One Down

12 Apr

I thought an all-consuming work event on the first night of the NHL Playoffs was a terrible thing.  Instead it saved me from having to watch the Penguins blow a 3-goal lead and lose in OT to the Flyers.  Even my phone and Blackberry died when it was 3-0 – I should have seen the signs.

I don’t need to ask what happened.  Danny Briere said, “Thanks anyway, rookie who got your butt kicked by Joe Vitale last weekend, but I’ve got this payback thing covered.”  Braden Schenn (first star) figured if everyone was going to talk about him, he’d give them something to say.

The poor intern who lent me his phone to see the 3-3 score will never un-hear the things I said.

I understand the Flyers looked spectacular in the last half and the officiating was a mess – a missed icing call lead to the Dupuis goal, Briere was offside for his first.  There were only four penalties, but three went against the Flyers so the conspiracy theory lives on.  You guys can weigh in on what I missed, but I’m almost glad I missed it.

Game two Friday at 7:30 PM.  Hopefully I won’t need any more four-letter words, I think I used them all up.

In other playoff series:

Nashville beat Detroit 3-2 [link].  Gator is mad and so is her grandmother, who dresses this duck in Detroit team apparel depending on the sports season.  She doesn’t want to change his clothes anytime soon.

Yes, this is a custom duck-sized jersey.

LA beat Vancouver 4-2 on third period goals from Penner and Brown.  The Canucks just didn’t have enough guys named Dustin. [link]

Update: I just saw this. Can’t stop laughing!  Kesler is twirling like a bored outfielder on Gator’s 9-11 year old girl’s softball team (The Gators, naturally).  TBG Drew Doughty – what is that hand gesture? I don’t think you’re telling him to take a hike…

One Response to “One Down”

  1. Rebecca Guilbert (@Becca_34) April 12, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    I fell asleep before the 3rd period so I missed Kesler being a tool : ( and Doughty’s uh…”gesture”
    Thanks for posting : ) GO KINGS! (and Bruins….but that one’s just obvious)

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