top ModelI bet he can strut too, but only wearing sunglasses. He really is good looking, eh?  Ovi looks… well, terrifying frankly.  25 years ago he would have been pulling teeth for the KGB.  Dawn owns everything in this store.

PS: I totally bought Dawn a Caps barstool for Christmas. Mr. Cherrie can bolt it to the floor of their house so she doesn’t tip over during games.

Dammit Geno (Episode 1)

14 Sep

It’s NHL Media Tour day in NYC and there will certainly be tons of fun photos floating around by this afternoon (all over Twitter already!).  They might as well give up now because I don’t see how they can top this:


DAMMIT GENO! What are you doing?  Evgeni Malki (ak.a. Alternate Captain Awkward Turtle) has let someone cut a a racing stripe in his hair.  Will he be taking off his shirt in a taxi cab in his quest to become Patrick Kane?  Whatever product he’s hawking never stood a chance against his ‘do. [photo from @pghpenguins]   And he looks SO uncomfortable, like someone’s making him swear the oath he won’t tattle on his friends when they go in Prince John’s yard:

Spiders, snakes and a lizard's head...

Earlier this summer, Geno wore this to celebrate Coach Bylsma’s visit to Russia.  Yes it is a t-shirt with a picture of a scarf on it. And he thinks he looks PIMP in it.  The extra shirt he’s carrying probably has a picture of an umbrella, because Mama Malkin didn’t raise no fool.

As someone who’s been known to use the hashtag #ibelieveingeno, I fully support Malkin despite waning point production and the fact that he seems to be the magician’s assistant – Crosby puts him in the box and he disappears when you really need him.  BUT, I have hope for this season.  Let’s just get him some more Pens gear, a buzz cut and a fresh start.