Mikey Monday: Countdown

8 Aug

Welcome to today’s edition of “Who Sounds More Canadian?” [link]  Okay, it’s from the ASG, but we still have Fidget vs. Squishy.

Fidget wins, of course, since they are not speaking French.  (We would die.)  Also highlighted in this video: bad camerawork, Stamkos as a babysitter and “Hey Heidi, move your head.  We can’t see Mike!”

Mike tunes out halfway through this interview – and honestly, so did we.  Picking are slim here kids.  There are eight Mondays left till the season starts.  On the ninth Monday, Gator and I will be celebrating my birthday with this pair, and Steeeeeeeeeeeeven, and chicken fingers & beer.  Let the countdown begin.


One Response to “Mikey Monday: Countdown”

  1. Lindsay August 8, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    God, if someone would have told me how hard the off-season is, I’m not sure I would have even become such a crazed hockey fan. Seriously, this is awful.

    This morning Sportscentre had clips of the Team Canada Junior development camp and I was glued to the TV. I’ve re-watched games 4/5/6 of the Chicago/Vancouver playoffs more times than I can count and I can practically recite 24/7 line by line.

    It’s so bad I’ve even gotten into following baseball. Baseball, folks. And my hubby’s going to teach me about NFL football. 43 days until pre-season; 59 until the regular. I can barely hold on….

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