Let This One Slide

10 Aug

Can I just…

Are those moccasins on a scooter, Biz?  Is this a dig at Mike Green?  I doubt it, because you’re hilarious and we freaking love you. So you’d better not be making fun, since I know where your team stays and I don’t do Wolverine-haired emo slapfights.  I will take off my earrings and my Lee Press-On Nails and we will go.  (Mike Rupp, you are excused from this argument due to elf costume power.)

Sorry, I got all defensive.  Somebody has to stick up for him and it’s not gonna be Nicky!  Mike is probably thrilled to think he started a trend.  The Fourth Period has a big feature on Biz [link] being Biz: looking swag, chilling with a Playmate… damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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