Foxy Friday: Peter Puck!

16 Sep

sometimes he makes it by, but not if you're timmy tomas or martin or patrick roy, he's up here, nice and cozy! how ya doin', say hi to your motha for me

You can’t play hockey with out him! And you gotta admit, he’s a wanted man and ice-ice baby! What’s not sexy about that!

put me down, I'm SUPPOSED to be on the ice - dummy! now go do YOUR job.

Peter Puck is a hockey puck-shaped cartoon character. The puck, whose animated adventures appeared on both NBC’s Hockey Game of the Week and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada during the 1970s, explained ice hockey rules, equipment and the sport’s history to the home viewing audience. The voice of Peter Puck was provided by Ronnie Schell; the animation was produced by Hanna-Barbera studios. Nine episodes, each approximately three minutes long, were broadcast between periods of NHL hockey games.

and if you're mike green, well, sometimes he ends up here.

but mostly, players are friendly with PP and he doesn't mind a whack are two - Ovi, Sid, Capt. Serious, Stammy et al.

He’s the sexiest beast on the ice if you ask me. Everyone wants him – and I mean EVERYONE. You can’t win Lord Stanley if you can’t put him in the back of the net. Just sayin.


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