30 is the new…

19 Feb

If I have to be up early on a Sunday, let there be good news every time.

James Neal scored his 30th goal of the season yesterday in Pittsburgh’s win over Philly.  This morning, the Penguins announced they’ve signed Neal to a six-year contract extension [link].  Six more years?! Excuse me while I…

The deal is worth $5 million/year (average) and will keep James in Pittsburgh through 2017-2018.  By then, you’ll be able to be a flying Nealmobile that runs on rainbows and wrist shots. HONK!

Okay, shameless Sunday morning celebration:

No, really…

One more?

You guys, come on.

Congratulations James!  It’s well-deserved and if his performance continues at this rate, he’s an absolute steal at $5 mill/year.  Capgeek.com has already factored in Nealmobile’s new salary and you can look at how it effects the Penguins salary cap for next season [link]. (Wait, Paul Martin makes $5 mill/year? Woah.)

2 Responses to “30 is the new…”

  1. Amanda February 19, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Congrats James!!!!!!!!
    I had a little squeal-fest when I read the news. My roommate knew enough not to ask.

  2. Leanne Wain (@LeanneWain) February 20, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Happyface on the Nealmobile’s prolonged residence…but HOW does Paul Martin earn $1.5 million more a year than Kris Letang? What is all that about?

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