Bright Lights, Big City

14 Dec

Tonight is the premiere of HBO’s 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic.  And since I’ve re-watched Game of Thrones into oblivion, I will be tuning in to get my $10 worth for December.

The WUYS crowd won’t be as excited as last season – including me, since I actively hate both of these teams.  But if anything can open my heart to the Rangers or Flyers, it’s 24/7.  Remember last year?  I was still trying to hate the Caps, exhausted from fighting my obvious fall from grace.  24/7 was the last nail in my Mike Green-shaped coffin.  And now look at us.

In 2010, the Pens and Caps storyline played great on TV – one team winning consistently and the other losing every game.  This year, the Rangers and Flyers are both playing really well.  The show should have a different flavor showcasing two teams at the top of their game.

Both teams have marquee players on the injury list, most specifically Philly whose Claude Giroux went down last week.  24/7’s inclusion of injured players, the recoveries and attempts to get back on the ice really rounded out the show.  I’m looking forward to that.

What do you guys think?  Excited?  Max Talbot was a star last year, he’s back this season will the Flyers.  Who will be the breakout personalities from this series, and will it be enough to make you care?  We promise you won’t be bored if you play the Yahoo! Puck Daddy 24/7 Drinking Game, 2011 Edition.

HBO show link is here for all your procrastinating pleasure.

3 Responses to “Bright Lights, Big City”

  1. Lorelei6903 at 5:28 pm #

    I had tweeted earlier that I guessed I would watch 24/7 if only to gather intelligence on the enemies. LOL and I will always love Max, unless he breaks Tanger’s nose!!!

  2. Deb at 9:55 am #

    Last year’s 24/7 turned me soft on the Pens (as a Flyers/Caps fan, that statement alone could get me mauled in Philadelphia)…so far, this season isn’t doing much to make me love the Rangers. Except Henrik…and Brian Boyle. You can stick a bow on either one of them and place them under my tree 🙂

  3. Cassy at 1:30 pm #


    This is just as well; I don’t want to disturb Intern Jeff Skinner’s concussion leave to record it for me. He needs his sleep.

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