Mikey Monday: It’s Time

26 Mar

I spent a portion of Saturday night fighting off a panic attack that the Caps had dropped to 9th place in the East.  That was after Gator, Deb (@DLF1021) and I watched them blow a three goal lead to lose in OT on Friday night.  Hockey is why I don’t keep snacks in the house, I’d stress-eat constantly.

The Caps picked it up last night vs. Minnesota with a 3-0 win and reclaimed the 8th spot.  I’m willing to temporarily un-hate Ovi if he comes to play everyday.  Even Sasha Fierce downloaded new software from the Matrix and remembered he plays for, not against, the Capitals.  Everybody happy, right?

Wrong.  Among the NBS Sports 2nd intermission discussion topics was “Mike Green’s Regression.”  They noted Mike’s struggles since returning, including how the Caps won the first 8 games Mike played in, but have gone some low number-for-some high number since his return.  Oh yes, BLAME MIKE GREEN.  It’s all his fault.  The talking heads agreed that with “the way Mike Green is playing, I’d be licking my chops to face to Capitals in the first round.”

Say that to my face!

True, Mike hasn’t been in top form.  He hasn’t scored a goal.  Last night he tried to pass to me, in Maryland, and iced the puck for no reason.  But no one gets to make fun of Mike Green except for us, because we do it out of love. Sometimes Mike does dumb things – he did them when he got two Norris nominations.   The Caps have been struggling all season, where were you morons?   I had some choice words for Milbury last night, I think my neighbors earmuffed their kids.

That said, I’m done defending the players on this team.  I’ve kept my mouth mostly shut (except to Gator) all season and tried to stay positive.  I don’t care if the defense pairings are painfully awkward.  This is the time.  Ovechkin has his sparkle back, maybe Semin too.  We’ve been waiting all damned season for that, so take the opportunity while there’s still some gas in the tank.  You might get Nicky back.  You might elect Jason Chimera as your tribute from the District.  You might even make the playoffs.  So let’s go!


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