Mikey Monday: Bonus Round

5 Dec

I really am so slow and so sorry.  The lovely and extremely lucky Robin sent us this picture a whole MONTH ago and I am just now seeing it!  My New Year’s Resolution is to be a million times better about checking this email!

Lucky for us it’s Monday, which means an extra serving of Mike Green.  And jealousy, since he put his arm around Robin here and not around me you us.  Robin did a ton of work raising money for the Kaboom/So Kids Can playground and certainly earned this half- a-hug.  I especially love that Mike is wearing a nametag.  Hello, my name is Fidget.

Good work pays off.

Robin, thank you for sharing!!  Please accept my apologies, 100 WUYS bonus points and my volunteer time for the next event.  I promise not to embarrass you or get arrested (or have my fingers crossed while typing this sentence with one hand).


One Response to “Mikey Monday: Bonus Round”

  1. Cassy December 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Omg! He’s practically smiling instead of pouting! Sexy Panda!

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