С Днем Рождения Александра Овечкина! Happy Birthday Alexander Ovechkin!

17 Sep

our birthday boy

So let’s face it, finding shirtless photos of Alexander Ovechkin is like finding a penny on a street.

he seriously doesn't like clothes but loves hockey so much that he doesn't take his skates off

You feel pretty lucky, a little richer but it’s not completely unusual!

may I join you? it's almost my birthday too ya know?

But you know you’re gonna pick it up and I KNOW you’re gonna look ladies! Try as you might, you can’t resist the magical, magnetic pull that is Alexander Ovechkin – wo-man-magnet- because this is a holy day sisters!

my turn to firebomb the site with shirtlessness

Lo and behold, Ovi turns 26 today!  That makes him a Virgo. He likes eating – which has made him gossip fodder about his weight. As women, we know that can hurt so let’s not slag him for that. He was made like the David and he’s obviously not afraid to share with us – THAT’S WHY WE LOVE HIM! (Hear that Kris Letang – you could learn from your bromance crush – so take it off more!)

he plays other sports - shirtless - who would have guessed?

Some fun facts about our birthday boy:

He lost his front tooth NOT from playing hockey but from playing basketball.  He doesn’t plan on replacing it any time soon. Which means he’s not afraid to be himself and has a sense of humor – dudes’ dig him for that!

yes, this is Ovi ... being silly.

When he saw a hockey game on TV when he was 2 yrs. old, he’d drop all his toys and watch. If his parents tried to turn it off, he’d throw a temper-tantrum! Now, he just pastes players into the boards. Transference people, transference.

or you have to look like this.

So if you’re dating him, probably not a good idea to get between him and the TV if a game is on. You might try dressing up as Peter Puck if you want to get lucky. SCORE! Badda bing! GOAL!

but he can be sexy too with clothes on.

His older brother Sergei introduced him to his first love, hockey but was later killed in a car accident when Ovi was 10 years old – that’s why he kisses his glove after every goal; as a nod to his oldest brother. He’s sensitive, which is why chicks dig him.

Dawn, it's me, don't forget my birthday post. Last year was awesome hahahhhaahhahahahahahahhh. thanks.

He loves animals – all kinds; dogs, cats. He has a pure bred German Sheppard but as a kid, he brought home stray cats. Pants likes to call this something else and we will leave that to your imagination. Think euphemisms here ladies.

how many more shirtless photos can I find? miles o' shirtless photos I can find ... get the movie reference? no ... oh well

His last name means ‘little lamb’ in Russian. Now how cute is that?

i love his little dance on the ice. shake what god gave you, baby!

So little lamb, as I did last year, my birthday wish to you in Russian:

может вы выиграли кубок в 2012 и золото в Сочи. я тебя люблю всем сердцем.

4 Responses to “С Днем Рождения Александра Овечкина! Happy Birthday Alexander Ovechkin!”

  1. Cassy September 17, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    For a millisecond there I was transfixed by the pic of him & the blonde (you?!)

    Then I shook myself, shuddered violently & remembered the awesome power of stylists, makeup, tights over the lenses & airbrushing skills.

    All is well!

    • Anonymous September 17, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

      I wish and no offense to Ovi, he is THE BEST hockey player ever. But if I did look like that, and in the way-back machine, in my day, a few movie stars had been known to hit on me, I would be making out with Kris Letang while watching Ovi play! But thanks for the thought! LOL! 😉

  2. Danielle September 17, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    I was having a lackluster day until I read this. Thanks to you and a beautiful Russian, my whole day didn’t suck.

  3. Pants September 20, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    All I can say about this is 1) I love you and 2) hahahahahahaahahaahahahhahhaaaa.

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