Our Post on Puck Daddy – NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Alternate Captains

17 May

The letter “A” is awarded only to the best. Students with the highest scores. Products with the best quality. Restaurants with the cleanest kitchens. We all know Alvin didn’t lead The Chimpmunks just because he had the best dance moves. The very presence of an “A” denotes greatness.

We love (OK, worship) our NHL team captains. But in life, it’s rare that a “C” should outrank an “A.”

To keep the status quo, this week we salute one NHL alternate captain from each remaining playoff team. These men are first in our books — leading by example on and off the ice, above and below the chinstrap.

Here are our top marks for how “A” beard should look.

Check out the rest [HERE]

Matt Greene’s bears. So blond, it glows.

3 Responses to “Our Post on Puck Daddy – NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Alternate Captains”

  1. MouthGuard May 17, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    Riddle: Why does this make me notice other stuff on their faces that I never noticed before, though? Interesting! I never realized Upchuck had such a nice nose before. Ditto MStall. Greene’s got nice cheekbones, and I think the beard brings out Yandle’s eyes for some reason… Maybe over time, as they progress, beards force you to notice other features on a guy’s face?

    PS – Please don’t forget Jeff “Fluffy” Carter – you know, that “other newbie” blonde on the Kings. Normally he grosses me out but the facial hair totally works on him in every imaginable way. His teeth seem even whiter than usual when he smiles out of his stache and I daresay there’s a more dignified halo to the whole ensemble. Here’s to hoping most of his female fanbase hates it!

    • Redge (@justredge) May 18, 2012 at 11:54 am #

      Re: Jeff Carter, his beard’s ginger! Surprised me.

      Chuck and Pants, hope you feature him as well :).

      • Chuck May 21, 2012 at 10:16 am #

        Correction – Jeff Carter’s beard is ombre…much like my hair.

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