Crosby Cleared for Contact!

6 Mar

Does it count as contact that I got so excited I flailed right out of my chair?

Okay, calm down.  There’s no timetable for Sid’s return to the Penguins lineup.  And we may have seen that return once already, only to have it cruelly snatched from our dreams.  But, butbutbut, you have to start somewhere.  And that somewhere is not Nicky B’s parents’ house in Sweden where he’s probably snuggling in his #52 jersey eating those delicious Anna’s Cookies from IKEA.

From Pittsburgh Penguins website [link]: Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has been cleared for full contact, but there is not timetable for a possible return to the lineup. 

“I was cleared to do contact,” Crosby said. “We’ll see how that goes. There is no real timetable, but it’s a good step. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum and get out there soon.”

Crosby, who has been out of the lineup since Dec. 6 with concussion-like symptoms and a neck injury, has been symptom free for “a few days” and resumed contact practice with his teammates Tuesday afternoon. 

This might not mean Crosby plays this season, even in the playoffs.  Ask me if I care.  ASK ME!

F-ing-A right you are, my friend.


One Response to “Crosby Cleared for Contact!”

  1. Lindsay March 6, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    Also, he is BEAUTIFUL on that banner from
    Fingers crossed that Sid’s broken brain is better!

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