Mikey Monday: Headline News

27 Dec

While I was not posting on Monday, the Washington Post was doing it for me.

Cover of the Sports Section

Gator didn’t even snicker at the headline. I did.

You can read here about Mike’s Accelerated Recovery Performance treatment for his injured groin.  I’ve had this on my shoulder – it’s an odd sensation, like your muscle is twitching consistently for the duration of the electrical impulses.  I bet it feels much weirder in a more sensitive area.  My shoulder healed, so maybe it helps.  We will take anything at this point.

A lot of physical therapy and chiropractic offices your ARPwave, so it’s assumed Mike saw a groin specialist since he went all the way to Minnesota.  He is not interviewed for the article.  Nicky is, but just to talk about how he bought out all the Mike Green Player Pal plush dolls and filled a room in his house.

Here’s a very official description if you care to read the specifics [link].  I can’t bring myself to talk about last night’s Caps game.  Let’s just hope they can put on a good show when 24/7 comes to town tomorrow night with the Rangers.


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